Need Help with YouTube Premium

Hi there
I have recently asked a friend in India to add me on his existing Youtube premium family plan.
He did just that and I received an email from Youtube to confirm that…

I click on the link in the email and the following screen pops up -

I then click on join and the following screen shows up -

I tried joining in using a vpn service on my laptop and still no success. I also changed my location to India in my youtube app settings..

Does someone here know a fix to this problem ?


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    Does someone here know a fix to this problem ?

    Move to India.

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      Hmm, i did consider that but with tickets prices soaring to nearly $5,000 now, due to covid..

      It just might not be worth it tbh … :D :D

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      Nothing is worth that.

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        Yeah, nobody said it was…

        I was just going along with that other smart arse.

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    It'll be way easier to set up an Youtube india or Argentina account yourself with a VPN. The instructions can be found here

    I suggest linking a credit or debit card that does not have international transaction fees.

    I created my own family plan and added my own family members to it. Strangely, my other family members didn't need a VPN to join my premium plan (but that was a year ago).

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      lol I tried that last week with Youtube Argentina

      Even though the card transaction went through initially, nothing happened after…

      No confirmation email, no premium activation.. nothing.
      I don't know where did I go wrong with that..

  • Oh this is quite easy to fix:

    1. Download Teamviewer on your mobile/laptop
    2. Ship the phone to your friend in India
    3. When the device arrives tell him to turn it on and leave it charged
    4. Login to Teamviewer and control the device from Australia
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      Note to myself: Never posting an enquiry on Oz bargain ever again..

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        lol, don’t be so fragile :)

        A clever OzB knows what is legit and filter the rest and play along with the “jokes”.

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          Ofcos, 100% agree

          I actually quite appreciate the humor here, thats what the 'lol' was for.

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            @Gervais fanboy: 👍

            Unlike other OPs getting triggered when they aren’t getting confirmation bias from comments.

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              @SF3: lol yes, had to learn it the hard way ..

              Got roasted in the past for retaliating unnecessarily. 🤣🤣

  • Pretty sure I had the same error when setting up mine.
    Have you checked your Google account’s address.
    Change it to the same country as the main (your friend’s) account’s address should fix it.
    P/s: you may need to add a payment method to be able to change the address. Just add a card and remove after.

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    I had the same error when I tried to add my wife's gmail account created in UK and had the UK address and UK card details. Googled a lot about changing address and removing payment methods, nothing worked. Gave up and created a brand new Gmail account with no address and no payment methods attached and added that as part of family group and worked without an issue.

    • Mate I was actually in the middle of doing just that, a bit half heartedly ofcos… And your comment popped up, thank you so much for sharing that mate.
      Good man

    • Well i was finally able to do it but I only did it on my pc using a vpn but I am a bit cautious about actually start using it on my iPhone coz It would definitely pick up my actual location on that…

      Do you reckon It would be okay if I did that ?

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        I have been using my India subscription on Aus gmail account with vpn and no issues. Should be fine.. i even added by cousin from singapore to my Indian subscription and he is using on his iphone without an issue (without vpn)

  • They must have changed something. I bought a youtube premium India family account about 18-24 mths ago. I didn’t even need a vpn. Just made my address something random in India temporarily and used ING card. Occasionally I add new people to my “family”. They just accepted my invite and off they Went.

    • Yeah they probably did

      Anyways, I have made a new google account and it worked out…

  • It's self explanatory. Your Google account must be from India, meaning you need a payment method from India. You can have both an Indian and an Australian payment profiles but your primary must be India. Also, your address must be the same as the one in the owner's account.

    Once you have accepted and approved to become part of the family, you can create a secondary Australian payment profile, but I think the Indian should still be the primary for this to work.

    I did use VPN when accepting the invitation, but I am not sure this is a requirement. I don't use a VPN to access YouTube.

  • Yup it does say that, you are right. One would be better off doing that just to be on the safe side ..


  • Why don't you just get Youtube Vanced to get premium for free?

    • I did consider doing that but its quite tedious to setup on an Apple device…

    • Is there a way to get Vanced on Sony Android TV? I couldnt do it.

      • I haven't looked into it sorry. What i do is just chromecast Vanced from my phone instead of using the tv app.

  • I got error with family member accepting my Youtube Premium invitation (I created with Argentina VPN). Just wondering if I should amend my payment and address back to Australia so they can accept my invitation without VPN?

  • Just use uBlock Origin extension, no more ads, exactly like YouTube Premium experience on desktop.

    • Yeah but I use YouTube primarily on my iPhone..

      Anyways its all good now, I got it sorted at the end.