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BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Vegan (Sold Out) / adidas Boost $49.99 (RRP $144.99/$169.99) (+ Delivery/ $0 C&C) @ Hype DC


The iconic Arizona by German-born Birkenstock arrives in a vegan-friendly offering for men. An essential sandal that belongs in your summer wardrobe, the Arizona offers classic style with signature comfort and sustainability in mind. Crafted with an anatomical footbed, moulded portions provide support for your arch and toes. Secured in with soft Birko-Flor straps and adjustable buckles, pairs will only get more comfortable with wear.
+ Regular Fit
+ Vegan-Friendly
+ Birko-Flor Synthetic Leather Upper
+ Anatomical Cork Support
https://www.hypedc.com/au/birkenstock-arizona-vegan-pull-up-... (Sold Out)

US Men 7-13

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Hype DC

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  • +3

    Amazing price, cheaper than a re-sole.

    • +2

      These are made of plastic. Not really comparable to the standard imo

      • +2

        I've had these for years and they are an everyday wear in summer. One has a bit of a worn out heel on the side but still very wearable. Great quality.

        • +1

          Was just in the process of editing my comment as I realised you could of course be talking about resoling the vegan versions. Not my thing but horses for courses.

      • I have a pair of vegans (oops that sounded bad), it's not that bad compared to proper cowhide.

      • That’s why they call it ‘vegan-friendly’😅

  • +29

    I love how the marketing guys have somehow turned 'Plastic' into 'Vegan friendly'.

    • +8

      Yep. Just like they call leather "natural". Marketing be marketing.

      • +2

        and how 'genuine leather', is actually the lowest quality of real leather.

        Marketing works

        • +7

          This, like leather is a quality item usually processed in a third world country with horrendous working conditions let alone animal suffering

  • +9

    Vegan friendly…. 😂 Plastic fantastic

  • +5

    Are these conflict-free?

    • +2

      depends on what you're wearing them with

  • +2

    will look good on my yacht

  • Are the leather uppers better value for 10 bucks extra?


    • +4

      Completely different brand so not comparable

  • Nothing below EU44 now. Sad face.

  • +1

    Thanks, got one for my visit to Canberra

    • Just asked the guy there he said it sold out in summer?

  • Thanks, just ordered a size EU44 which is perfect!

  • +1

    $150 for the ugliest lari of Sandles I have every seen! :O I really don’t understand why BirkenstockS are so expensive and so popular.

    • +2

      You've obviously never worn a pair. The looks go out the window after you've settled into a pair after a week or so.

      • I don’t imagine they’d be bay more comfortable or good for your feet than those ugly orthopaedic shoes you can get.
        I’m not saying they wouldn’t be comfortable, but the price tag is purely for the name.

  • Hi is a eu44 or eu45 a man's size 10 or 11 or how does unisex sizes work in Europe? Thanks.

    • +2

      Lol down voted for asking a question. Funny shit.

    • 45 is about a 12.5

      • Hi thanks for the clarification.

    • I usually wear size US11 and got these on size 44.

      • Hi thanks was thinking 44 might be OK. I might try them.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got one

  • +3

    Thanks OP bought a pair of the ADIDAS ORIGINA LS ZX 1K BOOST

  • +1

    Just picked up the adidas and can say they are very comfortable but a bit narrow.

  • +1

    Thanks, got the boosts!

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