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[Afterpay] Hisense 65Q8 65" Q8 4K UHD Smart ULED TV $1078.65 + Delivery (Free for Some Areas) @ Powerland eBay


The cheap ULED is on sale again. The stock shown is low but I believe they will keep updating from time to time based on the revision summary and the previous deal.

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  • +5

    Great price! I just purchased the 55” model yesterday (paid $956) and I’m really happy with it so far. It’s pretty close in PQ to my 65” Sony X90H, pretty good for a TV almost half the price.
    I went with the Q8 because I needed a close together stand and decent speakers. The built in soundbar is surprisingly good.

    • +1

      Did you get it from JB? I got this model 2 weeks ago for the same price! Seems a great TV so far.

      Did yours come with 2 remotes too?

      • +3

        Yes, my local JB was out so had to travel 45 mins but I’m happy because the store took $45 off the price of it. Yes, two remotes. I love the premium metal remote, a big step up from my Sony X90H remote. Not that I use remote anyway because my Chromecast with Google TV remote operates the TV as well.
        I’m really with it for the price!

        • +1

          Yeah the metal remote feels great. 45 minutes well spent.

    • +1

      me too got the 55" awesome TV! strong buy! highly recommended

      • Awesome! Just wondering what picture settings you use? I found a few posts on Whirlpool that look really good.

  • +2

    Damn… literally paid $100 more 2 weeks ago :(

    • Did you get it from this seller?
      Have you received it?
      ETA for Melbourne is 2-3 weeks.

      • -1

        Yup, same seller. Diff discount code I guess :)

        Just received it today. Was supposed to get it last Thursday but TNT is a bit (mod: edited).

    • Me too. All good thou, I've had mine to enjoy for a couple extra weeks haha

  • I haven't received mine yet, they won't deliver because I don't have a forklift at home. Have to wait for the seller to pay extra for special no forklift delivery :( …

    • +1

      Why is the forklift needed?

      • +23

        No forking idea

    • Wut.

  • What is the smart system like on this? Looking at getting a new TV for my parents as their TV is 15 years old.

    Was wanting to get the x9000h but can't find any stock so thinking this might be good. They really want something that is easy to watch netflix, disney + etc for the grandkids and good for football watching.

    • +7

      I have a Q7 which has the same OS. I found the Hisense OS to be very disappointing (and weirdly low resolution in the interface which really detracts from the experience). Within a few days i replaced it with a Chromecast with Google TV and have been much happier. I never see or use the in tv OS.

      The onboard OS will probably be fine, but doesn't have a Disney+ app.

      • How does it integrate with google home. Can you the the tv on/off, volume up/down, hdmi select, change channel, view EPG?

        • +2

          I turn my tv on/off and change the volume on my receiver using the chromecast remote. I don't have my tv hooked up to an aerial, so can't advise in regards to epg or changing channel. I haven't tried it with my google home as i find pressing buttons interrupts the viewing experience less, leaving my home for lighting, etc instead. But maybe i should try it out to see if it works.

        • +1

          you see you can turn it on and off and volume but you cannot control the picture settings for that you have to keep the main remote near you, so you will end up using two remotes no way around it.

    • The OS is OK and the second, more plasticky remote (there are two included) has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Youtube, Prime, Stan, iView, which is very convenient. Some app interfaces, eg. Netflix's, look like they're of lower resolution than supposed - they're slighty blurry, but the video itself is sharp, so I'm not that concerned.

      Chromecast with Google TV is snappier, but I could live just with this TV's OS.

    • I personally quite like the VIDAA system that Hisense use in their televisions. It's simple and straight forward.

      I have a 55P7 (VIDAA 2.5) and haven't had any of the concerns that I've read in the forums. I think it's great that there's an alternative to the ubiquitous Chromecast/Android.

    • App support is rubbish outside of Netflix, Prime, YouTube and Stan, basically nothing else available except for tons of shovelware apps (and some preinstalled ones you can't get rid of). I've got no complaints about the OS, it's quite snappy and lacking bloat outside of those preinstalled apps (that are hidden away anyway since you'll most likely just pin Netflix and that to the main screen), but a Chromecast is practically required if you want to use Disney+, Kayo, Binge, Spotify, etc.

  • Was looking at this the other day at JB as an alternative to the x9000h as hdmi 2.1 isn't hugely important to me. Has anyone had success asking JB or The Good Guys to price match this type of deal?

    • TGG won't do the price match on the % off, but this will beat the online price and free delivery (if you qualify for that through Powerland). I asked them a few weeks ago when the afterpay deal was on.

  • Paid $100 extra just 2 weeks ago … anything I can do to claim the difference?

  • Only one left so best of luck. $1048/1043 OR ~$890 IF the 15% afterpay works for these guys.


    EDIT: These guys are Harvey Norman Commercial division in Taren Point NSW

    • 15% afterpay does not work

      • I guess still cheaper for the person who gets it.

        • Gone already.

  • +1

    WAAAA. It's dropped like $150 since i bought it.

    It's a great TV for the price though. A massive upgrade from my 2017 Kogan.

