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Glenlivet 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml $45.50 @ Coles Online


This one is a bargain for whiskey lovers. A single malt Glenlivet for $45.5!

Usually retails for $79.99 at Dan Murphy's and $81-89 at other major supermarkets - but currently on sale for $65 at most places (which is still a good price for this great drop). An additional 30% off on an already good price for a great single malt whisky makes this a bargain.

I'm only an occasional whisky drinker - but picked up 6 bottles this evening as stock for my family and friends who rate this whisky highly.

Reviews here

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  • +3

    Got email today to say orders been cancelled
    Anyone else ?

    • Same. Apparently payment got declined. However I got an email from PayPal yesterday saying the payment was authorised. Not happy

      • Exact same experience for me.

        • Same response here, I paid using my paypal. Wtf

      • I got 3 emails - one said order cancelled, then payment not successful then another email to say out of stock

      • Same here, not happy

      • Yeah same :(

    • Same.

      I tried ordering again and this time my credit card was charged.

      Both times it was via PayPal but only the second time it hit my credit card

    • +1

      Same. Ozbargained and shitty website let the orders through despite lack of stock I assume.

    • Same for me. Called the customer service line and they told me I had modified the order 3 hours later which is why it cancelled after taking payment (I had not). CSR, whilst friendly, had no interest or ability to resolve the issue, just kept saying it 'should' refund after 3-5 days, but really had no idea whether it would. After a previous experience for a grocery order which was barely 2/3s fulfilled I can safely say will never be using Coles Online again.

    • Same here! First email said:
      This email is a notification that unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience

      Second email said payment not successful. Looks like when they are canceling the order - they simply reject the payment.
      But poor ux.

    • After accepting my order, i got two subsequent emails - one saying order cancelled due to payment being declined and the other saying cancelled because out of stock.

  • Damn, that's cheap.
    A very good whisky for that price.

  • i cant even find the deal " it keep saying the page you looking for is not availabe". is there other way to find these whisky on coles online?

    • Have you tried clearing your cache, heading to the Coles website and typing Glenlivet in the search box?

  • I keep getting a “Your order could not be processed”. Tried multiple times with different payment options and same thing. Anyone else having this problem?

  • +1

    My order got cancelled, during my scheduled pickup due to payment error…

    • Yep that happened to me the first time. Try again and it'll work.
      You'll notice the second time it will actually hit your credit card

      • Thanks I ordered again but didn’t leave the house until it was confirmed and I rang them to double check. Got a bottle. Online system is abit off

  • Your order could not be processed
    Please contact customer service on 1800 455 400
    and quote order number XXXXXXX

    • +1

      I did that then they had to fix something on the IT side, then it worked. You can request a call back apparently and they'll call you in 30 min.

      • Thank you.

  • Double check your orders before going in, I found that my order with some random freebies (4 X 6 packs of pale ale) was cancelled when I got there. But my other order with just the whiskey went ahead ok.

    Will be chasing a refund if the charges don't drop off.

  • Took me half an hour on the website, then 90 min on hold, they had to reset something in the back end, then it worked. True OzB spirit…

  • These guys are so crap. Placed the order last night, picked the first available time slot, rearranged my day to cater for that time slot, got the message that it was ready for pick up. Went there today to pick it up and it was all apparently out of stock but i was not informed. The only item that was "ready" for pickup was this other item i had ordered at the same time. Useless, I wouldnt have even gonethere for that if i had known. I didnt get the bag i paid for either.

    • Negging the deal though, really? Your experience sucks but that doesn't make the deal worthy of a neg.

      • +1

        Actually from what i have seen on here if a store has bad habits / tendencies then people give it a neg. If I am mistaken in that, I can remove the neg. I am not the only one who is experiencing negative experiences with Coles online shopping? There is something seriously broke with their online system.

        • Oh, I totally agree, Coles online is possibly the worst online grocer out there.

