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WD Black 4TB AN1500 NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Add-in-Card $449 Delivered @ Budget PC via Amazon AU


About this item
- PCIe Gen3 technology to provide access to insane read/write speeds up to 6500/4100MB/s
- Up to 4TB capacity to store your games
- Bootable and easy-to-install RAID0 solution using PCIe slot
- Downloadable WD_BLACK Dashboard software to customize and control your gaming experience
- Customizable RGB lighting with 13 LED pattern effects programmable with our WD_BLACK Dashboard, or seamlessly integrate with motherboards from major brands (Windows only)

Same as this deal but $43.43 cheaper. And this time sold by Budget PC

Havent revived my previous order but people saying they got a 1TB comment

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +12

    It's bait, the ASIN number is wrong so it messed up the listing

    I bought 3 of these and they were 1tb

    the 4tb model is still selling for $1500 on their own websitte


    • +3

      I was going to say, 4TB of SSD storage for $450 would be insane value.
      Negging to draw potential buyer's attentions.

    • +1

      Interestingly, it appears Amazon UK has it in stock for $493.24 but is "Temporarily out of stock. " however you can still order it

      • I ordered 1 from Amazon UK. Lets see if and what shows up.

        • multiple records already demonstrated, it will turn up as 1TB.
          prepare to get a $20 voucher.

      • +1

        It's wrong as well, I backordered this since the start of may when that message was there

        • Ah ok. Thanks for letting me know
          I put in an order but I've cancelled it now

  • 2 left btw

  • Lol why am i still tempted to order? :(

    • +6

      Because you have been infected with OZB-2021 virus.

      • This is why I still love OZB :)

  • Saw this earlier when my old order page refreshed.

    Still waiting for it to come in, others got 1TB models.. so still waiting with hope on what mine is but have to agree with others, an ID error, not a pricing one.

    Sadly means all search and aggregates will show up as a “deal” for the next 6 months or longer.

    Anyways. Waiting for mine to come in from the last deal a week or two ago of the same, will post pics once it comes in and vote accordingly if a deal or just 1TB units ‘incorrectly labelled’

    Cheers all!

  • It's wrong

  • What's so good about this compared to Samsung m.2 ssd drives

    • +1

      If this one is actually 4TB (which a lot of people are saying it is not), then at this price point, it is quite attractive.

      However, this is PCIe gen 3 x8 based card with 2x2TB RAID 0 setup. Some people indicate they have no issue with their GPU running at x8 instead of x16 (so this can also run at x8) OR they have a motherboard that supports x16 + x8 configuration (makes sense coz. if you can afford this, you probably have a pretty good system).

      But, as people have reported, this is a listing error and you will get 1TB version. In that case, this would be a rip off.

  • +2

    I wonder when 'listing error" stops being an excuse. If Amazon have been made aware of the 4TB vs 1TB issue by a whole truckload of customers and continue to allow these listings to pop up, doesn't that stray into shady territory?

    I get that there's a technical issue with product identification numbers, but if they know that and they don't fix it that seems like it would become a problem for them.

    • even if its not shady, surely this is costing them enough that its cheaper for them to correct the listing.
      Every time someone orders this they are paying for postage both ways and then in many cases giving out a $20 voucher.
      This has been going on for months so has potentially cost them thousands by now.

      • +1

        There was a news article the other day exposing the amount of things they mark to destroy that are perfectly fine returns (most sealed), like TV's, laptops etc etc.
        Crazy amount of waste… just shows you how much they are making in profit >_<

  • +1

    Wondering if I should cancel my order before I get charged for a 1tb drive

    • +1

      I did. Not worth the hassle.

      • +1

        Yeah I did also not worth tieing up funds

  • +1

    Got my drive, it's the 1TB :(
    Sending back

  • Bummer, was hoping because the item wasn’t from Amazon UK it would be the 4tb and not the 1tb. Received the following from the seller:

    Thanks for choosing Budget PC. Due to Amazon listing issue, if the first person uploaded a product with a wrong EAN number, then later all the sellers who upload this product will be listed into the wrong model automatically. In this case, the 1TB model matched to 4TB. We have removed the listing right after the issue was reported. Sorry about the inconvenience caused. Your order will be cancelled shortly and Amazon will issue a full refund.
    Let us know if there is any further concerns
    Thank you

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