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[Back Order] LED COB Rechargeable Light w/ Magnetic Base (4 Pack) $46.98 + $10.05 Post ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US


Seems like a good deal, happen to chance upon them on Amazon US and had decent reviews. Seems like there are 2 sizes, small and large, the one on this deal is sold via Amazon AU and is apparently the larger (15cm) one that is powered by an 18650 battery.

Already have 2 similar style lights from SCA and won't be getting these, or maybe I will?? At $12ish a light, why not. Grab a pack and sell the remaining lights to your workmates after you impress them with yours? 😁 Don't forget to add an item worth $1.67 or more for free shipping and 7% CR or 10% SB.

In stock on July 18, 2021.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What is its lumens?


    I can see why you may want one of these lights but 4????

    Why do you need 3 spare lights?


      good for workshops that need to use lights all day without having to wait for one to finish charging.

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    Add this to your cart to meet exactly $49 spend for free delivery

    Cadbury Twirl

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      Ordered 4 flashlights to get free postage on the Twirl.

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    $28.48 for small
    $36.25 for large
    on aliexpress if you can wait.


      Exactly the same, thanks


    Had one of these in the shed for about a year, cheap build quality but it's been a fantastic light. Better then the rigid Astro copy i have, since it folds and has a tip light i can get it in the spot better then the others,

    I did hot glue gun some magnets on to it in a few spots and now it sticks anywhere at any orientation.


    Anyone know where you can get a reasonably priced, rechargeable under bonnet/extendable worklight?
    Similar to this
    I know TTI and Toolpro do folding ones a bit over $100, might have to be the way to go