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Mistral 10L Air Fryer $89 Delivered @ Australia Post


Just got a price drop notification via Google. Good $/L ratio, one of the best you'll find for a "basket style" air fryer

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  • What do you guys make in these?

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      • thats disgusting, thank goodness i stayed away from that white sauce

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    Anyone have any concerns with the non-stick surface the baskets made out of? Is it known if it contains PFOA?

  • Picked one up instore just then. Thanks.

  • purchased 1 of the 3.5L one from Woolworths last week and purchased this 10L one just now

  • Back in stock. Got 1 10 minutes ago. Thanks.

  • Yep - back in stock - just got one :)

  • I bought it via paypal 4 days. Havent received any delivery track or anything :(

  • Wait… price drop notification from Google? How do you do this? I didn't know Google can alert you of price drops! 😱 Please share 😊

  • Mine just came and its missing 2 rubber feet and wobbles… Hope they can send me some more feet

    • You've got to be joking… the one they replaced it with doesn't even turn on

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        Go postal on them!

      • Have you tried turning it off and on again?

      • Apparently I am a dumbass and you just had to push the basket in till it clicks to turn on. Also what are those 4 rubber things it comes with

        • Glad it's finally working lol

          The rubber thingies.. the feet?

          • @KSMLJ: Both had 4 rubber pads in the instruction bag, not feet, doesn’t seem to be the same size as the basket pads either

  • Anyone know whether the beeping sounds can be disabled?

    • They're loud aren't they??

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        Yeah, bad enough that I tried disassembling it to rip out the buzzer, but couldn't find an easy way to get into where the electronics are fitted.

  • Thanks OP - missed this deal the other day when it went out of stock - they seemed to have re-stocked - just purchased.

  • Still haven’t received mine. Bought on the 5th, shipped on the 6th. No update in aus post app since the 6th.
    Tried calling the main number and it’s a 45min wait to speak to someone. Anyone know how to contact aus post retail directly?

    • Try this number, one of the prompts will take you through to online shop enquiries: 1800 331 794

      I got through in about two mins when I called yesterday.

      I'm in the same boat as you, bought 5th, shipped 6th. When i rang i was told that it apparently left VIC on the 8th by road freight (the tracking shows a "Received and ready for processing" update but the overall status has been "We've got it" since the 6th).

      My delivery address is in Sydney, but your profile is showing you are in Perth, so doubt yours was on the same truck as mine.

      The lady i talked to raised an enquiry on my delivery and told me to ring back Monday if it hasn't been delivered by then. Touchwood it will come soon.

      It is a bit ironic buying from Australia post and having them loose my order during shipping.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’ll ring that number tomorrow. Yep, bizarre considering we bought from aus post. You’d expect quick delivery

      • Spoke to them on the phone this morning. Answered quick as you said. They said to wait till Tuesday and if it hasn’t arrived, they will issue a refund or send out another one.
        They put one on hold for me at a store about 10km away as well

        • I contacted them today and unfortunately got a very frustrating response (especially when compared to how helpful they were the other day).

          Despite initially being told to contact after the weekend, they pushed the timeframe out another day due the border closure (which happened well after my package was initially shipped), I was then told that if it didn't show up on the Tuesday, they would contact the supplier on Wednesday and then it can take up to 5 days for the supplier to respond.

          So at the moment I'll be lucky to get a response on what is going to happen until Thursday, but that might push out until next Thursday and then the supplier needs to agree to send me another one, which will no doubt be sent by road freight as well… so if I'm luck maybe I'll get this Air Fryer in August?

          I suppose all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that the original shipment shows up, although I wouldn't be surprised if it has been lost/stolen in transit.

          • @viperxz: Mine arrived today. Hopefully yours does soon. There weren’t any further tracking updates until it was delivered

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    Arrived. First air fryer. Darn this thing is big on the bench top. Works great. Have done a couple of meals in it and I'm liking the large internal size (but wish it had Tardis technology for sizing). Heats up fast, cooks evenly and is quiet. Thought I have no comparison as this is a first for the family. Does homemade chips great, chicken wings, chicken legs, pork chops, brussel sprouts, steak and button mushrooms. A real light brush of oil and so far so good.

  • Thanks to this thread I bought the 6.5 litre air fryer for $69, it is our first air fryer. It arrived yesterday and first thing on the menu was some party pies. I preheated the air fryer for 3 minutes on 200 then cooked the party pies (8) for 13 minutes on 165. Absolutely perfect, very happy with the results. Even the 6.5 litre model is big for storage, not sure what the 10 litre would be like. Will be trying other things soon. Thank you OP.

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      I purchased the 6.5litre model as well. I glad you are happy with it, will have to unrap mine and try it out.

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      No preheating required.

      Put the frozen stuff in there, and as it warms up, the food gets heated as werll.

      No wasted energy.

  • 2 weeks on - what does everyone think of these?
    We would use it for veggies, grilled dish, meat (?), salt and pepper squid (?), and obviously all the brown items

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      I'm about 10 days in and I love it. My oven usually takes 10mins to preheat and then 15mins to do chicken goujons. Now my air fryer hears in 3 minutes and cooks them in 7mins AND most importantly they taste better! It's a more even bake.

      I've done chips, veggies, meat pies, reheated pizza slices and even oven rolls. It's just so much easier and quicker than dealing with oven.

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      Just do it. Don't think about it. $89 delivered seems good value as your first (as was for this family). And +1 to others positive comments re air fryer vs oven.

      What I have started to see in the family is less takeaway / home delivery food when people are lazy (tired) as it is easy to just throw some veg in the hopper, couple of pork chops (or whatever protein) on top and within 20 mins you are eating healthy and tasty i.e faster that home delivery and really just as easy.

      Then on the weekend you want to watch a movie on netflix at last minute notice, well no prob. Throw some (frozen) chips in it for a movie snack. Shazaam.

      Once you wrap your head around what you can do in it, the huge time saving (pre-heating, cooking + clean up) then cooking changes. It would also be more economical to run vs an oven (especially on the self clean setting of the traditional oven). Cooking for 1 or cooking for 4 = same.

      The downside … another appliance on the benchtop that is big and harder to stash away. Apart from that I can't see any other negatives (may be a negative is people want to each more chips).

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    Got this, it’s terrible simply because it doesn’t have a basket, it’s just a draw with a separator at the bottom. So unless you clean this after each and every use you wil have oil and grease in the bottom. tipping out e.g. chips you’re going to pour the grease / oil from the bottom of the draw onto your chips.

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