This was posted 4 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Preorder] Nintendo Amiibo Metroid Dread - Samus & E.M.M.I. Double Pack $39 + $3.90 Delivery @ Big W


Cheapest price I can find at the moment.

Out of stock early at Amazon and EB Games.

JB Hifi has it for $44 + shipping.

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  • I was so scared this went out of stock, as I only started looking into about a week after it was announced. Ended up getting it from JB Hi Fi + shipping. Oh well.

    • Yeah some much sought after amiibos are really hard to get at normal prices once they are out of stock.

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    Good old days of $4 target amiibos :(

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      laughs in QBBY

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        QBBY was a japan exclusive sold on HK stores like play-asia for like 25AUD for like 1-2 years. No real shock its now got value.

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          QBBY was available in Australia as well. It was only available through Nintendo Australia (via their eBay shop at the time) for a very very limited time.

          • @YoursTruly: 450 were put up, better than the 175 Sanrio amiibo card packs the put up originally, luckily those were rereleased this year.

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              @sss333: Yeah I never even saw the qbby get added to their eBay page. Was waiting all day for them.

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      I got a huge bag of $4 amiibo's back in the day from multiple places. I really like the last few releases they have done, they seem to be focusing on quality rather than quantity.

  • Thanks OP! I hope this is just a case of limited stock around which is why it's selling so quick…

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    I don’t know if big w will enough stock for demand .

    I placed my order at big w last week and the website has been up since still taking orders which is a bit suspicious

    • They are doing the mass producing to overfill orders lately and I don't trust them .

    • Safer to place an order with JB imo. JB usually takes the listing down once they are pre-sold out.

      Yes it is more expensive, but you're also more likely to actually get the item.

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    Considering the Mario Cat Amiibo double pack is still available on Amazon for $33 I don't reckon you need to worry to much about the supply of these at the moment.

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      i missed the last metroid double pack preorder and havent been able to get them close to retail since.

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      Past performance isn't an indicator of future performance.

      Certain amiibo end up in high demand and become basically impossible to find after release - a good example is Joker. The Mario/Peach cat amiibo never sold out at any retailer.

      If you want any chance of getting this, given how it's sold out everywhere, I'd say your best (if not only) bet is to preorder.

      • Exactly this.

        I am still trying to hunt down a Wolf Link amiibo under $80…

      • Cool I be able to get the scraps at $2.50 in a EB sale again based on your logic lol .

        • Good luck.

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        It’s an Amiibo not a Super Fund… It’ll be fine chill out, plenty of toys for everyone!

        • Could be just start buying your max of 24 each time .
          Oops Super for Nintendo :)

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    What do these do?

    • Figurine for collectors + giving you some rare in-game items for Switch games.

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