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LEGO Haunted House 10273 $279.99, Creator Expert Bookshop 10270 $199.99 (OOS), Corner Garage 10264 $199.99 (OOS) Shipped @ Myer


Myer rarely put the Bookshop modular on sale and the set isn’t available at the other majors. Also, Corner Garage should be retiring soon, 33% off.

Best deals IMHO:
Creator Expert Bookshop 10270 $199.99
Creator Expert Corner Garage 10264 $199.99
Creator Expert Haunted House 10273 $279.99
Super Mario Guarded Fortress Expansion Set 71362 $35

Deals that others have posted that are decent:
Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 $99.99
Ideas 123 Sesame Street 21324 $149.99

Most other discounted sets can be found cheaper elsewhere.

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  • Bought. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Just placed my order and about post it here.
    Don’t forget to combine with this deal if you can.

    Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 $99.99


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      This one had the stickers and roll up roof missing. And the roof is on backorder when ordering missing pieces from Lego.

      Double check yours when you get it :)

      • Mine was ok when I bought it last year

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    Wow, I just sold my unopened Corner Garage for $250 for FB Marketplace.

  • +1

    Does CR or ShopBack work with this?

    • Yes but only 2%

  • Thanks Op - grabbed Corner Garage. Great price.

  • Finally got the bookshop, thanks!
    Also my bank (Macquarie) has 5% off gift cards so got it for $190

    • +2

      You should get 9% off discounted gift card from Woolworths instead.

      • Oh? I don’t shop at woolies. Is that through there rewards system or just a current sale?

        • Current sale where you get 10% bonus

      • +1

        5% is instant…leave the house, petrol, time, might be sold out by the time you get home etc..just saying

    • Me too. Got a bookshop for the kids last week of school holidays.

      • Picked up my bookshop today click and collect

    • Me too! It's been a while since it's been on discount at Myer, and it's never in stock at other places.

  • What’s Myer like with having actual stock?

    • NSW stores are closed so stocks will be limited.

  • +2

    Bought the bookshop and corner garage.

    Was planning to save money today and now $400 spent and I’m not even out of bed.

  • ~^ looks like I'm going to Woolies :)
    You can also load up with$100 Coles MC's 5.5% of bonus points off to buy em as well .

    • You buying to resell?

    • They won’t last long and you will be stuck with cards

      • +1

        more like store credit when they won't be able to fulfil orders.

  • +1

    Looking at the stock levels all are limited or low stock.

    Must be someone buying 50 sets and snapping them all up.

    • -3

      Sure I couldn't be bother going more than this : Subtotal (187 items)


      Estimated delivery costs


      That is Corner Garage .

  • Managed to secure the bookshop after shenanigans.

    Limited stock at my nearest Myer - go to checkout - unavailable.

    Change to another nearby store showing limited stock - same thing.

    Change to Geelong (I am in Melbourne) - success!

    Fortunately a friend in Geelong can bring it back to Melb for me.

  • Thx OP, great post

  • Bookstore is now OOS

  • Theres 10% off Myer gift cards at woolies I think, didn't look properly this morning

  • +1
    • You the real MVP today. Happy to have scored the Corner Garage

    • Was checking codes none work best is Woolies Myer gift card buy .
      OOS Ebay for someone who likes paying more :)
      I do have 10% off Ebay cards but won't waste them .

      • If you already got the ebay gift cards for 10% less no need to go into woolies to buy them and by the time you did it would have been OOS.

        Possible not essential shopping too for Sydney siders.

  • Arse, bookshop OOS. I been bloody waiting ages for that one to go on special.

    • +1

      It will be back, dont worry

  • -1

    Discounts went live yesterday for some sets and was waiting for the bookshop as well which wasn't discounted. What a joke Myer! Now OOS, wonder if in store as well these prices?

    • I think so. But if in NSW all stores are closed.

    • I was discounted… I bough a Bookshop and a corner garage for $199 each.

  • I've been waiting for the bookshop for months.

    Thanks OP. Managed to get one early this morning, corner garage too.

  • Thanks OP!
    Been waiting for a deal on the Haunted House.

  • Seems like the haunted house isn't that popular.

  • Does anyone order the bookshop and get delivered?
    I had ordered together with Haunted House but only Haunted House got delivery arranged.

    • Assuming the Bookshop wasn't cancelled, fulfilling an order in stages is normal. An an example I bought some stuff from BigW and they sent 2 of 4 items, a week later item 3 was posted and a day later item 4.

      It's possible your order is fulfilled from multiple sources/stores/warehouse.

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