Birthday (20th) Present Ideas for Brother?

Hi guys looking for gift ideas for my little brother.

He is turning 20 in a week and a bit

Doesn't drink or smoke

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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    A 2004 BMW 4 cylinder

    (Watch out ladies)

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      Renting the 2004 BMW 4 Cylinder for a day for the cheapskates!

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      Don't forget to include some towing vouchers!

      • ^that or "Road side assist", I reckon usage would exceed cost of membership - bargain!.

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    Not alcohol or cigarettes.

    Maybe a card that has '20' on the front, or a '2' and add the '0' yourself.

    Seriously though, with no info on what his interests are, how on earth are you expecting complete strangers to give useful suggestions?

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    Deposit into super fund. He will thank you, in 50 years time

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      He will have dementia and won't remember.

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    Non budget and no hint as to what his interests are. I guess buy him a horse, I would have liked one of those when I was 20, heck I’d like a one now.

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      As the owner of 2 horses I think this is a great idea. Don't forget the $70k 4WD to pull the $15k float to put the $7k horse in.

    • mah be relalistic mate

      a pink pony

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        for a 20th, i would expect nothing but a unicorn

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      buy him a new brother
      one that knows what he wants for his birthday lol

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    Ticket to whore island or PS5

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      couldn't find on Google Maps. Please advise.

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      Have we fallen down the big 'assumptions' path about the brother's sexual preferences?

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        Its a sexist to think "whore" is specially a female descriptor

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        Never heard of a man-whore? :p

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      You spelt horse wrong…

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    A gold subscription to OzBargain

  • introduction to ozb
    then he can buy his own presents.. everyday! literally

  • my little brother
    He is turning 20yo

    not that little anymore :)

    what does he already have already to narrow down options?

    Otherwise Eneloops as you are asking in OzB.

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    I highly recommend some sort of Driver Training Course - assuming he has some sort of driver's license.

    Cheesy at it may sound, it's a gift that'll last a lifetime :)

    • That's a funny looking Camry. Possibly an ex taxi on LPG in that colour. Renter beware.

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      How does that have an intensity of 4/5?

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    0.1 BTC today will buy him a Cybertruck in 5 years time.

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      Then 5 years after that it might be worth 10 cyber trucks as the crypto crowd would like you believe.

      Crypto is a fiat bubble. People keep on ramming fiat into it causing it until they all want to take it out.

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        Fiat is the bubble. The more brrrrrrr, the more people can look forward to seeing their other assets gain in value.

        There is no point in being salty. Do the opposite and take this opportunity to make wife changing wealth.

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    A vasectomy.

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    A watch.

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      +1 for a watch! As a gift to someone who is likely not a watch nerd I'd probably get a quartz as they're hassle free- Autos under $1k can be fairly inaccurate and the recipient might not find it as charming having to reset the time every week.
      I purchased my brother a $100 Casio Duro as it's water resistant and he liked the diver style, however other brands like Seiko, Citizen, Hamilton, Tissot, Longines, and Oris all have great models depending on your budget.

  • A fly-in ticket on Jetstar to the Avalon air-show in November.

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      One way ticket?

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    I'm waiting for OP to come back and respond with:
    - No, brother doesn't like flying
    - No, brother doesn't need a watch
    - No, brother wants kids
    - No, brother doesn't like BTC
    - No, brother doesn't like driving

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      Horse FTW

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    Maybe just ask him. If he's anything like my son he doesn't need anything. Maybe take him out. Go see a movie together.

    Also budget would be helpful

  • A one-time use visa card with a certain amount of cash loaded to it. cause you have given us nothing to go buy other then he don't drink or smoke. So that pre paid visa, he can just go buy something with it.

    Pay one of his bills/loan repayments
    Re-new a subscription
    Lessons for something
    A weeks rent.

    • Second hand good condition The Barefoot Investor. The gift that keeps on giving.

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    Massage with a happy ending.

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      Performed by OP?

      • lol.. whatever makes you happy! 🤣

        • Whatever makes 20Y brother happy.

  • I would've loved to have a decent specced PC or a new console… or even better cash so that I can choose what to use it on.

    Anyways, happy 20th birthday for your younger brother and hope he has a wonderful day that day.

  • Don't forget cash back!

  • Fully comp car insurance. trust me.

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    A 20yo girl

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      A 40yo woman. Give him a taste of the future.

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        40YO man.

        Restoring balance to the universe.

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    Since no budget provided - you could buy him an apartment and advise him to use it as a shag pad - nodding and winking when you say this is mandatory.

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    Buy him some shares or ETFs?

  • As a 20-year-old, gift cards are probably the best - handy for paying for food, fuel, etc.
    I have no use for anything else

    For example, the Prezzee GC

    Or cash

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    I would suggest a pair of alpacas, or perhaps 3-4 of them.

  • You didn’t post a budget or his interests. I suggest a Leatherman or a Nintendo Switch.

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    Hi guys looking for gift ideas for my little brother.
    He is turning 20 in a week and a bit

  • Expensive perfume. Tom Ford. Creed. Chanel.

  • Bottle of bourbon to grow hairs on his chest

  • A house

  • A Hooker

  • I buy subscriptions eg. Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Kayo.
    Buying a 12 month subscription is a pretty easy gift and something most people use.

  • Does he have a car? If you ok with him beforehand, you could both come up with a number plate that will cost about 100 in nsw if you go something like abc12a or ab12ab. Then it's 100 a year after that, but he gets something special, and since you conferred with him beforehand, that yearly fee is expected.

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      Hey bro, will you accept a gift you have to pay for each year??

      I can see how that's going to go.

  • He doesn't drink?? Take him to the pub.

  • Buy him a few bags. Of chips.

  • Give $20 cash, pick up only.

  • what are his interests?

    if he is into movies i know some cinemas will let you book out a theatre and they have a list of films you can watch or you can bring in a console and play it on the big screen

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    A nice high quality wallet.

  • Oculus VR. Every one of my mates that had a go loves it. Incorporates gaming along with some pretty intense workouts (like the boxing games). Picture quality is amazing and feel like you are in virtual reality.

  • What is your brother into?

    I always gift things that I believe the receiver doesn't know they need….I wouldn't buy a gamer, games because they would have already bought it for themselves (unless it's expensive).

    Doesn't drink or smoke

    Do people gift cigarettes?

  • Go to the beach and collect some shells. Make some cardboard from recycled paper. Glue the shells on to the cardboard that spells out 'Love you bro, Happy 20th'

  • Visa gift card

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