          • +2

            @robbyjones: I removed the neg vote. I am shocked though, They are such a large a corporation, how can they get online shopping so wrong when so many small stores can get it to work fine? Its a massive failing on their part, Woolies isnt the best system but it works far better than the coles system. And they are going to fall behind if they cant fix it up considering online is such a growing area especially with covid.

  • I tried a few times and failed in the morning, and now I can't even log in on Coles website. Online shopping really sucks in Australia.

  • Had to wait 20 mins at the Coles service desk for them to collect it even though I received an SMS stating it was ready for collection.
    Anyways received two. Ty op.

  • Coles has a stupid website… But after changing stores and choosing the midday pick up it worked!
    Thanks OP and everyone :)

  • What a great price, this will really help kick start my drinking habit. Thanks OzBargain!

  • +2

    Order cancelled <1hr before collection time.

    • +1

      Same here… jeez

    • +1

      Same. Seems to be happening to a fair few people.

    • +1

      same! 😡

    • Same. Frustrating. I sent a complaint via sms.

  • Has anyone been able to take advantage of this deal in SA? Original post says not valid in SA, QLD and TAS. Probably why my order was cancelled..

  • Out of stock. Only informed when I went to collect. Very poor form.

    Told I could reorder for pick up later in the week.

  • Another fail here. Other items in order arrived, no whisky… 🤦‍♂️

  • After 30 minutes of playing with the site, managed to order Glenlivet 12yo to be picked up at Father Bob Macquire Foundation in Sth Melbourne. Got an email from Coles confirming my order together with these lines in section 'Instructions': "Thank you for your donation to Father Bob Macquire Foundation, all items ordered will be donated and delivered to Father Bob Macquire Foundation, you do not need to collect the order". Scratching my head now, will I ever get my bottle?

  • Did anyone actually receive their order?

    • I did, picked it up today no issues

      • Which store. I have now placed two unsuccessful orders and about to give up

        • Coles in Cranbourne

    • Yeah I got it after ordering for a second time

  • +1

    Just got notified over email that the order I placed this morning for 3x Glenlivet 12yrs at $45.55 each is unable to be fulfilled and the entire order cancelled.

    "Your order XXXXXXX has been prepared, ready for delivery/collection on Saturday 03 July 2021, between 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

    This email is a notification that unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience.

    Where items are unavailable you have not been charged. Where we have substituted an item, we’ve charged you at the lowest price. Your order has now been finalised with the below item changes and can’t be changed.

    Item you ordered Qty ordered Qty supplied
    Glenlivet 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL 1 Each 3 0"

    They've already charged my credit card so I imagine I'll receive the refund in the coming 3-5 days. So disappointing!

  • +1

    Mine got cancelled as well:

    Good Evening,

    Thank you for your recent order with Coles online.

    Your order contains a quantity of products that are currently in high demand. Regrettably we don’t have this stock available at this time and had to cancel your order. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will no doubt cause you.

    Once again, my sincere apologies for being unable to meet our goal and provide you with a convenient service you can trust.

  • This is great. I ordered one Glenlivet 12YO single malt and received two Ballantines 12YO blended Scotch. I'm sure I ticked no substitution. Now return and refund.

    No notification whatsoever.

    • That’s gold

    • +1

      I pray this doesn't happen to me. I'd be so pissed esp since I ticked no subs too

  • +2

    Is this a record - for a highly voted deal without satisfactory customers?

    • +1


      Went across the city to collect from Richmond.
      Arrived before the window to receive an SMS at 4PM to call a mobile when you arrive to collect your order. Second message at 4:01 advises the order is cancelled.

      What a f’n waste of time and complete sh*tshow ordering system. Why wait until collection time to tell me no stock? Coles should reject orders well before the collection window.

    • Yup, this is the issue. Everyone just positive votes without trying the deal and you aren’t allowed to neg it when it doesn’t work. I tried a second store and got run around again like the first store .

  • Got 2 bottles, no issue with the order. Coles in Elsternwick.

  • I got 0 bottles but 2 Chivas
    I order 5 Glen

  • I ordered 5 Glen
    2 Chivas
    2 Absolute

    I only got 2 Chivas delivered. However when I am checking my invoice cheers30 is not applied on that. They are charging 96 dollars. So price per bottle comes as 48.

