Booked Wrong Dates with Jetstar Charged $240 Change Fee

Highly recommend avoiding flights with Jetstar at the moment.

I booked a flight for two on my phone late last night. During my booking the flight timed out I needed to re-complete the booking flow and in the rush I accidentally picked the same days but two weeks earlier.

I checked the itinerary when it came through this morning and realised it was wrong and immediately started a web chat with an agent who offered zero sympathy and my only option was to pay a $240 change fee, more than half the actual booking!

Has anyone ever made this sort of mistake and had the change waived on short notice? I was under the impression it was fairly standard practice in the airline industry. I have now paid that fee but I'm feeling extremely disappointed with their response.

I've booked flights during COVID before with other airlines such as Virgin. I needed to change that flight much later for a non-COVID but legitimate reason (close family member was hospitalised) and there wasn't even any questions asked and I just had to pay the flight difference

Other airlines offer much more flexible fares, sometimes around the same price and include luggage.. Unless you have no other choice I really don't recommend flying Jetstar right now…

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    PSA: Avoid Booking/Flying with Jetstar during Covid ever.

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      Quite true, actually while I mention that the flight 'timed out' it was because I had been switching tabs on my phone and was forced to complete the booking again. My dates were correct the first time. If the booking site hadn't forced to complete the booking flow again then there would not have been an issue!

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        I had been switching tabs on my phone

        They should not have forced you to do that! They're not a budget airline, should be more flexible to customers.

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        If the booking site hadn't forced to complete the booking flow again I had been paying attention then there would not have been an issue!

        Fixed it for you.

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          ^^^That’s the real PSA and title of this post.

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        If you are looking for someone to blame then Jetstar is definitely not that someone. Look in the mirror and you will know. The booking timed out because you were taking too much time to complete/decide on that flight or I bet you were running flight searches on other sites taking your sweet time? If you can't decide within a reasonable time window (probably 10 mins) then you are denying that seat from someone else so Jetstar did the right thing and released that seat and forced you to search and book again and the next time you fu**ed up so it is Jetstar's fault now?

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          I reckon from all the comments and OP’s own.

          This is ranked with other 🎻 posts.

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          I mean, with or other similar sites they have a bad habit of switching in arbitrary dates when you have refreshed the site. My girlfriend booked a stay in Vietnam 4 years ago thinking she was so smart… we had to conduct a bi-lingual conversation to get it resolved. It haven't too often to make me think its accidental

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        OP has the attention span of a frog.


      Avoid booking late at night
      Avoid booking on the phone
      "During my booking the flight timed" —> You fell asleep ?


        is it true you will need to show them a "covid vax" card on frljghts?

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    bad title, unrelated to covid

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      At the moment other airlines are offering far greater flexibility to change your flight with very little justification for the change, let alone to fix a legitimate error. IMO for this reason you're better off booking elsewhere during covid

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        to fix a legitimate user error.


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        Whist the error is OP’s (human error), in fairness to OP, other airlines are more reasonable. E.g. I recently booked flights via Qantas and the return leg was with Jetstar. The day before travel I cancelled and got a full refund as flight credit. I just logged into the Qantas website, cancelled and got credit immediately - no questions asked.

        Note - if you can, book your Jetstar flights via Qantas, the only catch is they cost a bit more (approx $20) but it includes luggage and a pre booked seat…. Plus Qantas’ flexibility.

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    Well to provide a positive experience, I had flights booked to Newcastle just as the latest Melbourne lockdown happened. They cancelled the flight, I received a full refund back to my credit card within 4 business days. Hard to beat that.

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    You stuffed up and blame the airline. FFS.

    You would have ticked a box or agreed to their T&C's in the booking process.

    Take some responsibility.

    They are cheap because they are not flexible.

    If you want flexible then book full fares with QANTAS and pay the premium.

    This has nothing to do with covid. It is their normal operating procedure.

    It's like going to Aldi then complaining that you have to pack your own bags.

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      Just posting my experience, it is true I made a mistake, and I agree that I did. There are rules that I agreed to but there is also an element of fairness at play.

      I owned up to this mistake and reached out to them as soon as I realised, the moment their web chat opened in the morning.

      That's fine.

      But there are other airlines often with similar fares (especially once you include luggage) and much more flexible policies.

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        it is true I made a mistake


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        fairness at play.

        You mean “fair” to you, when you make a mistake, despite the airline making the T&C clear.

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        But there are other airlines often with similar fares (especially once you include luggage) and much more flexible policies

        So why didn't you book with one of these airlines in the first place….?

