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[WA] Indomie Mi Goreng 40x85g $6.99 @ MCQ Morley (Coventry Markets) - Best before 17/7/21


As per post title, Indomie with a short best before date. Plenty of stock, there was more than you can see in the picture - another pallet behind it.
I've got a box of Indomie sitting in my garage that is best before 13/03/21 and it still tastes absolutely normal.

Photo taken at MCQ Morley, not sure if Malaga, Beechboro, Perth or Armadale have stock but you could always check.

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    If it's kept sealed/dry I'd imagine these will keep long after best before date.

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      yeah you'll just get the oil coagulating and the seasoning hardening into clumps but still tastes so good

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        I find if seasoning hardens that the steam can help - either put it above the noodles (on top of lid) if preparing a cup or in a container or just hold above pot

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          i squish it around a bit while it's still in the packet, then put a small amount of hot water (from the same pot the noodles are cooking in) to loosen it up.

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            @tdw: I just throw the packet in the pot of boiling water before I cook the noodles for a few seconds, fish it out then put the noodles on.

            • @sk3iron: i should've been clearer — i add the hot water to the oil/seasoning/soy/chilli mix on my bowl, not to the unopened packets ;)

              • @tdw: That's the way to do it. While the noodles are cooking I empty the sachets into a bowl then grab a couple of tbsp of water from the pot, put it in the bowl and mix it around with a fork, saving the bawang goreng (fried onion) till last for garnish of course.

      • but still tastes so good

        That's because of the high MSG content in it.

        There are 2 sachets with MSG, remove them and use the other 3 and see how it tastes terrible.

        • Didn't realise there were two!

          Other than the obvious seasoning powder sachets that contains MSG, which is the second one?

          • @darkdinkum: There's 3 Liquid and 2 powder sachets:
            Liquid: Palm Oil (which coagulates); Soy and Chilli Sachet.
            Powder: Seasoning and Dried Onions.

            From memory the Seasoning and Soy had added MSG.

            Its easy, remove the seasoning (only) and add the rest and you realise the noodles is almost inedible

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      Right. It's just best before date and not expiry date.

      • -2

        I disagree, it is at it's best when it is made.

        • I think we need to agree to disagree

        • +1

          WTF! I cant argue with that JV.

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      Just finish the box before the 17th. Still 13 days left. 3 packs a day breakfast lunch dinner = 39 packs. WIN!

  • Bargain!

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    MSG never goes out of date?

    • -3

      Does it contain MSG?

      • +2

        no added msg.
        only natural

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          Natural msg plant

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    40x85g $6.99

    dammit anna palajay get us that trade deal with Indonesia, make no money weeks taste better

  • Damn nice price

  • +1

    One meal a day, app 2 weeks' worth of supply. This used to be the normal price 15 years ago.

  • This is still cheaper than Cheltenham, VIC price in 2004, I mean seriously?

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    Nice find OP.
    Nowadays fuel cost makes it double price drive from south of the river.
    Special thanks to Biden.

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  • If anyone finds in armadale store can you give me the heads up. Save me a 30 minute trip. Ta

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    The effect of overseas students locked out from WA

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    Whats Indomie???

    • +1

      Tastiest food ever known to man.

  • this stuff keeps for years.
    so it must have been made like 5yrs ago and forgotten

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    17.475c each. 🍜 Don't thank me.
    My calculator did all the hard work.

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    I wonder what would happen to your body if you ate all 40 packets in one sitting

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      You would leave the corporeal realm and enter a state of transcendence to which only the Indomie gods could smite you back to earth.

  • Export version too… the non-export version is terrible.. half the flavour satchets..

  • Makes Yup to the Cup expensive, Yup to the Indomie!

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