Where to Get Disposable 3xply Face Masks at Ozb Prices

Running low on face mask supply

Happy to buy in bulk. Looking to purchase approx 100 masks for about $10 or could probably even stretch to 200 for $20 and give some to friends and fam.

Checked eBay and Couldn't seem to find any at that price anymore despite previous deals being at that price.

Anyone know where I could get them cheap?

Based in Syd



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    Ask pam.

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    I live near a Hospital and COVID testing site and am over the amount of disposable facemasks that end up in the road, my frontyard and gutter.

    Do the planet a favour and make one. You wont have to stock up again.

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      OP is probably still using plastic shopping bags too. If only there was an alternative!


    Chemist warehouse - 50x $10. Probably as good as you will find without spending $#17 tons of time looking.

    Maybe amazon?

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      Thankyou so much. Just ordered 100 pack.

      Cheers. Appreciate the help


    I bought some from aliexpress, delivered within 14 days. Good price and decent quality. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001506520405.html?spm=a2...


      $10 for 100
      Shipped from Australia
      Not bad thanks