        I bet it had something to do with the price Jetstar offered


          No other airlines fly Sydney to Uluru


            @quackster: Incorrect! Qantas does Sydney to Uluru … but obviously cost more (and have more flexible policies)

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              @resubaehtgnolhcs: This is not true, I just searched again. You can book via the Qantas site but they're operated by Jetstar


              @resubaehtgnolhcs: Qantas doesn't fly SYD to AYR.

              Only Jetstar does


                @cheesecactus: Yes but as resubaehtgnolhcs says you can book it through Qantas, which has a 'Flex' fare type available allowing you to change flights up to 30 mins before departure. Of course it is more expensive, but thats how anything like this is (flights, accommodation, etc) if you don't want to lock in a date


                  @JayEmmGee: You're making a different argument now.

                  Are we discussing if airlines should allow fee free changes or if OP should have booked a flexi flight?

                  He could have booked a flexi flight through Jetstar directly as well.

                  And thats not OPs problem, he knew the date he wanted to fly and didn't need flexibility. He just made a mistake when booking and didn't realise soon enough.

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        Look, it’s their business model. That’s how they have decided to run that business.

        Is it fair? I’m not going to get into the fair discussion because unfortunately it’s irrelevant.

        Your solution is appropriate. If you don’t like the way a business operates, don’t use them. And yes, you have the right to share your experience and encourage others not to use them. Again, people have the right to ignore your opinions.

        If you want to pursue them a little you can ask for your complaint to be escalated. They may offer you a voucher or something, but that’s about it.

        Hope you have happier travels with another airline.

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      Ms Paint 🎨 the voice of the people end thread now 😂

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      It's 2021 so very common for people to totally (profanity) up, make a mistake and then say they are the victim.

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    Interesting how jetstar doesn't offer a mistake policy while qantas does:

    Well I guess that's what you get for booking a budget airline.

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      It's almost like one is cheaper than the other for a reason.

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        Just throwing out an example.. Virgin has $39 flights between Sydney and Melbourne including luggage, and they have a totally flexible policy at the moment

        That’s why we’re offering unlimited changes and waiving the change fee, and providing the option to cancel your booking and opt for a credit with no cancellation fee*.

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          Possibly just because they are on sale? Virgin is not a budget airline and their policies reflect that. Not yet anyway

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            @Tech5: I've had some pretty good experiences with Virgin lately. Flights similarly or cheaper priced to Jetstar once you include luggage (at least for what I booked) but in this case alas no choice, Jetstar is the only airline that flies this route

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          Virgin isn't jetstar

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    You had one hour to get a free date change.

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      And there we go, the proof that makes this whole thread moot.

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        “BeCaUsE iTs NoT fAiR” surely OP is the one not being fair dinkum.

        • -11 votes

          Not sure what you mean, a system generated/permitted change would cost them virtually nothing to process.. Is there no goodwill?

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            a system generated/permitted change would cost them virtually nothing to process

            You are joking right?

            There are reasons why flexible fares cost more to account for the cost of changes.

            When you booked the flight, you took up inventory that could have been sold to someone else that actually wanted that flight. When you change, the airline maybe suddenly have vacate seats that nobody wants anymore, but could have been sold if it was available earlier.

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      This is really good to know.

      I guess it was a mix between a buggy website, sleepy user stupidity (booked this from bed literally before going to sleep) and not seeing the itinerary come through until the morning.

      Either way not so compassionate, a fair warning to all.

      In any case I have accepted and stumped up the $240, but still don't think it is fair

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        still don't think it is fair

        Of course it's fair, they have followed the terms and conditions that you agreed to.

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        I agree its a tough call and you are affected by it. Unfortunately when airlines and other companies are flexible, many will use that to their advantage.

        How many times does a cop hear, but it was just a few Kms/gms over the limit, or companies returning goods declared faulty because of a change of mind.

        People stretch the truth. How is an agent going to know if you really did make an error, or you changed your mind.

        Or when someone crashes because they had a few seconds lapse of concentration.

        I do feel for you its a real bear, but just like the pollie who gets kicked out by just one vote, there are lines once crossed, that's it.

        Its part of growing up. You win some you lose some, move on otherwise it will do your head in.

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        but still don't think it is fair

        more like ideal.


      This i didnt know.. Thanks for the link @capslock

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    You screwed up and it's all Jetstar's fault?

    • -1 vote

      It's not the OP's fault. I blame ScoMo

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    This isn't surprising in any way…

    The reason they are budget airlines is partly because the service will be a bit worse/they are less flexible in their policies. So that if the customer makes a mistake they won't be so quick to help you out.

    Not sure why you are banging on about other airlines having better policies for similar prices. If they did - why are you not flying with them instead? Unless you're saying you really did prefer Jetstar prior to today's experience because of their superior…. ?

