Where did the McVeggie Burger go?

Thought I'd grab a McVeggie Burger drive thru for lunch but apparently they don't sell them anymore?
When asked they said they don't have any vegetarian options which seems crazy.

Sometimes I feel like a vegetarian lunch, especially if I'm planning a meat-heavy dinner.
And if I wanted a chicken burger I'd rather drive thru KFC.

I tried googling but can't find anything about it online.
Why did they discontinue it? It was only introduced last year I think.
It was so tasty. I'm sad now.

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                    @Kail: Try the Asian Grocers for Fried Chicken blends. Usually 1kg of powder for less than $10. One is a Southern fried style, which I mentioned in a Previous Post.

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    Most businesses dump products that don't sell well so I imagine that's the case here. I recall when it was launched it couldn't be sold as an actual vegetarian or vegan option which would've further limited it's market so it wouldn't have been popular.

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      You're probably right.

      I think the "not actually vegetarian because it's cooked where the meat patties are cooked" thing is silly though. If you had a meat allergy then sure, but aside from that does it really matter? It's not like they are using additional animal products in order to create the burger.

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        If you had a meat allergy then sure, but aside from that does it really matter?

        Ask the vegans. I know couples where one is vegan and the other isn't and they have separate pots and pans for everything because the vegan refuses to eat anything that's touched meat. I don't know how they do it, but hey, it's not my business, so whatever makes them happy.

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          the vegan refuses to eat anything that's touched meat.

          My hand is meat.

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          They must have a lonely time in the bedroom then. 😜

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        HJs allegedly cooks the vegan burgers on a separate hotplate, plus they have more options than Maccas, perhaps go there instead?

  • I think during the covid season it is available only in the areas where there is demand for the burger. In Sydney, that would be western suburbs in and around parramatta, the hills district, etc

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    I bought the hungry jacks one twice, not bad honestly.
    Much nicer then those horrid lentil style burgers sold at coles and woolies

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      those rebel whoppers at HJ are pretty great. The McDonalds veggie burger was absolutely trash so not surprising they got rid of it tbh!

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    I can't believe McDonald's got rid of the Spicy Jalapeno burger from a few years ago. That was the bomb. The McSpicy burgers that came after that one (and the current ones) can't hold a candle to the original.

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      Now I'm remembering KFC Mashies, those were so good… and Hungry Jacks Chicken Crunch burger.
      So many delicious things no longer available!

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    In the bin.

    I don't do veggie burgers but if I was looking for one, the HJ Rebel would be my first choice….the burgers are better of course

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      Rebel isn't a veggie burger though, it's a fake meat burger.
      If I'm ordering a veggie burger I want to it actually taste like one.
      I'm not sure whether fake meat is more or less healthy than real meat either. The fact that it's processed would suggest its less healthy, but I know very little about it so that assumption may be wrong.

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        Rebel is the best. How about HJ Veggie burger? If not mistaken you can even swapped the two Whopper deals with the veggie burgers instead.

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      In the bin.

      Is that an MCM reference…

      • Glad someone got it!

  • They are saving your life.

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      I mean in fairness the patty was deep fried…

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    "PSA: McDonald’s New McVeggie Burger Isn’t Vegetarian"

    McDonald’s latest creation, the McVeggie burger, is being billed as the first vegetable-based burger to be offered at all McDonald’s restaurants in Australia. But don’t be fooled by the name – as the fast food giant itself warns, it’s not strictly vegetarian.

    But Dill concedes that due to cooking procedures, the burger’s not 100% vegetarian. This is likely due to the patties being cooked on the same places the meat patties are; much like Hungry Jack’s Rebel Whopper.

    We reached out to McDonald’s and received the following statement:

    Although there is no meat-ingredients in the McVeggie, it is fried using the same equipment as the tempura coated McChicken patty, so is not strictly vegetarian

    Just as we suspected. Needless to say, the burger is aimed at omnivores who want to cut down on their meat intake for whatever reason. Hardcore vegetarians will need to look elsewhere.

