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Cleaner Surface Disinfectant Sabco Ultra Shield Pro 750ml $0.99 (Free C & C) @ Bunnings


According to the Bunnings Website:

  • Kills COVID 19, Influenza & Norovirus in 1 minute
  • Safe to use and suitable for food handling environments.
  • TGA Listed
  • Long lasting kill 7 days or 200 touches
  • HACCP certified for indirect food contact.

Sabco Ultra Shield Pro kills COVID-19, influenza & norovirus in 1 minute and provides residual protection against COVID-19 for up to 7 days!
The residual Antibacterial protection is for up to 30 days/ 200 touches
Disinfects in DIRTY CONDITIONS with a single application
(one step process).
This product greatly reduces application error and operator/ occupant safety. It ensures ongoing protection from infection between cleans.

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  • +10

    $1 to kill covid where were you all this time

    • I know right :D

  • Is anyone else worried about getting Covid on their way to the Hammer Shed so they can Hammer Covid with their 99 cent Covid Hammer spray?

  • None anywhere nearby 6210 WA.

    • yep, i can not see anything in perth. We will need to rely on border closures! shame on u bunnings. WAxit will happen due to lack of bunnings loves towards WA.

  • +1

    I got this last month. Using it it made me feel warm and itchy for some reason.

    Also it leaves a "surface shield" which is kind of oily.

    • +1

      Thanks for the info. I'll pass on this one; prefer no residue so I'll just stick with good old alcohol.

      • I think the problem I had is that I was spraying too much. The residue seems to dry fairly well if you use a small amount and rub it in (I just tested it again).

        Might be worth picking it up just to try given alcohol is fairly expensive (though, yes, evaporates quicker).

        Sorry if I led you astray.

  • Geez, this was being sold for $30 when it came out months ago.

  • Thanks, bought 5

  • Does anyone have experience with this product vs Koh Protect vs DuroKleen? DuroKleen lasts the longest (100 days) but doesn’t have a fragrance (which I don’t prefer). Koh’s atomisers are hard to beat, too.

  • Does it work if you already caught Vivid?

  • order refunded - OOS and "no suitable substitutes". I'm sure there are similar products in Bunnings that work the same….