This was posted 6 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4] Need for Speed Rivals $3.74 (Was $24.95) @ PlayStation Store


Its a digital copy.
To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.

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    First time PS5 owner here, is PS like xbox, like I can play I think all xbox 360 games on my xbox one x, can PS do this to or is there some limitations?

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      PS5 is able to play 99% of PS4 games.

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      You absolutely cannot play all Xbox 360 games on Xbox One X - it can play 577 out of 2154 that were released for Xbox 360.
      The PS5 can not play any PS3 games.
      However the PS5 can play virtually all PS4 games.

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        Some games I have that don't work on PS5 are mainly VR ones. Like Robinson a new journey and immortal legacy are not playable.

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      Fixed :)

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    "Guys literally only want one thing and it's (profanity) disgusting."

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    Great value and I bought a couple days ago
    It's fun but it's also disappointing in quite a few areas.

    • It's always online and you can't play offline, which means you can't pause the game (a baffling omission).
    • The weapons and powerups are pretty odd and feel weak and underpowered, ends up having a Mario Kart feel when you're dropping mines and shooting homing EMPs.
    • There's no burnout/hot pursuit style takedowns so the collisions feels a bit anticlimactic.
    • The performance and tuning aspect is really half-baked, and they don't make the cars feel significantly different.
    • There's no destructible environment aspects like the OG Most Wanted, and no hiding places to avoid the cops (you just have to drive real fast).
    • A couple of cars are impossible to unlock as the app needed to unlock them has been shut down.
    • There's also no manual transmission option
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      Adding to that list;

      • AI is retarded eg the big canyon jump, if they crash into it they spawn 5m before and just repeatedly drive in
      • slow loading graphics textures, driving along at 200Km/h and the hills aren't rendering fast enough and look like brown smudges
      • pop in objects, driving along at 200Km/h and a civilian car spawns in front of you
      • there are some bumps in the map that while invisible, have the potential to fling your car skywards
  • Got this free from PlayStation Plus. Good for a break between COD and Apex but pretty boring otherwise.

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      this was never part of the monthly free games ps plus offered?

      • Damn, the game was so boring that I thought that it was free since I don't usually buy games without being fairly sure I'll like it.

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      The only need for speed I have in my collection is payback. And I don't recall buying a need for speed game ever..
      So I think payback was the freebie not rivals.

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    I heard it’s the only edition where you can play as the cops. If true, how does it compare to NFS Heat?

    • NFS Hot Pursuit : Remastered too let's you play as cops.

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        Hot pursuit was the best NFS game ever made imo. Played it on PC when it first came out. It is also the last game I ever purchased in the series.

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        For those wondering, Rivals only runs at 30 FPS on all consoles, whilst Hot Pursuit Remastered (PS4 Pro, other high end consoles and better PCs) can run at 60 FPS. I’m one of those who end up with eye fatigue at 30 FPS as the screen starts to look “jerky” when there’s significant motion. As an example, I just tried Crew 2 on PS4 Pro (30 FPS) and couldn’t bare the visuals after 10 seconds. At 60 FPS this never happens to me. So unless you’re eyes have no issue at 30 FPS, you might regret $3.74. I’m giving this a pass.

  • Purchased and played for an hour. Good fun as cop and every time I push EMV charge it reminds me the latest Fast and Furious.

  • How does this compare to NFS Payback, which I picked up ages ago and haven’t played…

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    This deal is pretty good if you want the need for speed remake. It also comes with unravel and PvsZ2

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      That's not the remastered NFS, just the original one.

      • I actually thought it's the original remastered since they share the same namesake. Never played it. I heard it's good but you couldn't customise cars which crippled the enjoyment

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    Some really cheap WRC games also available as part of the sale (e.g. WRC 6 $2.49, WRC Collection $9.99).

    • Do you know which one is better?

    • Would it be better and cheaper to buy each on their own?

      I noticed that WRC 5 Esport Edition is $2.** too

      • Yeah, problem is you can’t buy WRC 7 by itself, so if you want 7, you have to buy the collection bundle.

        • Ahh ok thanks

          Do you know if WRC 5 Esports is better then what’s on the collection?

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    I picked up resident evil 7 biohazard for $12.47, looking forward to trying it on VR.

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      RE7 is free on the PS+ Collection if you have a PS5 by the way.

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