Anyone Know How to Upgrade a B550M Asrock BIOS with No Video out?

So I bought a mobo+5600x (Asrock B550M steel legend) combo from a deal the other week and BIOS on the mobo doesn't support the 5600x out of the box. I do not have an older AMD CPU to put in it. Should I just send it back for a refund or is there a way to flash the bios without any video output?



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    It doesn't appear to have bios flashback so you've probs got to contact the retailer to get them to flash it for you, or find someone local (either on here or a shop maybe) with a supported CPU to flash it

    Edit: if they were selling this as a combo and the parts aren't compatible, they should have damn well flashed it before selling it. Incompetent arsewipes

  • Exchange the motherboard for one that supports BIOS flashback?

    Most computer stores will also flash the BIOS for you, though they might charge you a small fee for their service.

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    AMD offers a service where they will loan you a CPU to upgrade the BIOS, for free. I've never tried it but if getting the retailer to help you out is difficult for some reason, this may be your best option. It may however take some time for them to process your request and send it out.

  • I was in a similar spot. Ended up paying scorptec $30 to flash it.

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    Thanks all. will check around locally on Monday to see if anyone can do it for me. The retailer is out of town so I'd have to strip the machine and send the mobo back to them…bulk hassle. But yes, one would think they would have done that when I bought the combo off them.

    • Ask them and see what they offer - if they're good they might flash an identical board to send to you in advance and then you send yours back, though likely with a credit card security deposit so you don't claim both boards of course.

      Depends how patient you are but I'm impatient so I'd likely pay a local mob to do it.

      • Yeah I'll ring around tomorrow but didn't want to get slugged to much for what amounts to a 10 minute job. Hopefully someone local will be reasonable about it.