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[VIC] Myer Knox Closing Down Sale: 60% off Kitchenware, 50% off Mens Fashion, 40% off Women's Footwear & Accessories


60 percent off homewares
50 percent off menswear
40 percent off womanswear

It's July and our Clearance Sale** continues. We've also added these Knox only, store-wide discounts for our valued local customers. See you in store again soon.

60% Off The original price of The Cooks Collective, Vue, Heritage & Australian House & Garden Kitchenware, and ChefX Knives and knife block sets

50% Off A range of Men’s fashion, footwear & accessories, women’s fashion, mercery, and Homewares

40% Off A range of Women’s footwear, accessories, intimates & kids clothing

30% off A range of Toys & watches

**Selected Clearance items. Available in-store at Myer Knox store only. While stocks last. Exclusions apply, see in-store ticketing.

*Excludes Clearance. Available in-store at Myer Knox store only, while stocks last. Exclusions apply, see below and in-store ticketing for details.


  1. Women’s fashion: SEED, French Connection, Review, TS14+, David Lawrence, Marcs, Billabong, Forever New, Princess Highway
  2. Men’s fashion: French Connection, Industrie, Coast, yd.
  3. Women's Footwear and Accessories: Sandler, SEED, Wide Steps, Jane Debster, Easy Steps, RAVELLA, Steve Madden, Wide Steps, Fossil, Sunglasses Hut, Mocha, French Connection, Amor
  4. Homewares: Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Dunlopillo, Sheridan
  5. Kids clothing: Shoes & Sox, SEED
  6. Intimate & Active: Peter Alexander
  7. Watches: Fossil, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Skagen
  8. General Merchandise: Simson Card

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  • 🤦‍♂️

  • +12

    I was there yesterday. Not too much stock left. Don't go with high hopes.

    • +2

      writing while driving to knox ?

  • Solomon Lew Really does need to turf out the board if this is the way they're taking the company.

  • +1

    I went a couple of weeks ago to find the extra 30% off toys clearance and bought maybe $300 of stuff for $70. If you're looking for specific items then good luck but if you go in looking for gift ideas then you'll be pleasantly surprised. Also if the escalator is down, the lift can take a while with the 4 person limit.

    • That 30% off is all Myers .

  • +2

    FYI, official closing date is July 25. If it was anything like the Frankston closure, wait until everything is less than a $1 sale to extra 80-90% off I.e. In two weeks time. Then you can also purchase hangers, shelving and racks.

    • +5

      Then you can also purchase hangers, shelving and racks.

      lol. anything not nailed down must go.

      • +4

        i wanna purchase the floor tiles n the downlights.. maybe a mannequin or 2

      • +1

        That's what happened at the Dick Smith stores if I recall correctly.

        • saves the company hiring clean up crew when you can charge customers to rummage through the store and remove even the shop fixtures.

  • +9

    We need more posts on closing down sales and things like this. Solid stuff coathanger

  • is Myer closing down every where? or just VIC?

    • from the first link its the Myer Knox

      Burwood Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152

      the one inside westfield Knox. apparently.

      • +2

        Not apparently.

        The bottom floor is becoming a woolworths so now the shopping centre will have two coles and one woolworths. What was a high-end end of Knox is now dingy, filled with pensioners in strip cafes that take up all the good car spots while all the high end fashion stores close down and move away.

        The whole centre needs to be knocked down and rebuilt at this stage. Spruik it up with a uniglo and h&m and have no f'ing cafes near the trendy shopping areas.

        • +1

          Apparently as in I'm not from there so only parroting what I read on the intarwebz.

    • It's just one store as far as I understand.

  • "filled with pensioners"
    Nice, we better get rid of them then and get the centre back to standard. How about we move em to Frankston, they will feel much more at home there.

  • When did they start closing down, I was in Knox a few days ago and didn't know about this at all, bugger, could have gotten a few good deals.
    I guess know what I'm doing tonight, hoping they have something good at least.

    • +1

      It was announced in March

      • Dont know how I missed that.
        When did the decent % sales start?

        • +2

          They've been slowly creeping up but at the same time the top floor closed and stock has been moved out. It's best to just go down and have a look around everywhere. Don't expect to find the same brands that you'll find at Eastland/Chadstone, e.g. the Knox store hasn't stocked Ralph Lauren in years.

  • +1

    I’m wondering when would they fix the escalator to level 3

    • +1

      I'm reading this while waiting in the long line for the lift :/

      • -1

        I jumped the queue . Cool people were abiding by 4 to the lift except me .Best catch it from 1st floor or run opposite way up the escalator that is working .
        Cleared about 10 of the Lego Mario forts at $25 and skipped the cashier line by going down again to the sun glasses cashier .

  • Any sales on over-priced baby stuff? cot, tables etc

  • If the product you purchased fails the quality what do you do once Myer closes down?

    • Throw it in the bin. I mean who you going to claim warranty from?

      • I'm going to be chasing Myer for warranty on some downlights I took down from the shop. Going to spout ACCC Yadda yadda…that should be covered for 12 months at least.


    • +3

      Pretty sure it's just the Knox store closing down. If you take it to any other myer store with the receipt they'll accept it.

  • There was a spiky cast iron teapot I wanted to gift… can't see it online anymore 😥

  • Woolworths has 10% bonus credit on Myers gift card. Might try using RACV 3% discounted Wish gift card to purchase Myers gift card with it then use at Knox Myers.

    • I googled yesterday the closest Woolies and found out fairly useless info of this Myer changing into one lol :)
      I just bough Suncorp 5% off for convenience in the heat of the battle .

    • +2

      They do not allow you to use a GC to purchase a GC.

      • -1

        Really I used Coles MC gift cards today to buy Myer gift cards .
        One day you will learn :)

        • +3

          That's a Mastercard gift card that can be used anywhere, not a Wish gift card. Different kettle of fish.

  • Dear op, thank you! I went there to buy more things that I don't need. #suckersforsale

    I got some cheap happy socks, baby clothes and some maxim williams mugs/bottles.

  • +1

    does anyone know what happens now with the Knox store? With a VIC lockdown, Myer stores are closed.

  • Any thoughts if it will be open tomorrow?

  • Myers Knox is open till Sunday. Third floor is completely barren. Looks like electronics and kids toys have been transferred out.

  • I went for a quick look tonight. I reckon people shouldn’t bother going. Very little stock left, really only fashion and shoes left. Big crowds, long queues at registers. Better off going to DFO. Only L1 and L2 open. The cafe is still open on L3 but that floor is completely empty in terms of stock and fixtures. L4 is barricaded off.

    • Sunday evening 1 hr before closing was interesting. Like all remaining infant shorts in cage for $10, and all remaining kids facemasks $10. There is an out of box Sodastream with parts missing for $10. Was thinking hard about that one but I've already got a Sodastream. Women's clothng (not the popular brands) ended up at $5 each. Remaining cards and Xmas decorations something like $5 or $2 for the lot. Fairwell Knox Myer, I always had not bad bargains from there regularly.

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