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[eBay Plus] Sony 65" A90J Bravia OLED 4K UHD HDR Smart TV $4695 Delivered @ Sony eBay


This is hands down one of the best OLED TV on the market. Sony’s flagship model for 2021.

It’s pricey but hey you get what you pay for and I believe this is the best $ with the eBay coupon which brings this baby down to a cool $4695 with free delivery.

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    I got this from gg last week for $4550. Wasn't really a negotiation, I basically said someone else was doing this price as they wanted to beat gg coupon price advertised earlier.

    Hands down it's the best tv by far. But you'll pay for it.

    • -6

      It really isn't the best tv by far though, its priced considerably higher than other oleds but lacks most of the features. If you think a slightly smoother picture with dull contrast and saturation is justifiable to claim its the best tv is a bit of a stretch. When I purchased my oled earlier this year and was comparing all models (in person) it wasn't even close, as I mention yes the Sony had a slightly smoother picture but it looked like a angry uni student from newton had set the settings, the contrast and saturation were so dull it turned me of like an actual angry uni student from newton would. If your job is to only review 4k movies then I guess you could kind of make an argument for it but for me personally I use my tv for a bit of everything, especially gaming so its lack of features and dull colours was a no no

  • +2

    How does it compare to LG G1?

  • +3

    The theme with Sony is really you get what to pay for. You pay much more than trash brands like Samsung who move in bulk entry level LED tv but you get the quality of Sony. In 10 years time, you'll still have a great tv that you'll think twice about replacing because its a Sony.

    • Very true. My 46" LCD Bravia still going strong after 12 years and still like it (although a tad less since getting a LG C1 55" for the rumpus area and seeing the difference). I'm looking to replace it with this Sony OLED TV, just really hoping it hits the 4K mark and I'll pounce.

      • Totally agree - Also have the 46" Bravia that I bought in 2010 - and yes, still going strong ! This may well be its replacement

    • +2

      The problem has been year after year recently though that Sony are over-confident on how upgradeable it is. We're talking stuff that competitors like LG have at launch, Sony is promising to update with years later. And the problem is — they haven't (see X900H) despite their promises. If you watch HDTVReview or rtings they go into depth as to why Sony will not be able to make good on their promises of things like VRR due to fundamental problems with their components. I say this as a very disappointed X900E customer — buyer beware, assume they will never upgrade the TV.

      *Sony still lack eARC on all ports like LG too which is hella disappointing.

      • The x900e was one of the best Sony TVs they have made to date. What are you disappointed with?

        I own a large x900h tv and vrr is coming at the end of this year or beginning of next year. It’s been a bit of a wait but I know it’s coming as the 2021 models have the exact same soc as x900h.

        • +1

          Lol don't hold your breath about the VRR. The 2021 don't even have it and the 2021 J have 2 SoC

        • my 75x900e has had lots of issues, randomly turns off, fails to turn on. happens at least 5 times a week. i have to get up behind it and pull the power a few times to fix. some days it could be 30min before i can get it to work. factory reset it a bunch of times and doesnt help.

          of course all this started just as the warranty ran out. ive always bought sony but dont think ill be buying another one.

          • @cos25t: definitely contact retailer (or Sony directly) and get this looked at.

    • +3

      A great TV in 10 years time? Let's not get carried away.

    • Problem is the screen size, 65 is already the standard size these days, in 10yrs it will be considered small. Exactly like the guy with his 46inch Sony. .

      • I have the 65” a8f. And yeah I find it a little small tbh over time

      • Nope, not exactly like me. I want to upgrade to a 65" OLED because we've moved into a house with a much bigger lounge room thats open plan, so our 46" is looking fairly small in such a big space, otherwise there was no real driving need to upgrade even now.

        • I think my problem is a had the 65 in a bedroom and now I have it as the main tv in my new home which has a large wall space. So it feels super small from a bedroom to a main room.

    • -3

      What are you talking about Sonys lack so many features yet they're the most expensive, the picture quality gap is no where big as people make it out to be, like how people froth over the g1 being brighter than the c1 when in reality the brightness gain is minimal. As long as its an oled the picture quality is going to be amazing, from what I saw the Sony oleds had the best picture quality (not by much at all just slightly smoother really) but the colours weren't nearly as good as the c1 I was looking at, add to this the sonys lack of hdmi 2.1 ports no g sync or 120hz 4k gaming and its a bit of a no brainer. Maybe if the Sony was cheaper it would be more worthy of a conversation but the fact that its much more expensive and lacks everything I mention plus more for a minimal picture gain… I am a Sony fan boy playstation for life but come on, has any body ever physically compared these 2 tvs side by side in the flesh going by the comments I doubt it

  • +1

    Love my Pana GZ1000 for $2600 last year❤️

  • $1500 more than LG C1 :(

    It’s an amazing TV and I am really struggling to decide between the two but the think the Sony is still a bit overpriced

    • -1

      If your gaming at all the c1 wipes the floor with the Sony, if it's purely movies/TV Sony has the better processor, for the money though the LG is the better buy

  • Still got my B7 shrug

  • oled is fantastic. Make sure to get a professional calibration done. Mine had a lot of blue from standard

    • The A90J and A80J are meant to be as close to reference as any OLED has been. LGs still are needing calibration to hit the right white balance and deltas

      • That’s good to know. I have the a8f 65” (from an ozbargain Boxing Day deal for $3000) which I love. I think I paid $400ish to have it calibrated. This was a few years ago now.

        Any visitors we have always compliment the tv as I usually have the planet earth 4K HDR playing as background entertainment

        • -1

          Sounds like it is the work of HD content combined with Planet Earth rather than the tv or in your case the calibration at work here.

          But I agree with the poster above. Sony's dont really need calibration, they are great even from factory pre-calibrated.

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