    Does any one had this experience ?

    Also I am looking for MasterChef free contain. I have 40 or 50 credits. If any one see in their nearby Coles. Let me know. In melb CBD it's out of stock.

  • +1

    My order arrived - 1 X Glenlivet, 1 X Chivas + received 5 X 4 pack crankshaft ipa for free :-)

  • +4

    This is the worst kind of shitshow online ordering I have ever seen. I tried third time from a different store yet again and this time I get a text saying it's ready for pick up. I drive there for 10 KMs and they have no stock and the store will take no responsibility. Call customer care and they can't give a f***. Coles you have outdone yourself on this occasion, get your shit together and worst they charged me with no issues on all 3 occasions and then send me a message saying there is an issue with payment (payment that they have already taken).

  • +2

    I ordered 4 bottles for delivery yesterday and paid using PayPal. Received confirmation email from Coles as well as payment authorisation email from PayPal.

    This morning received another email from Coles confirming the delivery window in the evening.

    Just received two other emails from Coles. One says the items are not available and the other says the order has been cancelled due to an issue with payment which is not correct.

  • +1

    Order cancelled because "PayPal was declined", still got charged though so now I have to follow it up. Absolute garbage.

  • +1

    Sh1tshow indeed and absolute waste of time - mucking around with poorly designed site, negotiating delivery window with in-laws (away) - never again.

    "Your payment for order ### has been unsuccessful and your order has been cancelled, please contact your merchant for further information. To re-place your order you will need to check-out on Coles Online again."

    That's after successful order confirmation and delivery window set emails yesterday.

    The cc was charged and then the charge reversed, no need to shift the blame on customer - such a poor form, idiots.

  • +2

    Yeah my order of 2 Glenlivet got cancelled. I had Coles plus delivery for over $100 orders and had 2 other food items thrown in with the Glenlivet. Will Coles charge me delivery now two items are missing and under 100?


  • +1

    Mine got cancelled as well. Absolute shit show

  • +1

    Haha another one…Order ready for collection…drive out of my way to the store and just as I pull up get a message saying order cancelled because of payment issues. Lying jerks. Why not just admit there's no stock like the usual bait and switch scammers.

  • +1

    Haha, what a joke. Apart from the crappy app, my order got cancelled ‘because payment was unsuccessful’. It was just a standard PayPal transaction of which I do many. Curiously I received two text messages AT THE SAME TIME, one about the cancelled order and another that my order is ready for collection. Lol what a fail.

  • +1

    Also in the boat that the order was cancelled. So that's several hours wasted. Also, notice that you cannot submit a complaint online through the webform or email….

  • +1

    I went up to my local Liquorland store and was advised by store manager that someone called up first thing Sat morning and ordered all 18 available bottles (Glenlivet 12) in one transaction. This is why you guys receive last minute 'payment unsuccessful' emails. I then called up 5+ other stores in surrounding suburbs, all out of stock. HOWEVER, there are liquorland stores with stocks but you can't set them as Pickup location simply because the affiliated Coles supermarket does not offer grocery pickup……. If you try to order online it is now showing the item is out of stock……

    • +2

      I thought the max you can order is 5 online anyway? plus if you order over the phone can you get the 30% discount? When i went to pick up my other bottle because my order with glenlivet was cancelled and i had one other bottle in there as well (waste of time going all the way for a bottle that i wasnt that keen on in the first place) , the guy at the store told me that people had been ransacking the place for the glenlivet. Sadly this is what happens with ozbargain these days. Wish we would only allow logged in members to see the big specials. This deal has had 16400+ clicks on it. How many of them are actual members?

    • How do you ‘call up’ and use an online code?