    Upscaling is pretty good too. Am amazed at the detail I can see now in even 720P sources.

  • +1

    I have the 65Q8 for about a week now. Paid $1169 delivered. Picture and brightness is fantastic for the price. However, watching the SOO last night on 9HD it definitely (personal experience) lacked the processing power to render the motion smoothness. If the players are static, it’s fabulous but once they start moving it’s hard to watch. So a bit disappointing there.

    Doesn’t work with Google Assistant no matter what I tried.

    The OS is ok but I just use Chrome cast with Google TV, far more responsive.

    All I know is wait for the U8G. Might be worth the extra.

    • Did you try different picture settings to reach the smoothness you need for SOO? Especially the predefined ones (I believe it's Cinema, Sport, Gaming etc.).

      • Yes. I would use the tv for about 80% sport and rest is Netflix or Movies. The 200hz motion doesn’t compare to an older Sammy we had. I’m still playing around with the settings but I’ve read a few reviews that suggest turning off the motion smoothing. I watch a lot of surfing and NBA and static is cool but as soon as someone moves looks like Quicksilver from X-Men haha.

    • +1

      I have to agree with you. I bought this a week ago and am coming from a Panasonic Plasma P60ST50A. I can now appreciate just how good the motion is on the Plasma compared to LCD TVs. But I knew that when I bought the Q8 and don't want to pay OLED prices.

      Watching the Origin was a struggle for me too, I switched all the sports modes off and stuck to default and found it better, but haven't had too much of a play with the settings yet. I am hoping it can get better with a few changes. I watched the AFL on Kayo and that seemed much better so I dunno.

      But having said that, the picture, colours and brightness are amazing in comparison to the plasma. Watching 4K youtube is stunning. Xbox One looks great, dont have a Series X/S yet but plan to. The built in soundbar is really good for what it is too.

      For around $1,000 I'm still pretty happy with it. For the original price closer to $2,000 I would be more disappointed.

      • I find watching sport using FTA HD channels to be pretty ok. Try custom motion setting 5/5 for sports and smooth or standard for standard FTA watching. Switching motion processing off looks miles worse on my TV. VIIDA works well and have no issues. Use chromecast for disney+ only.

    • +3

      We have the larger 75Q8 and 85Q8 and all field sports look horrible during motion, whether on free to air HD or Kayo. The TV automatically suggests changing to sports mode, which doesn't seem to make any improvement. The green grass just turns into a mess of green blobs, like going back to the days of pirated VCDs. I think someone on here claimed that sports look better on 4K Ultra HD Streaming on Stan (which I believe doesn't include rugby league).

      Keep in mind I've never watched sports on a competitor brand's 75/85inch screen in only HD so I don't know what's normal in terms of motion and upscaling.

      • +6

        thanks. I was watching this TV for a long time and near buy it, but I will skip this time

        • No worries. Apparently for sports motion the OzBargain consensus was to go for a Sony such as the X9000H.

          4k stuff from Youtube (especially downsized from 8k) does look amazing on both Hisense Q8s nonetheless.

      • Thanks for this. Have almost pulled the trigger a couple of times on these as they're very cheap for what you seem to get but it's a deal breaker if sports are somewhat unwatchable.

        • I'm no professional when it comes to watching sports on large screen TVs but my rugby league obsessed friend didn't seem to mind the green blobs as much.

          Apparently for sports motion (especially on the larger TVs) the OzBargain consensus was to go for a Sony such as the X9000H. It might be worth heading into a physical store for a test when a game is on (pending lockdown).

    • +2

      I don't watch sport, but for fast action movies, and games, I found at least with the Q7, turning off all motion smoothing and processing stopped it from looking crap (though this is what I have found on any tv).

      • I bought the 65Q5 in the last deal a couple of weeks back. I've done exactly the same thing with all the motion settings.

    • Late reply as heaps are in, but I have an old P7 and this also is the same if any motion blur is on, looks horrid. turning it off looks perfect however if you can see if that will help

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373628376213?hash=item56fdfc9495...

    1 left?

    $952 delivered

    Are these on comparison to a kogan equivalent?

    • +1

      Feedback only one positive
      Location: United States
      Dodgy AF.

      • +3

        I purchased one last week from this seller for the same price. Received four fake tracking numbers and no communication. Paypal claim has been made.

        • devastating news mate

          • +2

            @Silent-zai: I was dubious of the listing to begin with but thought i'd give it a try. I'll get my money back with paypal.

  • I picked up a 65Q8 from Powerland in the last Afterpay deal ($1,163).. Received (Melbourne) within 1 week from order.

    You do need to play around with the picture settings but I have to admit the picture is brilliant, the built in soundbar is excellent for what it is and the TV is very responsive.

    I thought it was incredible value at what I paid, now even cheaper it's a no brainer if you're looking for a new TV and don't want to spend $2k++

    • +1

      Do you watch sport? what's it like as comments above say it's crap.

      • +1

        Sure do, I mainly watch AFL…I have watched via the native Kayo app as well as via 7HD through my Foxtel unit and think it looks awesome! I actually had friends over on the weekend who commented how good it looked. No issues at all!

