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½ Price Woolworths Beef Sausages Thick 760g $3.50, Cocobella Coconut Water 1L $2.50, Tuffy Paper Towel Pk 3 $2.15 @ Woolworths


Woolworths Beef Sausages Thick 760g - $3.50

Woolworths Beef Sausages Thick 760g

Cocobella Coconut Water 1 Litre - $2.50

Cocobella Cocobella Straight Up Coconut Water 1l

Quilton Tuffy Paper Towel Pk 3

Quilton Tuffy Paper Towel White 4 Ply 180 Sheets 3 Pack

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            @MSG: Camel meat was by far the cheapest meat in Mongolia when I lived there. Alongside horse meat, which was the go to option being a third of the price of beef and tasting the same. Can't got wrong with a horse kebab.

            • +5

              @MrCAMEL: I don't get why we don't eat horses in Australia.

              NSW and Victoria have herds of the idiots roaming around the National Parks destroying everything.

              Should just let us munch em. But we'd need to get John Barilaro to stop blocking everything horse related pretending like he cares and its not about horse tourism money.

              • +2

                @Telios: i'd be down to eat the sad racehorses they put down and wilds

              • @Telios: Processing of race horses and culled brumbies could also be used to start a nice little local shell cordovan industry as well

            • -1

              @MrCAMEL: Had some nice horse meet in Paris growing up.

              • @jv: Jules Verne spent the first twenty years of his life in Nantes followed by twenty three years in Paris and thirty four in Amiens.

            • +1

              @MrCAMEL: Robert O'Hara Burke would eat both horses and camels.

              • @strang: Washed down with a flagon of rum…

  • Those paper towels arent going to last long. Does anyone know if theyre similar to the 4 ply on amazon under the 'absorba' name?

    • Those paper towels arent going to last long

      They are not designed to. They are disposable…

  • +5

    Woolworths beef sausages are IMO the best of the bunch as far as supermarket snags go. You aren't constantly burping up the taste afterwards and eating them for a week. I find the Coles snags disgusting. Aldi are 2nd best.

    • +1

      Never tried the coles or woolworths one.. but I quite like the Aldi thick pork sausages, will give these a go.

      Generally I prefer Pork sausages over Beef.

    • Seconded. Well, at least as far as standard snags go; the fancier wursts etc. are variable from any outlet.

  • +4

    Feel sorry for the folks that stock piled, only stock piled on bargain days

    • i still have 3 bulk bags left of tuffy deal 5mths ago

  • +7

    Don't know about you, but I am upvoting vu and samwise. At least they didn't just pick and choose the best bits for a few votes.

    • +6

      I usually post the popular items as a seperate deal as some users prefer it over looking a full list.

      • +1

        it's not too bad, but i find myself 'double dipping' coz i review the full list anyway and see it again haha

        however these 3 items are defo what i would buy

        (on the odd occasion i've noticed some half price items been missed from the main list, personal preference would rather see those separately, or those other worthy percentages that aren't 50% category)

  • 70% beef 😲😲😲

    • Of which is likely 50% gristle.

  • +1

    Their honey ones are pretty good, are they on sale too

  • Is this low FODMAP?

  • How thick is thicc 👀

  • too cheap to be real meat

    • +2

      90% hoof, 10% rat.

  • -1

    The beef patties for 3.79 last two weeks ago were a good deal, the sausages are good too, just skin them and get 760grams worth of mince.

    • You think that's mince in there?

      • -1

        hahahahaha it has plenty of fillers.

      • Well you do you, but doesn't mean you should down vote.

        • I didn't…

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