  • +1

    Went to pick my click and collect and the Glenlivet was "out of stock", unbeknown to me. Still fulfilled the Jameson

  • +1

    Same here

    Cancellation, got blamed for using a bad payment method and I should contact the bank

    Over 24 hours since ordering to receive notification
    Only ordered 1 too

    Big neg from me

    what irks me on top of that is that they are deliberately telling me to contact my bank, blaming my bank, thus wasting more of my time,

  • I thought I was lucky because I got my order (1 Glenlivet) but I was charged twice!

  • talked to Customer care, got to pity them, 3rd call about this in 30 minutes. Apparently coles applied a $50 credit to my order. So some prawns and instant noodles came are coming delivered free of charge. Kudos on Coles on providing some small respite

  • +1

    I put in a complaint via the website form as well as Facebook messenger. Would be good if everyone does this and not let them get away with this appalling behaviour.

  • One more out of stock cancellation here. Difference here was I picked up the rest of my order excluding the Glenlivet before the Payment Not Successful email came through…

  • shows out of stock. Stupid website

  • +2

    We frequently use Coles online for weekly groceries since pandemic started. I would say, there is usually at least one OOS item in cart in 1 out of every 3 or 4 orders. Sure, they will send you an OOS email prior to delivery, but hey, at the very least they should offer a raincheck. Really, the fact that items can go OOS after an order has gone through is the single most frustrating thing about Coles online. It makes planning for cooking difficult sometimes. Glenlivet fiasco merely exposes this fact to those who don't use Coles online frequently. I feel your pain…

  • Winner ordered and was out of stock but 1item was available so received that with full discount so order 2 more times with the product showing in stock on line but was out of stock again full discount so some very cheap booze 👍👍👍 $8 on average per bottle 👍👍👍👍👍

  • I ordered last Friday C&C for today .. looks like they didn't put any aside and got cancelled after I left for collection.


  • Same situation as above. Ordered click & collect on Friday for today at 6pm. Just received an SMS that payment was not successful. Check email and it's due to being out of stock.

    I typically shop Woolworths but had planned to conduct my shopping after picking up the order. This was my first Coles online experience. Wow it was bad. Back to Woolworths for me it seems 🤷‍♂️.

  • Be careful, their website is now only removing $30 max rather than 30% on 4 bottles, sneaky buggers.
    Two can play that game, 4 x 1 bottle orders coming up.

    • Unfortunately code is only good for 3 uses unless you have two accounts 👍

      • +1

        Now showing as temporarily unavailable, will need to be quicker next time….

  • I must have got really lucky!

    Signed up and ordered 1x bottle on Saturday night (Paypal), chose the nearest Coles to me with a bottlo attached (vintage cellars) which was Subiaco, WA. Chose a pickup slot today, got the message saying its ready and picked it up no dramas!

  • Saturday 3 in stock at my local Liquorland so purchased one immediately from attached Coles online for pickup at earliest time (4pm the next day Sunday). Went to pickup and was told then and only then "out of stock". Apparently Coles only make up orders at pickup time, found no stock so Coles cancelled my order. So went back to Liquorland to complain and was told more stock arriving late Monday. Placed new order on Monday morning with pickup 4pm Tuesday. Arrived for pickup on Tuesday and went to Liquorland seeing only one bottle on shelf grabbed it and told Cashier to hold it while I request pickup from Coles online. Angry Liquorland manager refused to hold it saying their transaction was/would be with Coles online and not me. After half an hour Coles manager secured the last bottle for me from Liquorland and agreed that the process where orders are made one day and attempted to be fulfilled the next day was unfortunate but the way Coles online was/is designed.

  • Got first order cancelled. So placed a second order at another Coles and got the message to pick up but they could only supply one and not two..arrived at shop to see one in the display case. Such a shit show..only bonus is that instead of splitting the difference with discount they gave me the full discount off one bottle. $26 isn't bad for a bottle.

    • Only got two of the five bottles I ordered, however with the refund they still applied the full discount to the two bottles I got. $32.65 in total for two bottles.

      • Booommmm did well there

  • Took my money for 2 bottles, took my pickup booking, cancelled it 20 minutes before pickup.

    Fck you, Coles.

    • Could have been worse. Cancelled mine at pickup.

      • Oof

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