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Gigabyte G27QC 27" 165Hz QHD Curved VA Monitor $269, M27Q 27" 170Hz QHD IPS Monitor $314 Delivered @ PLE


Excellent prices for these monitors, lowest ever on OzBargain for both. Free shipping included.

Gigabyte M27Q 27" QHD FreeSync Premium 170Hz IPS Gaming Monitor - $314 (Currently OOS but you can still place an order) - Expired, increased to $349

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    Amazing price.

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    man my GL850 seems so pricey now
    Triple monitor Gigabyte vs Single GL850

    • damn me too lol…but i bought it last year, so can't really complain

    • Glad I sold mine when I did and recouped most of what I spend on it (after getting an S2721DGF). Those $750-$850 prices for it last year seem insanely expensive now.

      But of course the price of the Dell also continued to plummet lol.

      • Still a good monitor regardless tho

  • That m27q is super tempting - but I just bought the Dell s2721dgf. :sob:

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    shown as 349 for me :-?

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      Looks like they jacked it right after my post haha. Definitely said the promo price ($314) still had over 2 days remaining.
      Edit: or maybe their remaining promo stock was just quickly (or already) exhausted.

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    The m27q is displaying at $349 for me
    Edit : Obviously i took too long to post this and rynka beat me to it

  • Is it really worth an extra $55 for the 170hz and 0.5ms response time vs 165Hz and 1ms?

    I'm not super tech literate I'll admit, but surely the cheaper of the two seems to provide best bang for buck? Or am I totally missing something?

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      There's also the difference in panel between them. The 27QC is VA, whereas the M27Q is IPS.

      • I clearly have more to learn hah, thanks!

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        There's also the fact that the M27Q is not curved. Curve seems kind of unnecessary for any non-ultrawide monitor

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      IPS/VA is one very big plus for 55$ matey :)

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        Depends on usage also though IPS for some things and VA for others

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          Agree, I do casual gaming as well as some photography, so IPS worth it in my case :).

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    i got persuaded/sucked into buying one of these during the eofy sales (edit: the M27Q model). amazing gaming monitor, however i'm still trying to get one with a good panel.
    first monitor had dead pixels, next one has abnormally bad IPS glow in one corner (i'm aware some level of glow is a trait of IPS panels, but the second monitor I got is much worse than the first). from googling around forums it seems Gigabyte monitor quality control outside of aorus series isn't great.
    so just a heads up, be prepared to do some running around to get one that is issue free.

    • I got mine from MSY and must have been lucky. Read the horror stories but mine is perfect.

    • Mine has 2 bright pixels that only show up on black backgrounds, IPS glow isn't noticeable but it came with the bezel full of finger prints from a sealed box with all the protective plastic still intact. Not sure if the monitors are returns then factory repackaged hence the massive discounts or their QA is that bad they don't wear gloves during assembly and packaging.

  • Waiting for the M32Q to fall to ~$400. the kvm feature is a godsend

    • Your right the KVM feature is great. Got my son the M27F for his birthday as he preferred gaming on desktop instead of his laptop because he preferred the desktop monitor. I just got him a mouse and plugged it in along with his keyboard. He absolutely loves his set up now.

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    How does this compare to the Dell on sale 2 nights ago?

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      Comparing this to the S2721D,
      Refresh rate of 165hz on this vs 75hz on the dell.
      1ms response time on this vs 4ms on the dell.

  • $269 gone so fast, another 3 seconds promo from Mr. 3 seconds?

  • ATO friendly pricing too, right?

  • It showed as on back order (the first one) does this mean I’ll get them eventually at this price? Or will they cancel the order entirely?

    • The G27QC is still showing as in stock, at least on the product page. But either way, yes you should receive it. You may just need to wait a little for them to get more stock in.

      Edit: choose one of the $0 options at checkout https://i.imgur.com/WkpVrmj.png

      • Hope you’re right. I selected one of those $0 when I did check out. Excited to get this one.

        Thanks for replying!

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    The BGR subpixels really kill it for me with Gigabyte monitors

    • just being curious, which Gigabyte model other than M27Q uses BGR subpixel layout?

      • AFAIK, all of them - even the Aorus model which supposedly on the high end side.

        • I don't know every Gigabyte model, but the two I looked at G32QC and G34WQC use the normal RGB sub pixel layout.

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    Bgr subpixel of m27q is awful. Blurry mess compared to other monitors. Has a very red hue across the screen.