Alternate Forums for Used Cars

Was wondering if there are any alternate forums for Automotive discussions in Australia like to what I see here in OzB, and please don't say reddit. Something along the lines of teambhp in India which is a dedicated Automotive forum OR like a xda but for Automotive topics.


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      Not sure if there would be a worse forum for car based information. Probably 2 users on there who know what they are talking about, the rest just regurgitate rubbish.

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        I know they don’t like me over there. See if I can find the reference… Made me laugh.

        Found it

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    Other than Whirlpool most Australian based car forums, in my experience, are brand and often model specific.

    Not many generic Australian based automotive forums.

    To maintain a balanced global view of automotive forums my go-to sites are:

    Go-to 1
    Go-to 2


    Start a good one and i will join.

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    Whirlpool for discussion, Facebook groups for owners of that brand or model


    It may not be what you are looking for OP but Shannons have a classic car forum

    Autosource list 28 different automotive forums.

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    Really miss car forums, really good info, then lamebook destroyed that and gave us cancer…

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      Yeah, there's a few forums I miss too. Communites just fizzled out and died.

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        Yeah really sucks, each community had its own culture and sense of identity.

        I was on REXNET and we stirred $#!t with that forum, then the boys from the XR6T came by to troll us after we trolled ozecho. Damn funny but made a lot of good friends in the process, Ford boys were good value, they can dish it out better than most.

        Then the sheer wealth of very detailed information that people shared, really amazing stuff, incredibly helpful and made most people's lives better. Now just have cancer from lamebook, I certainly dont miss that FB cancer, i'm glad to be rid of that $#!t but really miss car forums.

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          I know right, there was time where you could be a part of such communities and get all the information you needed and meet good like minded people in the process. Sucks to see what has become of it. Also yes, agreed the cancer has caused useless people to give meaningless advice and piss you off when you ask for something legitimate. Don't get even started on the how that cancer has affected the used goods market.

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      I absolutely despise Facebook. Forums have and always will be superior.


        So true, though I'm not sure it's nostalgia talking.

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        I also hate stalkerbook…. never saw the point to it.

        but it shows which people have been drawn to… even the 4wd club Im in has pretty much transitioned to staker… and I continue to miss out on events and goings on

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          I overheard someone saying car forums are too hard to navigate and all the different sections are too confusing. They also claimed that people their age don’t like having to organize club trips ahead of time as they are the generation of instant gratification and they just want to go on facebook and then go on a trip the next day.

          Social media really has destroyed people’s brains.


            @mapax: agree…
            Its much easier looking for info on engines in the engine section than in 1 area with 21049324980234920349 posts that start talking about stroking engine and end up discussing the neighbours fish pond..
            as for organizing day trips the next day, easily done on any platform.

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      SAU, ozhonda represent! Lol. As much as you’d get morons on there, you’d get equal parts in quality info.


        Good options! :D

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      Autospeed before they went to a paid site.

      Performance Forums

      Model specific ie: rexnet, plethora of VAG forums and BMW etc.

  • seems to be down. Haven't visited that site in years.