This was posted 6 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC, NSW] $12 Six Packs Beer or Cider Delivered + Fees @ DoorDash


Just saw this and found a few great bargains. Seems one per person as offer disappears after using it. add the 6 pack of beer or cider, got to promo and add in BEERS.

I ordered some $32 IPAs for $12.40 (fees) delivered!

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  • Who did you buy it from?

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    how fast is delivery?

    I would love $12 6ix packs during lockdown

  • The Bottle-o. Worked in a few places though.

  • Not available for my area :(

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    Worked at my local 'Celebrations'.
    4 Pines Pale Ale $12.58

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    Works with a 16 pack of Balter XPA from IGA Liquor, I noticed the promo details popped up against it.

    Delivery Fee

    Being delivered now.

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        My guess is the way they've done it is by text, anything with "6 pack" in it, without thinking about how that works on "16 pack"…

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          I ordered the same thing!

          Edit: Just received an out of stock e-mail saying that my order will be replaced with Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Beer Cans 24, and have also been refunded $7!

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            @Slappie: Does that mean you get a case of beer for $5 delivered?

            • +8

              @YOTR: Yep, 24 cans for $5. Just had it delivered!

          • @Slappie: Ordered thanks OP and freefall101!

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      Driver had picked it up, yet the order wound up being cancelled and it wasn't delivered :(

      edit: I also can't use the code again to actually order a 6 pack. Screwed by Doordash again…

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        Same. I’m wondering if the driver is paying the $12 to get the beer themselves then “cancelling”.

      • +1

        talk to doordash, they just gave me ~$24 credit because my order got cancelled too

        • I complained online and the chat person gave me a credit for the full value of the order…. neat! Thanks for the tip!

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    Some bottleshops in my area were running the promo on a 16-pack (4x 4-packs) of Balter XPA - just placed an order. What a ripper of a bargain if this works…

    update: 16 cold ones were just delivered and are now in my fridge. bargain

    • +1

      This comes up in the promo section for this offer but when I go to apply the promo it says “whoops to use this promotion make sure your cart contains the required items”

      • Same. Looks like they've fixed the loophole :(

        • Yep it was fixed I think

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    Couldn't find any 16 pack near my area, but bough the 4 pines 6 pack for $12

  • +1

    4 Pines Pale Ale Bottles (330ml) 6 Pack
    Delivery Fee
    Dasher Tip

    Thank you OP, Lockdown and Origin night off to a great start

  • Why not WA we also have lockdown

    • I don't think its lockdown I think its because alcohol laws there

    • -2

      Yea, but nobody cares about WA so….

  • Can confirm, doesn’t work for Bris CBD…

  • Can’t do 4 packs. Says I don’t have the required items in my cart

  • +3

    Thanks! Ordered 16x balter xpa for $12 delivered. Got it already!

    • lucky, i couldn't find any 16 pack on my search :(

  • They seem to have copped this 16 pack thing as it says my cart doesn’t have the required items

  • Mines arrived, super happy. Lockdowns arent too bad

  • Hmm, when I search for beer nothing comes up?

    • where u live? no bottle shops near your area?

      • +1

        Never mind change the address and it came up :)

  • Bargain for the balter 16 packs if you can get it. It says it’s eligible for the promo but can’t apply the code

  • +1

    Grr … my order has been cancelled with no replacement and I can’t use the code again.

    • +1

      same, talked to doordash they offered me the difference in account credit….so guess I saved my liver and earned ~$24 for nothing

      • Thanks dude! I did the same and was given a $23 credit.

  • Promo not applying for the balter 16 pack. I think the gig is up

  • My address in NSW giving me the error, "…not available at this location"

    • same…

    • Make sure you choose IGA Liquor, not IGA Supermarket.

  • +1

    Amazing, 6x Stone and Wood for $12.60

    • Me too! Sadly those are $25 at dan m

  • I got Newtoner 6pack for $12.60 (sadly was too late for the 16pack or few 6packs for $12.60)
    Happy with the deal anyway

  • +1

    Best I could get is a 6 pack of coopers sparkling ale.. Still good though.. Thanks.

  • +5

    Woo! A 6-pack of 500ml Asahi super dry cans is on the way. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Update: Door dash delivered 6x330ml bottles instead and have since told me it’s “against their policy” to give a refund or a redelivery. Not impressed.