        In saying that, I have tweaked my picture settings using various recommendations I came across on whirlpool and I believe it has helped. Maybe negative reviewers are just using the 'out of the box' settings?

        • +1

          Thanks mate, I might contact you for the settings if I pick one up. Hoping the 75" goes on sale soon!

        • Did you have any issues with the Kayo app? I've tried using it but every thing I try to stream just results in a blank screen.

        • Hi mate,.any chance you can DM me the settings you have? I just purchased!

  • Does Afterpay have any additional charges?

    • I dont think so. If you pay on time I guess ;)

  • Yep - got one for $1269 a few weeks back and am very happy with it. OS is ordinary, but using an AppleTV 4K so that's moot. At this price, it's a no-brainer.

  • How does this compare to Samsung au?

    • This is better

  • waa hate the afterpay discounts as the TV I want is over $2k, so it is a no go for the discount

    • I thought afterpay will discount the TV up to your limit, and then you pay the rest on the spot?

      • +1

        no, nothing over $2000 is allowed for the deal through ebay. It just blanks out the option

  • got one thanks!

  • facing issue while logging in to afterpay. is it for you people as well?

  • Is this one powerful enough to run kodi for play 1080p x264?

    • Huh this hasn't got native kodi but does have plex. You'd need a chromcast GTv or Shield

  • Paid $1,300 for the 55" last year. No regrets, amazing tv for the money

  • Any recommendations on instant delivery gift cards to lower the price further, or does that trick not work here?

  • +2

    Asked the seller for drop in price and they refunded the difference without any delay.

    Awesome service from Powerland!

    • What was that? Did you buy this TV now or earlier?

    • Thank you for your message and I have also got 100$ refund from Power land. They're simply awesome. Best customer service and prompt response. Best Deal for good quality TV

  • There are two listings from the same seller and this one has an estimated delivery from the 5th July instead of 14th July.

    Looked at both listing and can't see any difference so I bought the one with the quickest delivery.

    Thanks for posting this deal OP.

  • Could someone please explain which is better, the 75S5 or this? I'm looking at buying a tv for my new place's home theater. I'm resigned myself to buying a Chromecast tv regardless. Buying a soundbar anyways so I don't care about audio quality.

    Or should I get the Samsung UA65AU8000WXXY for $1279

    • +1

      Q8 is best of the three imo and best value for money, the local dimming is probably the standout feature you are paying for.

  • Wow! Thanks so much r0xz! With Cashback it comes to $1057 for me! Simply amazing! Great reviews and high specs! This is the best 65" available around that price by far! Harvey Norman offered me the TV for $1300 delivered. 3 days later they reluctantly matched Powerland's $1200 delivered so I paid $50 deposit, which I will now get back. 2 days later I have bought the TV online from Powerland for $1057 delivered! Unbelievable price! Harvey Norman rep told me that some stores have bought thousands of them at a subsidised price from Hisense!

    • I don't think cashback applies with this code. I went through shopback just in case. It did track but I got $0 cashback.

  • For those saying there is no Kayo, their App is now installed in the latest firmware update which will occur as soon as your TV is connected to the internet.
    Still no Disney+, 7plus,9now, 10play or Spotify.
    I've had this TV for a week and it's terrific, and there's no need to qualify that opinion by saying, "for the price."
    I have seen customer reviews complaining about screendoor effect, vertical banding and motion issues but none of those problems appear on my TV, so I guess there are some occasional QC issues. Knowing these issues can exist does make for a nervous time setting up the TV, but hopefully you're in the majority and get a good one.
    Highly recommended, especially as this is another $80 cheaper than 2-3 weeks ago when I got mine.

  • https://youtu.be/PmvNxGC55wA for.optimal Calibration

  • Does anyone know if there are any 55" models that the Afterpay 15% can be used on? 65" is just a little too big for my space

  • +2

    anyone got a suggested wallmount for this?

    • +1

      Look at shelby acoustics, really good quality and priced well otherwise bunnings

  • Now listed for C&C at TGG ebay with 15% off using coupon.


  • Snagged one - thanks OP

  • anyone had their status changed to sent yet?

    • Mine is still not yet sent.

    • +1

      Mine has just been sent :)

      • just got a tracking number

  • I got my tacking number yesterday and an update today saying it would be delivered by 5pm today (Melbourne). I'm very excited that it's not going to take 2 weeks.

    • my tracking for melbourne says its in the airport, but my eta has changed form today 5pm, to Monday 5pm

      • Mine had also changed to Monday 5pm.i can't see a location.

        • you need to click consignment history? it'll say where the tv is last at

          • @Gifwonder: I don't seem to get that option. I'm clicking the link in the email I got this morning.

  • Does anyone know if we need to be home for the delivery?

    • +1

      Yes, they normally phone to book a delivery date and time.

      • Ours got delivered with TNT. No one called. The estimated delivery time was Monday so hubby stayed home from work but it wasn't delivered that day. We left a signed message for the driver on the front door with authority to leave and recommended place to put the TV and they delivered fine and just where we wanted it on Tuesday, despite 3 phone calls to TNT on Monday that said this couldn't be arranged.

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