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Dewalt FlexTorq Impact Driver Bit Set, 40-Piece (DWA2NGFT40IR) $36.69 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Great Impact Driver set. Decent price. More words needed. More words needed.

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      That went out of stock very quickly me thinks. Still a great price for people that missed out.

  • Great Impact Driver/Drill set.

    There's no single drill in this set, is there?

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    Edit: This ended up as a late night ramble. TLDR: Tried most brands, bit (heh) rubbish except makita impact-X, spend $5-15 extra and get more usful range of bits that last longer.

    So far i have tried several brands of Driver Bits and Drills, and have found nearly all of them terrible except for Makita for Driver bits and Sutton/P&N for Drills. This is from trying Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi, Phillips, Xtorqe, plus others i probably forget.

    Of all of these the last set of dewalt i had where prehaps some of the worse, with the cut on the bits hex not fitting correctly and falling out constantly into any of my 3 different brand hex impact drivers (Milwaukee, Bosch and Dewalt). The nutsetter magnets falling out instantly and the Hex and Phillips stripping out sometimes after only a couple of screws.

    So Whilst Dewalt might make good power tools, avoid there driver bits and drills in general.
    The last set of driver bits i purchased was makita branded, this set to be exact.


    I have seen it for sale for around $40 bucks be even not on sale its only $15 dollers more, has a more usful selection of bits (Extended Bit holder, worth sometimes up to $10 on its own, and long phillips + Slot). Plus are well made, so far i have yet to stripped out any of the included bits (Done a partial roofing job + Bathroom Reno + a workshop load of windows install since having) where as some of those above mentioned never lasted more than 100 screws (Sometimes not even that!).

    Just my 2 cents of experience. I strongly suspect alot of these power tool brands outsource there accessory manufactoring with dubious quality. I will also say i dont think the various dewalt branded bits i have used in the past where flextorq branded, so might be a different manufactoring standard, but after guinia pigging alot of different brands ill be sticking with the Impact X makita for now.

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    problem i find with sets is that some of the bits never get used ….once you do certain amount of work there are only a few bits that are popular based on the work you are doing …..bit like 10 mm sockets in socket sets , but i do find the cases handy as i replenish bits that get lost.

    • THIS! Especially if you only use a handful of bits; it's best to just buy good quality versions of what you need. You end up having less stuff around and, depending on how much you use, save money in the process and end up with a much better quality product. In my experience with tools (albeit limited) you get what you pay for.

  • The linked item requires a minimum of $49 spend with Prime to get free international shipping

  • I bought the similar set https://www.amazon.com.au/DEWALT-DWA2T40IR-FlexTorq-Driving-...
    more than a year ago and have used them a lot.
    I would rate them about the same as Irwin and Makita - they have held up to a lot of use and impact driver punishment. I would buy them again.
    (Unlike the Bosch ones I bought on a Prime day special which were junk)

    That all said, around $37 seems to be the normal price most of the time???

  • back in stock 36.98.

  • See the top review pic (from Oscar) or Sydney Tools for the set you will actually get from Amazon. Source: I bought it last time.

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