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Wearable Air Purifier Necklace for Kid and Adult $17.20 Delivered @ Huabao au Amazon AU


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About this item:

EFFICIENT PURIFICATIONEffi: The ionic air purifier necklace releases more than 120 million negative ions, which can effectively purify harmful substances in the indoor air, thereby improving your mood and helping you improve the quality of sleep.
SIMPLE &STYLISH:The air purifier necklace can be used as an air purifier, or it can be hung on the neck or car as an ornament. Purify the air in places with poor air quality and let fresh air accompany you forever.
NO NOISE:The sound is very quiet during operation and will not disturb your work and rest. Just press the button for two seconds to enjoy fresh air. It is the best choice for air purifiers.
LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE:The air purifier necklace uses USB to charge, it can work continuously after being fully charged: about 60 hours in low-end mode, about 30 hours in high-end mode, mixed use of high and low levels, battery life is between the two, The battery life is somewhere in between.
TEST GIFT: The air purifier has no filter or fan. Under natural conditions, it will not affect the ventilation of the classroom windows, and will form a natural "barrier" for the negative oxygen ion bath.

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    Endorsed by Peter Evans

  • But why???

  • Yes ionisers can work, but they actually pull the dust etc towards them. Probably not good if you're wearing it.

  • does this necklace directly connect to your lungs?

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    For a limited time only. Comes with Hydroxychloroquine sampler.

  • Facemask is cheaper option.

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    Will this protect me from covid-19?

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      No, but it will protect you from tigers. I have one on right now, and there are no tigers around me at all.

    • It might help, as nobody will want to go near you.

  • Something about a fool and their money something something

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    Ionizers generate ozone, which cause lung damage. This is a health hazard.

    • Not to mention that most of the cheaper 'ionizers' are actually purely ozone generators, generating negligible ions.

      • is that what repaired the ozone layer?

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    Only the top quality most purified triple distilled snake oil. Nothing but the finest.

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    If you could truly purify the air for just $17.20, everyone in the world would have one already.

    Might as well buy crystals for "positive energy"

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      no BigAir is crushing the competition.

      I believe Scott & Barnaby's have Angus working on a coal version.

  • No…just no.


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    releases more than 120 million negative ions

    obviously working given all the negative comments above.

  • Paging the TGA

  • What the f#@$ is this sh1t?

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    no purifier can handle the smell of my farts …

  • I thought this was a deodoriser

  • Go away you crackpot.