    Source: Lifehacker

    • Vegans probably won't eat that burger knowing that it's cooked on the same grill, but would some Vegetarians eat it?
      (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that Vegetarians are not as strict and still do eat some animal products).

      I'm quite surprised vegans haven't demanded that Maccas install a separate grill for those burgers! lol

      • Probably why they dropped them. Not worth the investment of a separate grill, along with running times for the small amount that they would sell.

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        Vegans might eat it. This decision is based on aesthetics, not ethics - if no animal is intentionally exploited it doesn't matter what it is our how it's cooked. I personally might not mind something deep fried in a shared fryer but I do mind blood and other flesh juices touching anything I eat on a grill - that's just my level of tolerance for urky juices, others' will have their own.

        Vegetarians are a different matter, with all sorts of arbitrarily levels of acceptance on an ethical level. Some are strict with these arbitrary lines but these are always issues of religion or aesthetics as the ethics don't make any logical sense.

        • " if no animal is intentionally exploited"

          But farmers lay "Pesticides" and "Insecticides" to INTENTIONALLY kill pests and insects (that die a slow painful death, often slowly bleeding out) that eat their grain crops - it's intentional, as defined by the name of the types of products intended to kill such animals!!

          Death is part of the food cycle on this planet, it's just whether you choose to ignore, excuse or pardon it or not ;)


          • @7ekn00: Yeah, it's a bit hard to get farmers who don't mind chopping the heads off the animals they profess to love to even consider insects' interests. That's an unfortunate reality until there are enough vegans that can demand otherwise.

            Also considering every farmed animal you eat has already consumed many kg of plants for every kg of its body weight, eating animals is just like killing insects on steroids.

            So yeah, if you actually care about insects you'd best go vegan.

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        There’s also lots of people who aren’t vegetarian or vegan who choose vegetarian options regularly. I eat meat but on many occasions will go for a vege lasagne, burger, falafel roll, vegetarian pizza etc even when there are meat options. I don’t think this is just being a former vegetarian, I think sometimes it’s just what I prefer to eat, so it doesn’t bother me if it’s been cooked on the same grill as meat.

        I also can understand why people would not eat it though, if you’re disgusted by the idea of eating meat, you wouldn’t want anything from a meaty grill.

    • "PSA: McDonald’s New McVeggie Burger Isn’t Vegetarian and is no Longer Available"

      Special source

  • Nandos and Oportos have one I think

  • Oh darn

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    I never rated it… Apparently the McPlant is getting released this year.

    The McPlant is supposed to be a meat replacement type burger, rather than a burger tasting of vegetables.

    EDIT: Typo

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    Consigned to the history books. The word 'vegetarian' has a negative association with most people (think gaunt smelly hippies, activists and bland taste) and companies are phasing out its use.

    Hence they are going through a rebranding process using other words like 'non-meat', 'beyond-meat' and 'impossible meat'.

    Don't fall for it.

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    Loved my McVeggie, made my life so much easier. very sad to see it go because of sale numbers

  • Aldi, have a few new plant based options in the freezer section, as well as their weekly special (ie Plant based kiev.)
    Their Frozen nuggets are great, and taste very close to chicken (closer than Maccas etc).

  • It was nice to be able to get something other than a big middle finger at Maccas. But, I'll go right back to taking my money to other places.

    My assumption is that they'll be brewing something else plant-based, because literally everyone else is diversifying into this space…and let's be honest, if they were to pick up a brand (either Beyond or Impossible) even a derivative of those recipes would be plausibly tastier than what's been passing for meat at Maccas for the best part of a decade.

    They'd make a flippin killing on an Impossible Mac.

    • They've already got the McPlant trialing in parts of Europe. I don't remember exactly but I'm sure I read the patty is proprietary but was developed for them by Beyond.

  • The quarter pounders ate them all

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    Probably for the best, McD's should hand customers directions to the nearest competitor offering veggie burgers, any of which will be better than they had.

  • It didn't taste too great anyway. My favourite burger from Maccas as a vegetarian: one of their meat burgers with a hashbrown instead of the meat. Cheaper too.

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