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    Flex Height-Adjustable Desk —
    Regular price
    $1,645 AUD

    What the

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      It's for corporate environment…

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        cheaper options out there tho… Zen Space Desk, OmniDesk etc.

  • any idea if they have sales on their chairs here n there?

    • Why not buy second hand? These are like $1000 new, but I bought my Leap V2 for $200 on Gumtree and looks as good as new. However, I don't find it that comfortable, mainly due to the backrest not being high enough and no neck support. Wish they made a larger version of the chair.

      • Yeah I'm happy to buy used, but very rare to find them with headrests

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      Dont buy these overpriced chairs. Check ikea Markus which is around $250. 10 years warranty and 1 year change of mind, even though most of us wont need either of those due to its comfort and build quality.

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        That's some bad advice.

      • the arms on the Markus look absolutely awful…

      • Wrong information when you take bargain hunting too far - there's a clear reason why these chairs cost more than ikea chairs.

  • why do their desk look like one from Ikea??

  • I assume they price control desks and dont ship to South Australia?

    This price control practice is why I will abstain to buy from you guys.

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    Meh. A desk is a desk. Its not like you need lumber support or somthing. You can buy a decent standing desk for around $500.

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