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[iOS] Circle o Fifths: Music Theory $0 (Was $1.49) @ Apple App Store


Grab your instrument, and hear and learn the circle of fifths! This handy music practice and theory tool can be a game changer to help you learn and even write your own songs.


  • 3 full rings with support for all the major and minor keys
  • 36 interactive notes/chords
  • 36 real guitar audio recordings of every chord on the circle
  • 36 guitar chord charts, just tap and hold to learn
  • Color coding to help you easily reference and learn the note/chord you are playing
  • NEW! Chords tab to see all the chords in each key, toggle between major/minor to see the relationships

The outside ring of the circle has all the major keys. Tap on any of them to hear and change the key. The color coding will tell you which number the chord or note is. The middle ring has all the minor keys, and the inner ring has the diminished chords/notes. You can tap on any chord/note to hear how it sounds, and tap and hold to see the guitar chord and how to play it!

If you are playing a song in a major key, use the color coding up top to understand the chord/note relationships.

If you are playing a song in a minor key, use the color coding on the bottom to understand the chord/note relationships.

Use the chords tab to easily play songs in any key, transpose on the fly, see major/minor key relationships, and more.

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  • +1

    Isn't the title be (Was $1.49→ Free) more logical?
    Thanks for the deal btw :)

  • -1

    Does this app work for anyone? I can spin the wheel, but can't get it to play any sounds.
    It seems really crappy
    Note also there are Ads visible at all times

    • +1

      I think you might have downloaded the wrong app? On iOS, I don't see any Ads and there's no "spinning" the wheel - you tap the chord within the wheel and move 5 semi tones from there.

    • Probably you downloaded the wrong app. I can’t see the ads in the app.

  • +2

    Maybe I'm wrong but that looks more like a circle of eighths.

    • +4

      Then you are a mathematician not a musician

    • In key of C. Going around clockwise C G D A etc…
      G is the 5th note above C (CDEFG), D is the 5th note above G (GABCD), A is 5th note above D (DEFGA) and so on…
      hence circle of 5ths (not 1/8ths) 🙂

      Thanks to OP. Come in handy for transposing songs to different keys.