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[VIC, NSW] $12 Six Packs Beer or Cider Delivered + Fees @ DoorDash


Just saw this and found a few great bargains. Seems one per person as offer disappears after using it. add the 6 pack of beer or cider, got to promo and add in BEERS.

I ordered some $32 IPAs for $12.40 (fees) delivered!

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    Nice. none of the 16 packs worked like others but found a 6 pack of 500ml Asahi. best bang for buck I could get

  • $12.60 for 6 pack of Mountain Goat Steam Ale delivered from IGA Liquor.

  • Nothing in Mascot

    • i feel you

    • same at Kingsford

  • Got 6 pack Asahi 500ml cans delivered for $12. Good. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    order cancelled and now cant use code again. Frustrating

    • contact them and u will get credits and a refund

  • Yea will do, want the beer but

  • +1

    Cheers! Just ordered a 6 pack of Somersby cider for $12.40.
    Code didn’t work for the first location I tried but it did for the second one.

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    Damn, no beers near my place.

  • :( doesnt work in my area 2099

  • Missed out of the Balter XPA deal, but got 6 x 500ml Asahi.

  • I'll try this Stone and Wood thing you guys keep mentioning. Rarely drink but appreciate a good beer.

  • Thanks OP! Got mine delivered from local IGA :)

  • Wow what a deal! Don't even have to leave the house. Got a 6 pack of St Andrews Beach IPA for $12.68.

  • Was tempted to get the most expensive beers, but have lots of beer at home already, so got some apple cider.

  • Got six cans of Brookvale Ginger Beer. It's about $12 more expensive at DM.

  • The bums cancelled my order! Apparently out of stock. Now the store is 'shut'.

  • 6 pack of Newtowner on the way! Cheers!

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    $12 colonial porter 🙂 was here in 15 mins, set for the f1 tonight now!

    • +1

      Wow, got a carton of this the other week for what was a bargain price of $80 - you got it at $48 a carton!

    • +1

      Will a 6pack be enough to drown your Danny ric sorrows?

  • just ordered guinness and kilkenny draught $32 usually - got them for $12 ish each - thanks op!

    • Valid for 2 transactions?

  • +1

    Anyone knows if this deal have an expiry date?

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    Get this. Couldn't get delivered for myself locally so delivered a nice 6 pack of Cooper's sparkling for my dad in NSW. Driver asked for licence to scan with their device and dad refused cos he's concerned with privacy, would only show ID without handing it over. Driver leaves without delivering it…

    I was so annoyed at him cos I did not see getting a refund for not adhering to their policy. So I contacted support and said their policy for drivers says nothing about scanning it just that they should make sure expiry and photo match and that it's not fake.

    They offered refund of FULL PRICE of the item, not just the price I payed! So I got my $12.50 refund into my bank account, and a nice $27 credit to my doordash account!

    Pretty good of them really. Almost as good an outcome as the guy who got a $5 case of 24 delivered!

  • Thanks op. Found this deal just now and the nearest bottle shops are all closed. I rescheduled for delivery tomorrow night.

  • +2

    1x Asahi Super Dry Cans (500ml) 6 Pack (Beer - Imported)

    Subtotal A$40.00
    Taxes A$0.00
    Delivery Fee A$0.00
    Service Fee A$0.80
    Tip A$0.00
    Discounts -A$28.00

    Total Charged A$12.80

  • Just ordered 6 x 500ml Asahi cans, then got a phone call from the bottle shop telling me they had no stock and offered the smaller bottles instead. I told them to cancel so will be interesting to see what happens next.

    • Just got a confirmation email stating a $38.00 refund is on it's way to my credit card.

      • Yeah happened to me lol but cos they didn't deliver properly. Got the amount I payed back in bank and extra as credit on the app.

  • I wonder how much money they're making off this.

    • I'd imagine they'd be losing a heap? They don't set product prices from stores and most places don't pay for the promotions. So they'd have to pay for the discount and also delivery. Won't be cheap

  • Perhaps a stupid question, but can you pick them up?

  • Got a 6 pack of Shofferhofer wheat beer delivered for $12 . Pretty good!

  • Mine’s cancelled just now and refunded to my cc.

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