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[VIC] Purchase $50 Voucher & Recieve $100, Purchase $100 Voucher & Receive $200 @ Lobster Cave Restaurant (Beaumaris)


A sensational gift idea.
Why not show appreciation to your suppliers, associates or as a performance award to staff.
You can even treat yourself with a voucher!

Purchase a $50 receive $100 value
Purchase a $100 receive $200 value

This offer will expire at 6 pm on 02 July 2021
Restaurant located in Beaumaris Victoria.

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  • +4

    Hopefully I'll run into Matthew Guy!

    • He cant run cos broken back lol.

  • +3

    If only Christine Holgate had seen this!

    • Came to make a similar comment haha.

  • Was about to purchase but checked the menu. $200 doesn't get you far.

    Fair deal for those accustom to the prices I suppose.

  • This place sucks. I went there once years ago, the food wasn't that great, and it's also overpriced. it was something like $7.50 for an espresso which I had after the meal.

  • +1

    Will cost you minimum $200 to eat there for 2 people, and even then won't get you far.. don't know why they just don't make it reasonably priced rather than inflated the prices then offer vouchers.

    Also be aware in the t&c only one voucher valid per table

  • When does the voucher expire?

  • +3

    Sounded like a great deal until I had a look at the menu. The prices are insane! $189.00 wagyu Burger, $120 paella, even the "cheap" items on the menu are like a $60 tempura whiting. $200 gets you not far here.

    • Wagyu Burger for $189 that's insane! It better be some Michelin star burger at that price.

  • +1

    I think the menu prices are inflated to account for all the 'special offers' that abound for this place.
    And if they get someone paying full price, bonus for the restaurant.

  • They probably make a killing with these vouchers plus everyone else that pays full price.

  • +1

    Still trading on their 90s glory.

  • don't lobsters cost $5 these days now china stopped importing them?

  • +1

    Overpriced, frozen seafood. So many better places to go in Melbourne.

    • Is it frozen? Surely not for those prices

      • It's probably mostly thawed by the time the customer gets it, that's why the long wait for food arrival.

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