Samsung Trade Offer - Not Offered on Note 20 Ultra

Is it just me and I'm lost or, does Samsung NOT offer a trade-in value on older phones for a new Note 20 Ultra? It's time for the old Note 9 to go.

Anyone recently purchased a Note 20 Ultra 5g at a good price? Looks like AU stock is around $1490 odd for the dual sim (e-sim +1) with 12gb ram and 5g.
Shame they didn't offer the AU models with the Snapdragon xPU's.

Sadly I can't seem to log into my old EPP account anymore so don't know what to expect.

Anyone recently purchased at a good price?

Thanks all.


  • Can't comment on the trade-in scenario, but yeah, I now also have a mint Note9 looking for something to do!

    I picked up the Bronze 256GB Note Ultra 5G from JB for $1429.

    • $1429 - not to bad. When did you grab that?
      Is that the dual sim, 12gb version?
      Not overly worried about the colour (prefer black, but not majorly fussed). That's what an outer case is for so bronze would be fine.

      • I couldn't find anything better when hunting; and I'd been watching the prices for a few weeks.

        Yep, it's the 12GB version. The dual SIM isn't the classic set-up of two SIMs to one tray. It's a single physical SIM and the handset has an eSIM.

        Loving it a couple of weeks in, but then I've loved all the Notes I've had.

        Just walk into JB, tell them you want to leave with one, so need a killer deal. Buy it and be happy.

        • +1

          Been a lover of the Note range forrrreeevvvveeerrrr!
          I'll see how I go with the local store over the weekend.

          Been watching the price for weeks as well. Know the new model is due in a few months (perhaps delayed a little), but can't be bothered waiting anymore.

          Cheers M8y.

  • I'm going to wait for the s22 note… see if they bring back microSD card slot. Although i make use of wired headphones as well… so jack be good as well.

    • Doesn't the Note 20 have the sim/sd card tray? Plus the e-sim?

      S22 Note? Whats that?

      There is a S22 and a Note 20, not sure on what the S22 Note is though? I understand Samsung may not offer the Note 21 now and it might be scrapped.

  • Note 20 Ultra 5G is $1,274.15 on EPP, only black is in stock.

    • Thanks twadds,
      I noticed an offer via Westpac last night with 15% off on many of Samsungs products. So going to order one via them later today. $1,274 for 256gb black. Same as EPP in this case. Thanks for confirming. Cheers.

  • Actually ended up being $1125 with express delivery!
    Sold! Take my money!

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