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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Bundle $36 (Pick up or $5 Delivery) @ EB Games


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Bundle is $36 at EB Games.
Free pickup or $5 delivery.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD amiibo Bundle contains:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Game
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD official Soundtrack
  • Wolf Link amiibo

The Wolf Link amiibo unlocks Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild, who will attack enemies on his own and help you find hidden items. Amiibo retails for $19-$22 on its own.

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  • Great price

  • +1

    So cheap. Serves me right for buying it on release

    • Same here, I lined up to get it for 68 at big w thinking it was limited edition lol

    • I think there's always the extra excitement when getting it on release which makes it worth.

    • Also bought it on release for max price.

      Thinking of it being nintendo + zelda + limited edition… it would sell out immediately but nope.. never again.

  • Bought thanks

  • +1

    Cheap as chip, thanks op, luckily I hold out. I reckon most of the Wii U titles will come down sooner or later since its been officially discontinued.

  • The shipping on some of these is absurdly high. One single case PS4 game costs $9 to ship whereas the TP amiibo bundle is only $5 to send? How does that make sense. I added a bunch of items and the shipping was $18. Some items cost way more to ship than others for no reason.

    • +1

      Stock can now be sourced from Eb Games stores themselves in addition to their warehouse in Queensland.

    • +1

      EB now ships from individual stores as opposed to a centralised warehouse. so if an item is located at a particular store, the shipping cost is calculated based on the distance between the store and your postcode. I am guessing.

  • Zelda Triforce 3DS coverplates for $4 are a bargain if you can pickup from Benowa or Dalby.

  • Anyway to get this a tiny bit cheaper? This is a great price though!

    • Mate, it could be worse.
      I bought starfox for $36 and have to cry myself to sleep every night that's how bad it is

    • +1

      Buy ebgames gift cards at woollies using 5% off wish gift cards you get from cashrewards or the motor club member discount I think that is pretty much the only cheaper option. Anyone else has better suggestions?

  • wonder if they will make more Zelda Amiibos….or go back to doing what they did initially with Amiibo….which seems to be what they are doing again. RRP seems to be creeping up too on them. Really starting to get annoyed by Nintendo.

    • You can pre-order the next shipment of the Breath of the Wild amiibo figures, due for June on their website.

      • At inflated prices….just wonder what the chance of them suddenly releasing a whole heap of stock 6 months down the track (and discounted by retailers) like they did with the Smash series etc Coincidentally there an article on Kotaku about the rise of bootleg amiibo cards. Serves Nintendo right

        • It would probably be unlikely for them to do huge release in a couple of months. Nintendo and retailers don't want Amiibo on the shelves collecting dust. The supply limited stock, sell out cycle keeps Nintendo happy because they can sell their wares at RRP. Retailers are happy because Nintendo products sell at RRP, they take up limited shelf space and they don't have to eventually be discounted.

        • The prices are lower than the previous release and not really much more than Target etc were offering when they stocked Amiibos.

        • @Smigit: as in the current zelda amiibo prices are lower than initial release prices? prices are still more than the normal amiibo prices though.

        • @Sammyboy: No, the next batch of three (available for preorder) will be back to normal price. Current BotW ones still cost more.

    • Just found out you can buy Amiibo NFC tags off ebay for like $1.2.

      So if your after the in game items only a much cheaper way of getting it…. if somewhat dodgy.

      Still I got a wolf link one, as I have been trying to get one from EB for months now.


  • Just bought one thank you.

  • Never got around to picking this up, and the special edition too. Many thanks!

  • What's the most Ozbargain way of picking up a WiiU at the moment? Preferably new.
    I'm aware they are discontinued and I already own a Switch, I just wouldn't mind swapping out my Wii for one.

    • +1

      I was going to say eBay but…wow, those are some crazy prices http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/201548714214

      • Must be in Japanese Yen…

    • They go for high prices - collectors I guess?

    • So glad I got mine for half price at a Dick Smith clearance even if I haven't played it that much! I think you will struggle to find a god price on a new one sadly.

    • +1

      New isn't going to happen unless you want to pay the massively inflated retail price that Wii U's have and can find a store with them in stock. Second hand they are still fairly expensive, but far more reasonable. Gumtree would be the go to on that front. I also think you can buy refurbished models on the Nintendo site.

    • +1

      I got a 32gb Wii u on Gumtree just when the switch launched for $200. They seem to have gone up a lot now - I think I was fairly lucky to get in at that price. An actual new one, I'd just be keeping an eye on EB, since most retailers seem to have clearanced them out a while ago.

  • +1

    The guide is on sale for $4 as well right now;


  • Shit I paid 70 for this at release because I thought it would be limited. LIMITED! Oh well.

  • +3

    Why is it so hard to navigate through the EB website to find Wii u games?

    • Yeah worst site to navigate. A games search would do wonders. Funny we want to search for games on a games website not other Crap eh?!

  • Ordered - Thanks OP. Will go nicely with all the other Wii U games I haven't had time to play yet! :)

  • This is good. If you complete the Cave of Shadows, you can save how many hearts you had remaining to the Amiibo. Then in Breath of the Wild (on Wii U or Switch), you can summon the wolf and he'll have as many hearts as are saved to the Amiibo. It's been quite fun, travelling the world with my wolf companion who hunts all the deer and boar and birds, etc. for me.