    You made a mistake - best to suck it up and move on. You're wasting even more time and energy at the moment and you won't achieve anything.

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      I didn't really want to but no other airlines fly this route


        And what's this route?


        That's weird that there were no FLEX fares on the jetstar flight. Usually you are offered the base STARTER, FLEX and BUSINESS options when choosing a fair. Obviously the flex & business allow you to change but you do have to pay more.

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    The GF has done this before with Jetstar too.
    When she realised, I went to their T&Cs and found that there was no allowance for these mistakes. I rang up Jetstar and let them know the situation and they didn't offer to change it for free so I simply gave them my credit card details and paid for the change. Didn't argue and didn't try give the person on the other side of the phone a hard time. I'm no pushover, but I accepted it was my GF's mistake, not Jetstar's.

    (She was so sure she selected the correct date, but I later realised that she probably did and then accidently scrolled the mouse wheel after selecting from the dropdown list).

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      I'm paranoid as crap doing this :)

      Triple check and then get the missus to check again.


    I did this once before and they fixed it, no fee, this was many years ago though. The fee seems unreasonably high.

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    I once missed my flight and Jetstar refused to refund me, outrageous!!!


      I once missed my Qantas business flight - didn't hear the announcement from the lounge; luckily they let me on the next one.

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    Not even worth to get popcorn


    is lock down a good excuse to get refund?

    • +1 vote

      within an hour apparently


    Did you try cancelling the flights?
    Sometimes you can cancel for free or a tiny fee, (much less than a change of date fee)


    Pre pandemic, they are are very sloppy airlines. My flight was delayed and they did not inform me. Morning Flight Melb to Sydney and after many delays only reached Sydney in the evening!
    During pandemic better not to touch Jetstar.


    Accidentally booked the mother in law on a flight with my last name. A simple "mistake" but costly. And I think that was Qantas.


      If it was a domestic flight you could have gotten away with it. I can't remember the last time my ID was checked. It's one benefit of machines replacing humans.


        We thought about it but didn't want to take the risk.


    So unreasonable


    Jetstar have actually refunded me fully twice. One on compassionate grounds and the other due to covid. So i have no qualms about them.

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    You should be disappointed in yourself and not Jetstar. How entitled can you be, take some personal responsibility and own your mistake rather than trying to offload blame on someone else. I see Karen syndrome in your future.


    I've made a similar mistake before with Virgin. Called them straight away and they fixed it for free within 10 minutes.

    I have 2 domestic flights booked within the next few months, both with Virgin in large part because of their "cancel and get a full credit" policy.

    Budget airlines make their money with fees and charges, it's no secret. But I definitely agree, I wouldn't ever book Jetstar unless they were the only convenient option or were significantly cheaper.


    There are airlines, there are fares and specific rules, and then there is courtesy. The last one is usually non-existent when you book Jetstar or low cost tickets.

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    Why would you book flights during a lockdown?


      Why would you not?


      But, but, all these tourism and airline ads telling me now is the best time to travel in Oz!

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    Q: What's the difference between OP and a Jetstar Aeroplane?

    A: At the end of the trip the plane will stop whining.

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      Username checks out.

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    This thread, ladies and gentlemen, highlights just how entitle and unreasonable some consumers are.

    Yes, there is example of how unfair airlines can be, this isn’t one of them.

    • OP made a mistake: check
    • OP agreed to the condition for a lower fare: check
    • OP also get a lower fare: check
    • OP also get 1 hour to rectify his/her mistake: check

    Combine all 4. It’s somehow JetStar's fault.


    Hopefully where you intend to go goes into lockdown, and you have the option to reschedule

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    That's just the way it is
    And some things will never change
    That's just the way it is
    That's just the way it is, it is, it is, it is


    And this why I fly with Rex/Virgin.

    Both have been quite good to me. But more surprisingly the new player gave me a full refund during COVID disruptions. (Versus Virgin with credit refund).


    Jet star
    Booked on the wrong date? Need to change your flight time? Relax, One-hour Quick Fix can help fix your mistakes!
    With One-hour Quick Fix, when your booking is confirmed on, you’ve got an hour to make changes. If you’re within the one-hour Quick Fix window, you won’t be charged a Change Fee regardless of your fare type. However, a Fare Difference may still apply depending on your new selection.

    Same day no mistake
    Book with confidence at
    Should have checked when the the bookings came through.

    Even if you were with qantas, you will still get charged(midnight booked-> next morning)

    Most of the airlines will charge you certain amounts for changing dates, or time though after certain time.

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    OP books wrong flight date

    OP doesn’t check

    OP blames own mistake on airline

    OP wants airline to rectify OPs own mistake

    OP absolves self of any stupidity

    OP names and shames airline on OzBargain

    Nice thread OP


    Community Confirmation Bias: Denied for OP. Please pay a fee of $240 if you would like to change this status.

