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Corsair HS50 Pro Gaming Headset $49, HS60 $79, HS70 $119 Delivered + Free Shipping on Order over $59 @ MSY


Corsair HS50 PRO Carbon Gaming Headset

was $85, now $49

Corsair HS60 PRO Carbon Gaming Headset

was $109, now $79

CORSAIR HS70 PRO Carbon Wireless Gaming Headset

was $169, now $119

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  • Decent but not amazing headsets. Decently comfortable, the mic is sub-par, it sounds really dead. The audio is ok though, it's got average directional sound - which is ok but not fantastic when I only play FPS.

    I had the HS60 till the mic stopped working recently - about 14 months after purchasing. It wasn't good enough that I replaced it with another one - gone with a different headset brand.

    • Which headphones would you recommend out of curiosity.

      • If you can afford it go with a set of Astros. They are on the steeper end of the prices but excellent quality and good customer service so far. On the cheaper end of the spectrum Kingston hyperx cloud have earner a good name for themselves. They have a range of entry level to slightly dearer and they have received some very good reviews.

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        look up the MPOW air

        youll find the corsairs look suspiciously like these whitelabelled OEM headphones

        i have the wireless version with nice open back design, long range wireless via usb dongle 2.4ghz and really highly rated Mic by hardware canucks

        $60 delivered via aliexpress

        • Thanks for this. The mpow air looks very decent.

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      Can't go for that Warzone Victory easily eh?

    • average directional sound

      the mic is sub-par, it sounds really dead.

      rtings gave the HS60 a score of 8.7 for imaging, 6.2 for soundstage and 7.1 for the mic.

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    I have a pair of the HS70 Wireless headset.

    Sound's OK, it's comfortable (but everyone's head is different), microphone is meh but on par with all the other wireless headsets/earbuds I've tried, range will let me go into another room and still operate, charging's via micro USB.

    The one thing I will say is that I wear wireless headphones for about 8 hours a day at work, and these have lasted me about 2 years with breaking, unlike various Razer/Logitech headsets.

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    I have the HS50's. Been going strong for about 3 years! Very good for the price point and pretty comfy too (up to about 2 hours). Used primarily for gaming

  • I had these and the pu leather wore out after a year and a bit. Whilst both the audio and mic sounded fine to me, I wouldn't get them again since the pu leather broke up pretty quickly.

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    Trying to buy CORSAIR HS70, but showing out of stock already :?

  • Got a pair of HS50s towards the start of Victorias OG 5 month lockdown last year. So around a year of ownership I guess.
    With quite heavy usage (talking easily 5 hours per day of wearing) they are still going strong.

    I have a decently big noggin and there is a smidge more pressure exerted on me than is preferable, but really overall they are comfy, sits around the ears nicely. I wear them for many hours with no bother

    Audio quality is good to great, especially for this price (im happy at the $70 i paid). I've never had any fancy $100s of dollar headsets, but this sounds nice playing things from Sabaton to light hearted anime intros. As well as giving quite good situational awareness sound in FPS games.

    Mic i have heard is meh apparently, but my teammates haven't struggled to hear me or complained about background noise. Nor has Rosetta stone struggled to hear my poor attempts at other languages. So at the very least it does its job with no issues.

    One user above mentions poor quality pu leather.
    Either i got lucky, have a non abrasive head, or they got unlucky. the 'leather' on mine is still in fantastic condition. Even after, as i said, very heavy useage for a year.
    Maybe slight lightening of the black from very low level of wearing away, but nothing even remotely close to thinning, tears etc.

    Honestly, mildly tempted to buy another pair as a spare.

  • Been a while since these have dropped in price. In 2019 the hs60 was ~65. Been good over working from home. Sound isolation is good. Can't say 7.1 sound makes a difference in my gaming. Pros include removable mic and that the set looks like normal cans and not typical gamer cans. You can have these in the office or wear them outside and they look perfectly fine.

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