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Roasted Salted or Unsalted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths


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    high blood pressure is coming

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      Research shows that eating more nuts, such as cashews, can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. This may occur by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. , cashews reduced blood pressure and raised “good” cholesterol levels.

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        Not sure why you got negged for stating the facts correctly. FTFY, mate.

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          Thanks Doctor

          I'd like to thank the Academy, your agent and most of all, your operating system, Windows Vista, for everything it—

      • Cashews are not nuts.

        • They're literally called cashew nut

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          false advertising, take em to the courts!

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    Cashews are sooooooo moreish.

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    I tend to see them often at coles for $12/kg

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    Coles is $12.5/kg this week, which is cheaper than Woollies

    • This week as in ending tomorrow? Can you send me a link I cant see this

      • In Coles catalogue starting tomorrow page 11

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      ha… by 0.16666666667 cents

      1kg = $12.67

      1kg = $12.50

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        0.16 cents is not the same as 16 cents. Just saying

        • and ha… to u2…

        • i forgot the "$" sign :-\

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    No, pistachios, no deal.
    No nut compares to the pistachio!

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      The pistachio a member of the cashew family, this deal is for cashews, this deal is a deal.

      No nut compares to the pistachio

      Pistachio is a seed, not a nut

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        The irony escaped you. Guess what part of nuts we commonly eat/refer to as nuts (ie culinary nuts)?

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          A nut is a seed, but a seed can’t be a nut.

          You can call it a nut if it makes you happy, but it is still a seed.

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    Same price (actually a bit cheaper) at Coles this coming week:

    Roasted & Salted Cashews 800g Pack $10.00

  • Warning: may contain nuts

  • your nuts !

    yes - MY nuts …

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