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[eBay Plus] Free - Davis & Waddell Electric Ice Cream Maker @ Robins Kitchen via eBay


Free at checkout. You all know what to do - go go go!

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    • My ebay plus runs out today so no lost for me.

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    Still lots of free espresso makers available with code PFINAL40 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324567214672


    1 !!!!! free espresso makers available with code PFINAL40 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324567214672

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    Thanks Op !

  • Thanks and let’s hope they deliver

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  • Wow all the random elcheapo items…time to see if they honour the orders.

    Looking at their actual website, the pizza oven is $95 and the air fryer is $120….welp…

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      Guess I see first. As I was the very first order on the air fryer lol

  • Has someone received a message from eBay too? I got several saying it’s on the way with tracking number provided! Looks like we have Christmas in July!

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    Sad news i got a refund basically of nothing because i paid nothing

  • has anybody received anything?? got refunded as well

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    My order has been cancelled too.

  • Yep, I've just received my $0.00 refund for my ice-cream maker.
    Thanks for not exceeding my expectations eBay. sigh

    Edit: Hang on…I've just had a Paypal email informing me that my $19.95 refund should be in my account soon. Uh..

  • Just got an order cancellation

  • Awww they cancelled mine too.

  • Cancelled mine too :(.. Did anyone receive their free item?

  • I've also received an order cancellation which is a little disappointing given how much time I've spent researching home-made ice cream since snagging one of the machines last week! I wonder whether this bulk cancellation of orders has been done with Ebay's knowledge or not; perhaps we should raise this with Ebay itself and see what they say.

    It is these random deals and discounts that make the Ebay plus subscription worthwhile. When cancellations like this occur I start questioning whether it is worth renewing my subscription…

  • I am concerned about the pricing , without the code it was $19 and now it’s almost $56.
    Who controls the price?
    Btw mine got cancelled too

    • The seller controls the price, albeit not with any competence.

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    The annoying thing is they didn't cancel straight away, so that the code can be reused, when they know full well they weren't going to honour it.

    • I contacted them and they issued me a $20 coupon to use on any item on eBay

      • I will try this. Hopefully they give me one too.
        I didn't really need the ice cream maker but hey I'll take the free voucher instead :)

      • contacted Ebay or seller?

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          to clarify, I contacted eBay customer service via live chat, quoted my order number, mentioned how I used a voucher on an order which was cancelled by the seller, and asked the agent on chat if there was any way I could get the voucher reinstated. The agent then quickly proceeded to issue a new voucher

          • @skido: In my case they told me the seller will ship the order and wait for 48-72 hrs for shipping details

      • I probably should have done that but I wasn't bothered.

      • Thanks, just got my $20 coupon

        • Got $19.95 refunded to paypal.

  • Email: The seller cancelled an order

  • Mine got cancelled too but thats OK - I never really wanted it in the first place.
    Just jumped onboard because it was free

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      Ozbargain has never been about buying things you want or need ;)

  • Order cancelled. A bit annoying they cancelled it so late so voucher can no longer be used.

  • Anyone neg the seller?

    • Have to wait until Thursday, but some people couldn't help themeselves and waited until than and gave postive review, saying seller cancelled order without warning etc. etc.

  • Cancelled. Lost code.

  • I ordered from House for $27(after code) on the 1st. No cancellation yet, but also not sent, will see what happens.

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      They're finally shipping it, it was meant to arrive Thursday.

  • Did anyone else that payed with PayPal using the code have their order cancelled and receive a $19.95 Paypal credit?


    • Mine says "Refunded to Voucher $19.95". So I assume I didn't actually get anything back and now the voucher is useless.

  • My Free Ice Cream Maker got refunded!! That's COLD, ebay…..

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    Didn't get the refund but got a $20 voucher through chat support.

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      Yep, me too. Converted eBay plus voucher to more useful general voucher

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        Will have to use mine for a KFC Giftcard :P

  • Got my $19.95 voucher from eBay after a long battle. Lol

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