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[Pre Order] NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti EVGA FTW3 Ultra $1379 + Delivery ($0 WA/ VIC C&C) @ PLE


First post go easy pls.

Probably the best price for a 3070 Ti with an ETA (End of July). FTW3 Ultra is also one of the better after market coolers so great buy if you are stilling waiting on a graphics card.

Edit: The card is now out of stock for end of July ETA but you can still join the queue for the batch after that.

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    Damn, I paid this price for my evga 3080 from PLE…

  • +1

    This card MSRP is $1279, so this is a very good price. It won't last long.

    GPU price will go down but will never back to launch MSRP, that's what i think.

    • Yes i agree, prices will come down but the days of 30 series launch prices will never return. The market has shown that it's willing to pay above and beyond for gpu's regardless of crypto mining.

      Even once Eth goes POS (if ever) I wouldn't ever expect to see 80 tier cards back down at $1300 prices like a lot of people here are hoping for. And expect significant price increases for future gens too…

      • Yeah, there will be something else to mine, and Eth isn't going to want their miners taking off prematurely. The manufacturers have tested us and seen what we're prepared to pay.

        • +1

          It has really hurt the pc gaming industry, many pc gamers have bought ps5/xbox as couldn't get a GPU or cannot afford one. After a while, people use to console now. Consequently, less people buy pc games, and less profit for pc game makers, and less games development on PCs. By that time, Mr Huang and Mrs Su will feel the pain.

  • -3

    rip him to shreds boys

  • +5

    Graphics cards are gonna continue to get cheaper now that China's banned bitcoin mining

    • Bitcoin isn't mined with GPUs these days, GPUs are getting cheaper because Ethereum mining is going to become obsolete within the next 6-12 months.

      • -1

        Hashpower securing ethereum network is negligible compared to that of bitcoin. Bitcoin's hashpower is about 160 000 times greater than ethereum's right now.

        • and bitcoins hashrate is mined with ASICs and not consumer graphics cards

  • Great price

  • +1

    I feel this is too close to 3080-level MSRPs for not-quite-3080 performance. Is this aftermarket version is better than the FE?

    • +2

      Doubt it. The performance differences is significant enough that the 3080 will put perform the top 3070 ti models.

      I won't make a purchase decision on these cards until I can walk into a shop and pick from any one of the manufacturers.

  • +1

    I was very lucky to get a 3080 FTW3 for around this price…

  • +2

    yikes paid less for my 3080 ftw ultra

  • +5

    Yikes, to FOMO or not to FOMO.

    I'll see what the prices are like when Nvidia decides to announce their Super lineup in 6 months..

    Then I'll dig around what the prices are like after AMD swings back.

    Then I'll peek over the prices after both sides are blindsided by Intel.

    Then I'll Ooo and Ahh over the PS5 Pro Plus Ultra M1 Slim refresh trade-in deal from EB.

    Rinse. Repeat. Slide in the new KFC console refresh somewhere.

    • then see what prices are like when crypto goes up again…
      just get it if you need it, if not wait forever

      • Crypto is dead for now. By the time the next bull run comes around we'll probably be looking to buy the 5070ti

        • +1

          "crypto is dead now"

        • +1

          Hearing a bit that exchange coin funds have been bled out (ie. DOGE).

          Liquidity has dropped a lot… Crash with "Class of 2021" bagholders incoming.

  • +5

    Price will be outdated by the time this ships.

    • +3

      You speak with the logic of the gods.

  • +1

    At this price, I don't have any money to buy this :(

  • +2

    This is one of the most high end 3070 Ti cards and at a price well below anything else I've found in Australia right now. I got one on pre order a few days ago (July ETA) - if you need it now this deal is a no brainer. I'm sure prices will drop but honestly think it will at least be a month or two until we see widespread deals at this price - this is "only" 30% above msrp which given everything is fantastic right now.

    • I hope prices continue to keep dropping. I was lucky to get a 2070 Super at the end of 2019 for $700, with a free 1TB SSD thrown in too. The price barrier for getting into PC gaming right now is huge :/

  • $1.4k for 8GB…………………………………………..

    • +2

      They're all 8GB

  • They're coming down!

  • +7

    With idiots paying these ridiculous prices they will never go down
    to RRP. If we all band together and refuse to buy them until RRP or below then
    prices will go down within a week or 2. Just a bit of patience children.

    • +3

      dont know why ppl neggin you, +1 from me.

      • Because he's an idiot that posts the same drivel across multiple forums.

    • Monkey 2geder stronk?

  • That's a fair price. Thank OP

  • +4

    I will skip 30series unless is RRP,
    My 1060 can work for another few years.

    • +1

      My mate's 1080ti is essentially immortal now that AMD open-sourced FSR.

      I reckon it (and your 1060) could work for another 4 years yet, before it gets passed onto someone else as a good value option.

      • +1

        I heard something about FSR, wonder how it'll go with some of the games I'm playing on my UWQHD. I've been playing at native 3440 x 1440 @ 75FPS and think I might need to look into FSR a bit more now (1080Ti FE owner here)

      • +1

        Yeah, I've decided to keep my 1080Ti for another 2 years

      • I’m so annoyed at myself for not getting a 1080ti for $600 earlier in the year, grabbed a 2060 super later on.

        Still thinking I’ll hold out for a 3080 around $1000, even with FSR and DLSS the support needs to be coded into the individual game. The release list for FSR is pretty short.

    • +1

      For me, 1060 3gb is more than enough for 1080p gaming :D Hoping to hold for few years.
      1060 FSR benchmark : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJ-q9avJJ0&t=313s

  • Can I just bite with this using 28 degrees and then claim price protection on this later down the track? Or will prices maintain and that would be a risky move?

  • +1

    I bit the bullet and bought it.
    Doesnt help that gaming machine just died and I am not paying more stupid money for an older gen card.

  • Should I replace my 2080 super with this?

    • +1


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