[Price Error] MasterPro Digital Air Fryer / Pizza Oven $6.99 Delivered @ Robins Kitchen eBay

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eBay Australia robins.kitchen.official
eBay Australia robins.kitchen.official


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    Let's see if it comes

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      Yes I highly doubt I can get an air fryer for $7

      • Actually it's be -$3 as it'll cost them about $10 to post

        • Got me refubd

    • That's what she said

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    Nice! I ordered one of each. Thank you!

    • Likewise. Buy now think later.

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    Very little chance these will be honored. Some people ordered 50 of them.

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    Definately a price error

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    Won’t be upset if it gets cancelled but gotta try.

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    Most likely a price error, but my late shipping voucher is going to expire soon and nothing to buy so will be interesting to see what happens with the refund

    • Got some socks with a late shipping voucher

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    They updated the amounts at 8pm, and the price was $6.99 before 8pm and after 8pm so when updating the quantities they should known the price.

    • Isn't eBay quantities automated?
      When listing they just list how many, then as soon as checkout is complete it just subtracts one.
      Otherwise why to businesses bother with eBay if they have to manually process inventory/sales levels?

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    lol ordered with Afterpay so my first repayment will be after two weeks. Let's see how this goes.

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    150% a pricing error.

    Rec retail on this is $169, and I bought it recently on sale on Amazon for $99.

    Terrific pizza oven btw, love it…. but no way on earth you're getting it for $6.99.

    I promise :).

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      Yes I agree it’s an error hahaha

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      160% pricing error

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    $69.99 it suppose to be.

    • Yeah I think somebody put the decimal place in the wrong spot.

      • Even that would be incredibly cheap. The airfryer is typically around $120 and pizza oven $100.

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        Not the first time today… ordered several other products for free…

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    They sell $12 spoons no way would they send out these

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    687 pizza ovens sold in the last hour. Never change OzBargain!

  • Thanks op, fingers crossed

    • fingers crossed for a refund? hoping that their ebay account wasn't hacked and funds taken offshore….

      • I don’t care about the 1.99 I spend when I’m honest.

  • 152 sold in the last hour of the pizza maker… but still ordered one

  • Does the PFINAL40 code work for anyone to get this for free?

    • No

  • If paid with paypal, doesn't they get charged a fee if they have to refund money ?

    • Nah PayPal reverses the fee to the seller on refunds

    • Probably still less than the loss for the product.

  • The MIL has one a pizza oven similar to this and its pretty good, so gave it a crack. We'll see what happens.

  • Will be some work for someone. I have seen 2 other products for free today.

    • Just ordered, thanks OP

  • Black Pizza Oven oos, Red still available, fingers crossed they honor it!

    • hmm not after being place on ozbargin

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    bought the red one for $1.99 with a $5 ebay voucher I had sitting there.

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    • Same

    • Same here.

    • Do you know if the order is cancelled you can have the voucher back?

      • Not sure. I know Afterpay is greedy and did not give the 10$ back from a pulse reward for a cancellation. Got refund but no voucher back. Not sure about EBay…

    • Don't think you get the voucher back if they cancel

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    Pulled the trigger, this definitely won't get honoured but I have FOMO

    • This isn't a FOMO situation

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      Came too late so no FOMO but FIMO in my case.

    • Order got refunded. There goes the pizza oven I didn't need or have room for :(

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    Amazing post.

  • Great deal OP, let’s hope they honour it.

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    Buy now, think later!

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    I rolled the dice

  • Unless I missed it they don't say if they have two elements or not. You kinda want two in these.

  • Yeah you all get me you crazy people. Bought for 1.99 with an eBay voucher hahaha.

  • bought two

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    Poor pizza oven even for $7 nobody wants 😛

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    Rookie error OP. Order one for yourself first, if it gets delivered then post it here. If it gets ozbargained, there's no chance you'd get it, and neither will anyone

    • It was 200+ sold within an hour before posting here. Maybe it was posted on some other bargain site.

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        There's another bargin website? 😬

        • https://www.topbargains.com.au/ (one of the other Aus sites anyway)

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            @MiscOzB: Wow, mind blown.
            Do they have their own jv over there too?

            • @Spiderboy: Nah, seems that no one even comments on deals. It's mainly just the one person posting the deals too (seems the only other person that sometimes does is dealbot lol).

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    Price error and jokes aside, these are actually awesome units for $79-89.

  • Thanks OP. Snagged one. Fingers crossed.

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    Pizza Oven "Limited quantity available 1,261 sold in one hour" - you really think they have that many in stock lol

  • Red oos

  • ❗ The seller doesn't have that many left.

    Error message when trying to buy it.

  • Oos parties over

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    so you are telling me there is a chance?

    • Thx ms samsonite.. great movie btw😁

  • Put the $5 voucher to good use thanks.

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      You may lost $5 if they cancel the order.

      • +1

        Meh easy come easy go, I had nothing to use it on and it was going to expire.

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    Out of stock… it look like error

  • Bought the last one it seems :) Now lets see if seller will honor the deal.

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    Plus member has $5 coupon. Cost me $1.99 at check out.

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    I only got one because I am not a greedy A HOLE. (1 more If the first one breaks)

  • All out of stock now :)
    Fingers crossed they honour orders placed!

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      And go bankrupt? more chance of winning the lotto 0.00000000000000000000000000000001%

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    Selling at 94$ on their website , bought the red one op and waiting for a cancellation..


  • Ordered one at 8:30.

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    Some poor work experience kid has a lot of cancellations to go through on monday

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      Do they not pay them enough to come in on Friday's?

      • They're gonna keep that sweet $6.99 x 400 cash over the weekend for interest… to pay the work experience kid

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      The work experience kid has been more efficient than expected!

  • And… It's gone.

  • Price error for sure

  • Totally OZbargained !!!

  • now theirs's a code, but out of stock though to bring it down to $4 ish

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    And that finishes their whole year's budget on the first day of financial year…

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