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    My last experience with Jetstar.

    Booked flights to Melbourne with Jetstar in April. Flight was cancelled due to an "service operational change" and no fault of my own. Spent 30 minutes with an online chat agent. They refused to provide me a refund and left me to choose between some less than ideal alternative flight times, or suggested that I should cancel the booking, pay and rebook again.

    Safe to say, Jetstar will be the last choice carrier I choose.


      Similar thing happened to me while in Okinawa. Osaka got hit by a typhoon and the airport was flooded so my flight to Osaka and to Cairns were cancelled and I was offered alternative flights via email. I was about to fly Okinawa-Osaka-Tokyo but I found out I could skip Osaka and fly directly to Tokyo for free if I called Jetstar so I did exactly that. I was offered to book my international flight for Tokyo-Cairns over the phone as well but I asked them if I could call back and do it later as I could choose the departure date and I wanted options in case my flight got delayed again as I could miss my international flight if I booked too early. This was before I realised I was flying directly to Tokyo so this shouldn't be a problem.

      The lady said that was fine but when I called back the next day I got a different lady and she said I had to pay over a grand to make the booking. I explained to her my situation numerous times but she just spoke down to me and said that I had to pay even if my flight got cancelled and told me it was common sense that I would have to pay for my connecting flight because I am departing from Tokyo instead of Osaka now. I told her it was common sense that the first lady I spoke to would mention payment before making any route changes to my booking. After arguing about it she just kept repeating it was common sense so I asked for a manager. She put me on hold and when she got back I got told the manager was busy so Jetstar would respond to my inquiry via email. I asked her how long this process would take and she said it would take up to 21 business days when I had to book my flight back to Australia in a week LOL.

      So I hung up. After cooling down I realised I should still be able to book the alternative flights that I was offered via email for the connecting flight so I had a look for the best one. Due to the arrival date of my Okinawa-Tokyo flight, Osaka-Tokyo-Cairns was the best choice for me so I was going to miss the first leg of my flight and catch the second but when I went to book it online, it said my flight had already departed when the date hadn't even come yet so I rang Jetstar again and spoke to the same lady. I told her my issue and she just repeated the same thing about cancellations. I told her Jetstar offered me these alternative flights free of charge but for some reason my booking over the phone the day before has affected the alternative flights that I have been offered via email when it shouldn't affect anything as it is a seperate flight and after explaining my situation to her in 20 different ways I think she finally understood that as Jetstar themselves had offered me these alternative flights free of charge, I was entitled to one and I was finally able to have my route changed from Tokyo to Cairns after having it authorised by the manager.

      This whole situation could have been avoided if the manager who has to authorise any route changes had the nerves to speak to me instead of giving the lady who couldn't understand anything I was saying some poor excuse as to why she was busy. My friend from work also said he once had to pay for a train from Osaka-Tokyo for his whole family to catch his international flight back home because of a cancellation. I think he explained it the best - "Jetstar is great until anything goes wrong".


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    I don’t know how people are so blasé about booking flights. I fly fairly often and still double and triple-check my flight details are correct before I click the final button.

  • +1 vote

    Unbelievable. Flexible tickets are an option for a reason.

    Please do better next time OP.


    Someone has to pay the change fee so we can all enjoy cheaper flights. That is the budget airline business model: cut costs anyway possible and allow you to buy back what you need (seats, baggage, food, flexible fare, etc.).

    Learn from the experience and move on.

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    Joyce needs to make his $27million p.a salary from somewhere how else is here going to spew his social agendas

    But in this case the issue isnt jetstar it is the consumer, you really should be able to book your own flights - i get mistakes happen but they are YOUR mistakes. You're flying budget expect a bare bones services and fees left, right and center when they CAN charge you.

    It is a honest mistake but it is your mistake learn from it move on

    Ill offer some empathy though….

    COVID has killed any 'customer service' airlines had in fairness they are on the verge of bankruptcy and in the case of Qantas it being privatised was one of the few smart privatisations that government has done. The airline industry in general is a bit of a mess even prior to COVID the industry as a whole was actually losing money and most airlines where operating at a loss.

    • -1 vote

      $27million p.a salary

      Care to point out where this is currently true?

      • -1 vote

        Sorry 24 million

        there is this wonderful thing called google

        "Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce topped the list of Australia's highest-paid chief executives for 2018. He took home $23.9 million as he reaped the rewards of a long-term incentive plan - which is more than 275 times the full-time average wage and works out to more than $65,000 a day"

        here is a direct quote

        • +1 vote

          He earns more in a couple of months than most people will earn in their lifetime.