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LEGO 10283 Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery $249.99 Delivered (RRP $299.99) @ MyHobbies


This set was exclusive to LEGO for the first 3 months but is now arriving at other retailers. MyHobbies appears to be the first to discount it but there will no doubt be more retailers following soon. You should get Free Shipping for orders over $150.

Celebrate the wonders of space with this LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) model building set for adults. With 2,354 pieces, this engaging challenge lets you build the Space Shuttle Discovery, plus the Hubble Space Telescope, launched on NASA’s STS-31 mission in 1990.

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    Must resist!!!

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  • +1

    Thanks!!! Nearly paid full price on Sat.

    • +7

      If there's something I have learned in the past year of buying Lego, it's patience. It's fortunate you waited. :)

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    Bought on release at full price from LEGO store. Used 28 degrees to claim price protection!

    • How long does price protection last? I thought this was released at Lego dot com in April? Also, Lego gets discounted a lot! Do you use price protection much? Do you think you'll wear it out? Maybe I should get price protection.

      • Will answer my own questions. Wow! This is amazing: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/402414 Hope it's still current info.

        • No longer available for new cards sorry dude.

          But it's literately the best thing ever for shopping. I just claimed my S20+ for exactly 1 year ago. Was $1200 new, found it for $760 on a deal here, $440 refunded.

      • +1

        28 degrees price protection lasts 12 months from an initial purchase which can be claimed multiple times within that 12 months. I use it for nearly every major purchase. Unfortunately they no longer offer the product.

    • 28 will guarantee with an online store? My ANZ travel rewards visa uses allianz that will now only do price guarantees with prices from a bricks and mortar store which is really crap. Tried when Samsung dropped their prices on the s21 and they said had to be from a physical store not online.

  • Awesome set!
    The only thing to dislike is all the stickers. Wish they were printed on to the bricks.

    • Stickers? Really? That's poor form for a set of this calibre and price.

      • Unfortunately, yes. The internal surfaces of the payload bay are covered with reflective stickers. I can live with the stickers of the plaque. But for $300 I would expect printed bricks for payload internal as well.
        The other thing is that the solar panels of the Hubble are flimsy thin papers, unlike solar panels of the of the ISS, which are bircks.

  • Is this in scale with the ISS model from a few days ago?

    • +1

      Definitely not??

    • The ISS comes with a shuttle too. I'm not saying that one is to scale either but it's for sure closer than this one.

    • Yes, 1:1 scale too.

    • +1

      Nope. ISS is 110:1 while Discovery is 70:1.

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    Just finished building this. Great set. Highly recommend

  • Gone dammit :(

  • +1

    Great set, worth every dollar regardless of how many that is.

    Looks good next to my old Discovery set

    • Do you have a Saturn V and a ISS as well?

    • Even with the stickers?

  • Tempting but I'll wait another 6 months, just like everything else it will bottom out.

  • -2

    It has dropped below 200 AUD overseas already. Not a deal.

    • +7

      Not worthy of an OzBargain post? 🤔

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    Just use myhobbies as a sign, once they advertise means these sets would be sold everywhere

  • Available for $254.99 from eBay using the afterpay deal

  • Back in stock for anyone interested - I just nabbed one

  • If you want to take it to the next level you can also build a Ulysses Space Probe to go with it:


    or a fancier version


  • +1

    LEGO® 10283 Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (Ship 12th of July)

    Pre order product will ship in 7 business days

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