[Price Error] MasterPro Digital Air Fryer / Pizza Oven $6.99 Delivered @ Robins Kitchen eBay

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eBay Australia robins.kitchen.official
eBay Australia robins.kitchen.official


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    Price updated to $119.99 for air fryer and AU $94.99 for the pizza oven

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      Pricing error?

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    One dude ordered 20 units…? LOL

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      Even if 1/100 chance, it's still worth trying

      • Exactly still worth trying

        • Exactly, so which one should I buy? Still worth trying

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      Yeah well I'd like to remind you of what happened to the Bunnings & Bose headphones price errors.

      • Awesome links - thanks

      • The drone case is insane!

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    Forget hot pizzas and air-fired chips. Time to grab some popcorn and read all the 'order cancelled' comments soon.

    BTW - I ordered one of the last few remaining red pizza ovens. Not expecting to receive it but didn't wanted to let my FOMO kick in for an item that's 90% off.

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    These losers will cancel your order… They stuff up prices a lot and never honour it…

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    I saw this when it was first listed. I didn't even bother to order as been in the small appliance industry long time ago, these thing costs around $35 at the time, there is no way they will honour it with postage around $15 alone.

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      Business have Auspost Business Account with cheaper postage.

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    Defo price error, orders will be cancelled.

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    i Am EnTiTlEd To gEt ThIs ShiPed Out, oR eLsE I wILL rePRot to ACCC and 7News!!!!

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      i WILl aLSO leAVe nEGAtiVE FeeDBack!!!

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    Hope u get yours OP!

  • Once it posted on OZBARGAIN, NO chance they would honour it

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      ….pretty much. dunno why youre getting negged

    • Agreed, when price error happen, its best to keep it to urself.

  • I hope the seller don't get negative feedbacks after cancelling so many orders , we all can do mistakes.

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      Hi seller!

      • Hahaha, I am not seller , I purchased one item too and I hope I get it

        • and I hope I get it

          If not, we neg it?

          • @Yummy: I am sure seller may gets heaps of negatives if it is cancelled as there were few thousand units sold. Let's see

  • I shouldn't have tried to Broden it. Missed out on the deal.

  • If anyone does get it and doesn't want it, I'll take a pizza oven for $20 ;)

    • Check gumtree in a few days

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      woah…big spender. youre sure to get multiple responses to your awesome offer /s

  • Ordered a Pizza Oven earlier, doubt it will be honoured but you never know!

  • RRP is $109. Good luck everyone.

  • MIssed out and has been taken down by seller now

  • …here for the aftermath

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    b*l AU $6.99 20 items 1 Jul 2021 at 20:32:24 AEST

    8*a AU $6.99 10 items 1 Jul 2021 at 20:32:05 AEST

    n*p AU $6.99 20 items 1 Jul 2021 at 20:31:47 AEST

    r*o AU $6.99 10 items 1 Jul 2021 at 20:31:04 AEST


    …some people really have no shame.

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      Shame? What for? That you missed out?

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        which account was yours? :P

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          Neither. I missed out but I'm glad many fellow Ozbargainers didn't.

          • @spy: you missed out on a cancel email & a refund..you didnt miss out on much

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              @franco cozzo: That is likely true. But I'd be happy for others if they received the items

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                @spy: not going to happen when accounts order multiple units like greedy effin idiots!

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      Hope they cancel any orders with 3+ units and honour those those who aren't in it for profiteering.

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    OMG they shipped it /s

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      yAY! pIZZA [email protected]!!!

    • Fingers crossed same for all!

    • Screenshot ?

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      No shipment OR cancellation email for me yet

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      Username checks out

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      Username checks out

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    Got one of the Masterpro Pizza ovens at around the $100 mark early last year. Awesome unit - would recommend even at that price. Once you've figured out temperature and timing for cooking you get pizzas as good as many shops.

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      Pizza's taste better at $7 rather than $100

    • I might actually consider this given the prices of pizzas nowadays. Most places near me have increased by 50% just over the last few years where's the local fish and chips, Chinese restaurants and, kebab places have barely budged in price.

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    Has someone received a message from eBay too? I got several saying itโ€™s on the way with tracking number provided! Looks like we have Christmas in July!

    • Interesting as I was one of the first to get in on the other post before this thread was a created and nothing.

      • Looks like they gonna honor that. However the tracking number is from outside AU but Australia post already recognised it in my App.

        • Oh? I just checked the app and saw it marked as "posted" and has an estimated delivery. But when I go to the browser it does not posted.

        • Outside au? Hope they arent going to send us a "gift" instead

      • And u didn't post?

        • Thread was still active as it was this individual who commented in that thread highlighted there was items discounts like a coffee marker for free.

    • This is so funny. I missed out but happy for all you winners ๐Ÿ†

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        from past experience here….dont count your pizzas until theyre cooked

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          Also no shipment or cancellation email here just yet, will update when anything changes.

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    Well at least they think Iโ€™m an excellent buyer ๐Ÿคฃ

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
    MasterPro Ultimate Pizza Oven Brand New (#224368023416)

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      Yeah it must be automated, I got one too.

      Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
      MasterPro Ultimate Pizza Oven with Window 38.5 x 33 x 19cm Red Brand New (#324503327759)

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    Received an ebay positive feedback from the seller today. I guess this is automated?

  • I got a positive review: โ€œhigh valued customer, quick payment. Thanks from Robins Kitchen!โ€

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    7c cashback on shopback got tracked at least ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

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    Just received a refund ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      I got a refund through PayPal for $6.99, I bought each item through Afterpay, like I always do with price errors. It's definitely them, but I confirmed and I didn't make any payment to them via PayPal. Also not sure which item, I bought 4 $6.99 items.

    • Me too. Refunded. I paid 1.99 after using $5 plus coupon, and received 1.99 refund.

  • I got a refund and purchases it before it was advertised here. What a bummer.. lucky to the few that are getting it

  • No got a refund even despite being the first ones to order. But aye! I got refunded my $5 coupon as well.

    • You sure? It says full amount refunded but upon looking it says that $5 was refunded to "voucher".

      • Seems like you are correct. Oh well doesn't matter since my membership was going to run out either way and had nothing to buy.

        • Just checked my eBay account and it seems the voucher has been reinstated, unfortunately with the same expiry and not a new one :(

          Btw this was a $5 late shipping coupon for me not the $5 off $50 one

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    just gotten cancellation emails. I was also one of the first ones to order

  • got a refund for air fryer, espresso maker shipped

    • What? I got a refund for espresso maker.

    • Got an actual tracking code for it?

      • yes, it showing in eBay and Auspost app

        • Damn. I got an order in the moment it was posted in the ice cream thread. Got the voucher reinstated for both.

          Seems like 3 coffee makers went through as far.

  • Refunded.

  • Refunded

  • Got a refund

  • Refund here too guys

  • refunded

  • I got 4 refund emails now wtf. Getting spammed the same noticed.

  • Refund email received - game over.

  • Refund email received for Pizza Oven (Red) damn :P

  • You can still leave feedback too

    • not negitive not for 7 days.

  • Refunded. Oh well.. it was fun while it lasted, better luck next time, thanks anyways OP!

  • Everything refunded !!!

  • Aww refunded

  • +2

    Now everyone knows there is a kitchenware shop call Robins Kitchen.
    "Free" advertisement.

  • Refunded :(

  • refunded for red pizza oven.

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