  • Won't work on the 16x cans anymore by looks of it

  • Great deal but no participating bottle o's in my area. I have 3 but none will take the code. :(

  • How to find 16 packs the search function is terrible

  • +4

    Get on the beers.

  • Thanks, 16 pack Balter XPA delivered :)

    • how were you able to get the 16pack of balter?

      • Showed on my local bottle store. Ordered as soon as this deal was posted but sounds like it doesn't work on the 16 pack anymore.

        • Yep not working. Despite it showing as part promo under description

  • +2

    Looking for dark beer - Screaming deal on White Rabbit Dark Ale White Rabbit Dark Ale 4 X 6 Pack 330ml Bottles at catch. $43.99 plus postage (which was $10 to Sydney). Can confirm $8 back from CW making effective price for me $45.99 delivered.

    Would post it as own deal but ONLY 3 LEFT and wouldn't meet posting guidelines. Wanted to order more but better to share the love.

    • Thanks for that, great deal with CW.

  • +1

    Ended up not buying anything after missing out on the 16 pack Balter XPA. The prices for most 6 packs at IGA are barely any better than Dan Murphy.

    • +2

      I own a Cellarbrations in Braybrook in Victoria, try and support locals over large chains. The prices are generally in line or better then Dan Murphys.

      • Good point! I’ll see if I could find something from the local shops.

      • Well I tried ordering from your store only for it to be canceled so go figure

    • It’s about $12.50 ish delivered. Dan Murphy’s can’t beat that as far as I can see.

      • Fair point. Imho the deal might be attractive to those who need some beers now. I live not too far from a DM and do not need to rush to buy anything atm though.

  • Looks like it’s been fixed

  • +1

    Got a 6 pack of Colonial pale for $12.52 delivered, took 15 minutes. Already in the fridge. Bargain!

  • Not working in Western Sydney

    • +1

      Just received by 6 pack of stone and wood from a bottleo in Pendle Hill . $12.40

    • works for me

    • Working now. Had to manually look up store name.

  • Guessing it doesn't work in SA because we don't have alcohol in supermarkets?

    • Dont guess, ask a doctor

  • Thanks OP, got a 6 pack of Pure Blondes for $12.60.

  • Used this to grab some Pirate Life IPAs (normally $30) . They didn't have stock so I received Pirate Life Pale Ale's only for the difference to be auto refunded. All up, only $5.10 delivered

  • No IGA liquor coming up for me, only some other bottle-o. Only beer worth it is stone & wood and it wont work, but works if i put others beers in (but not worth it, better to go with other promos).

  • My XPA was substituted with an IPA + $8.16 refund. There was plenty of stock instore when I checked this morning…

    Oh well, 6 pack for $4.40 so no complaints from me

  • Order accepted. Order cancelled 15 minutes later. "Code redeemed" so I can't use it again.

    Not sure if some stores just aren't honouring it or what. Sick deal, but waste of time.

    • +2

      I had the same experience; just call DoorDash on 1800 958 316 and they’ll give you a credit to make up for the missed order.

      • +1

        they have a live chat on the website aswell

      • Confirmed. They have support messaging tucked in the app attached to orders too that was more convenient, but a little hidden and tricky to dig up. Parlayed this loss of a beer deal into a cheap dinner. Thanks for the heads up guys

        • +7

          Probably worth removing the neg then if they've sorted you out?

  • $12.62 for a pack of Guinness from Liquor Mart. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    damn got a call saying they ran out of stone and wood so they cancelled my order and now i cant use the code at a different store :(

    • Pretty stupid system of DoorDash to invalidate vouchers that weren't successfully redeemed.

      The worst to deal with in my opinion.

  • thanks, went guinness 440ml x 6

  • My local IGA do not have any drinks

  • Is there any more information? I am not seeing any promo code pop up, or any option to buy alcohol from any store? Is there a special area i go to or a special store? I went to IGA but i didnt see any alcohol listed there?

  • i got a refund for my order being cancelled and $18 in doordash credits not bad

    • What did you order?

    • Did you need to contact them, or did it just happen automatically?

      • live chat on the website took like 2 min

  • +1

    Stone and wood 6 pack worth $30, so not bad for $12 delivered,

    • 25 at dans

  • For my local, the codes only work on a few crappy 6 packs that say ‘celebrate game day with $12 packs’ under it. There are at least 20 other 6 pack beers, all the good ones, where the code doesn’t work. Lame :(

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