Choice Bosch DHL555BAU Review


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  • 65% rating

    Good points
    •Lights provide good visibility over the cooking area.
    •The light globes are easy to replace.
    Bad points
    •The controls are borderline to use.

    • Thanks!

      Can you please check if they reviewed other Bosch range hoods and got better ratting?

  • I have this one.

    I have no reference point, but it does the job mostly I suppose?

    The review is right, the suction power controls are a bit flaky, they don't really click into the allocated number well. P or Max power is significantly louder/stronger than 3; 2 and 1 are significantly less loud/strong than 3, it doesn't seem like it's linear (eg where 1 = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75% and P = 100%), but I could be wrong.

    My wife regrets not getting a wider one though, even though we only have a 60 cm cooktop.

    • Thanjs for sharing, out of curiosity why would she like wide of if you 60cm cooktop? I’m in the process of designing new kitchen and I’m sort of in between slide-out or underside range hoods.
      Underside looks better but slide covers bigger area

      • Her theory is that it will suck up more of the steam/smoke, at the moment you can sometimes see it escaping past the sides of the range hood because it's the exact width of the cook top. Sounds like it would in theory?

        It's like getting a quilt one size bigger than your mattress.

      • you dont see many slide outs in new kitchens.
        just finished a kitchen design and was going slideout, but the look of undermount is much cleaner. just got a high suction model

  • My local public library provides free online access to Choice…. log in with library card number, then read all the reviews I want…

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