Anyone Using a Sunrise Alarm Clock to Help Wake up?

Wondering if anyone has purchased or used a sunrise alarm clock.

The US has more options for Philips Sunrise Alarm clocks as its device uses its region-locked app for its alarm clock features which relies on the device to connect to your wifi network.

There are a number of similar products out of CN which are available via CN reseller sites (aliexp, bangg etc) and our own amazon.

Has anyone had success with the sunrise features helping them go to sleep and wake up?
Is it supporting your circadian rhythm?
Which model do you have?


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    Nope. I wake up at 4am every day to exercise. This means I have no trouble falling asleep at night… often before 8pm. ;-)

    That said, it is horribly dark for the first 3.5 hours.

    • Are you a long distance runner or a body builder?

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        I think he's Jocko Willink.


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    have kids, they wake u up at the crack of dawn…

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      Weekends, every time.

      School days……never!

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        this is the truth
        or when we need to go anywhere….

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      Yep. The most expensive free alarms I own!

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        Quite reliable at most times but no snooze button.

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          I often say that I got a very effective alarm clock a few years ago (child), but I haven't worked out yet how to turn it off

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    I wake up around 6am most days, and then choose to 'meditate' for a couple more hours.

    • Sounds nice.

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      You’ll go blind

      ….. Oh! MEDitate, my bad.

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    As an alternative, you could give the old "two-sleeps" theory a try:

    • Wow, very interesting idea and article.

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    I found a new kind of alarm. I have set my bedroom lights ( 2 - Kogan - Tuya based, costed me $8.5 each) to be switched on as the alarm with colour temperature set to Sunlight range (67%). So, basically it is a sunrise.

    • But does it gradually get brighter or a sudden BOOM daytime!

      • Mine gradually get warmer over a 20min period. At the end of that time they are a warm colour but not full brightness. It’s quite soft and calming.

        Definitely no BOOM LIGHTS GO ON NOW!

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      I set this up too!

      I can’t say for sure if it helps wake me up but I would like to think so. My alarm is set for 6:15am and my lights start warming up (to simulate sunrise) from 5:55am. I have woken up a couple of times earlier than the alarm and I think I’m less “shocked awake” when my alarm goes off now.

    • I do this too with Philips Hue lights

  • I've set-up my Somfy blinds to open at 7 AM. You can also use a switch (e.g., TP-Link) to turn the lights on (i.e. lamp on the bedside table) at particular time.

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    When I was suffering from depression I got one of those power plug timers and plugged my bedside lamp into it to help me wake up. It definitely worked. However it was kind of a nightmare to deal with and make sure it was set up correctly, so great to see there are dedicated products available now. This was like 10 years ago so either it wasn't around or it was ruled out as too expensive.

    Anyway, your post reminded me of how useful it was to have a light come on automatically so I think I will give it a go again. It looks like this is a good budget option.

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    My neighbour is keeping a rooster in their tiny backyard(illegally as the council won't allow here) so I have no problem waking up in the morning. The rooster alarm goes off exactly at 7am with an optional 10 minute snooze feature enabled for the next hour or so.

  • I used the Philips one (non-app). It did help normalise my waking, especially during dark winter mornings, stopped using as I started shift work.

    • wouldn't it be great for shift work?

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    I play drums but my circadian rhythm is crap.

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    You can make your own sunrise alarm clock by putting a schedule on a smart plug attached to a table lamp or by replacing your bedroom's non-smart bulbs with a dimmable smart bulb.

    The Sunrise alarm feature can also be found on the Google Nest Hub. The second gen hub also tracks your sleep using radar too (free feature for 3 months but later you'll need to pay a monthly fee)

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    If it has Kochie's voice, I'm out

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    I have a Pure brand sunrise clock - have had it nearly ten years and it has helped enormously during winter. I always struggled to wake up before sunrise but this clock makes it a lot easier. And it's handy if you wake briefly during the night - if the room is still dark you know you can go back to sleep, but if there's a tiny glow coming from the dome then you know there's no point trying to sleep as the waking cycle has begun.

  • Android? Look at the bedtime function on the Google clock. The wake up time has a sunrise alarm. For me, on the S8, it gets bright enough to wake me up. As long as I actually get to bed on time 😬 maybe worth a try before buying a better/dedicated product.

  • Leave the curtains open, sunrise will be upon you.

    • Sunrise isn't until about 7am these days. That's too late for many people.

    • My neighbours have external lights like the MCG on all night, so unfortunately, not always an option.

      (And FWIW, years of discussions have led to no change in the lights)

  • Yep, I use bought this one as a cheaper option to see if it helps:…

    It's pretty good, has an app and can change brightness and start time, also has a sunset feature if that's your jam. I also have a smart bulb (app only) in my lamp that I use sometimes as well (it's a bit brighter, but comes on at once, not gradual).

    I think it helps me - especially in winter - my natural sleep cycles tend to align with dawn pretty well, so I don't really need it in summer.


    Homelabs sunrise clock. Have found it very beneficial in the winter. I wanted something cheap to see if I liked using them before buying a Phillips or using smart bulbs.

    It's much better waking to this than an alarm, and I haven't had any issues with it waking me. It has a good sleep mode where you can set it for 15, 30 or 60 mins and it will dim gradually while yo're reading before sleep. It has some weird colour settings for some reason, and the built in noises to help wake you aren't good. It has a radio I've never used, and no ability for external music, if that's your thing. The only downside to this model is the first lighting step is a bit bright - it could do with a few more gradations.

  • I used to use the sunrise alarm on my Echo Show, which is a feature a lot of people don't know about. I liked it but it scored low on the wife factor - as it would disturb her sleep also. it's an excellent alarm clock.

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    Not me.
    I'm happily retired and have thrown out my alarm clock many years ago.
    I now sleep far more easily knowing that I never have to force myself out of bed in the morning ever again.

  • I have Phillips one I think, or maybe Pure?? with DAB radio, and touch sensitive (tap to turn on, cover with hand to turn off, not sure what to alter brightness or colour. They seemed really hard to find at that time that I got it. It's a piece of crap. Light comes on randomly (apparently the wind blew on it??), the touch controls are either not very responsive or not intuitive (I don't know what I'm doing with it.)

    I can't comment on the concept of being awaken by light instead of noise, didn't have the patience to get that far.

    Every now and then I get it back out, remember how sucky it is, and put it back in the wardrobe (storage).

    Oh, and the plastic parts are those that get sticky in warmer climates.

    I kind of like the concept. I'll prob get it out again tonight lol. I think this one is very poorly implemented.

  • Here's a good alarm to use…make sure to put on maximum volume… There was also another good one that I wanted but I forgot what anime it was from so can't look it up; the alarm shouts out in a girl's voice "WAKE UP BITCH, WAKE UP BITCH! I SAID WAKE UP BITCH OR I'LL CHOP YOUR BALLS OFF!" or something along those lines.

    • Ah I just saw that alarm in the movie Jexi

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