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K-Time Baked Twists, Raspberry & Apple or Strawberry & Yoghurt 185g $2 ($1.80 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
A great snack for the whole family.
Less than 3g of fat per bar
They're also a source of fibre.
Contains no artificial colours or flavours.

Also available K-Time Kellogg's K-Time Baked Twists Strawberry & Yoghurt Flavour, 5 Count, Strawberry & Yoghurt $2

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  • +21

    too much sugar in these

    • +3

      That’s why they’re so delicious

      • -1

        The twists are much worse than the already bad tasting WW fresh baked. Not everything sweet is delicious.

    • -5


    • -1

      just put some salt to balance it

    • just drink more water to flush it out XD

    • +6

      Just looked up the nutritional info myself; holy sh*t, they have 67g of sugar per 100g. That's worse than a can of soft drink.

      • +1

        That's a little deceptive; they have 67g of carbs per hundred grams (not per bar), which is somewhat different to the 13.7g of sugar per bar they have - although that is still more than ideal.

        Probably the worst nutritional info is the 1.4g of protein. Practically nothing for somebody on the go.

        Try Nice and Natural "Protein" range, commonly on special at colesworth. Much less sugar and they will keep you feeling full for longer.

    • Yeah, nearly all muesli/breakfast/cereal bars are pretty abhorrent nutritionally. Lots of carbs and sugar, very little protein, fibre and healthy fats.

      Pretty much only good prior to exercise where you actually need the energy immediately.

      Asides from that, anything short of a can of coke is probably a good alternative.

  • Thanks will give them a try for that price!

  • +18

    who cares about fat content, sugar content is the real killer

    • Yeah, just like lollies advertised as 'fat free'

      Well, I suppose it's better than a can of soft drink at least.

    • -3

      More people die from being too fat than too sugar

      • Sugar is what makes you fat lol

      • +1

        i want to believe you are joking but some people here are so dumb that i no longer know what to believe

        • I mean 'being too sugar' isn't even a thing so…

    • -1

      I incorrectly used to believe fat content was the worst, but it's not the case.

      Good fats are essential and beneficial, whereas really there is no good sugar content.

    • +1

      Fat gets such a bad rep. Education is so important when it comes to nutrition.

      • +1

        I know right! I'm fat, doesn't mean I'm bad for you..

  • +1

    these are pretty dry

    quick nuke helps a bit but not getting again

  • +4

    These things are basically a candy bar disguised as a muesli bar.
    Way too sweet, way too much sugar (for what it is).

  • +4

    When it says "source of fibre" it means there's 2.1g in each.
    So I think you'd need to eat 40 of these to get the 100% RDA fwiw…
    Tbh I don't think anything should be called a "source of fibre" with fibre so low.

    Legit these could actually be made to be somewhat healthy.
    They could add some protein in the dough and some fibre, they could use erithyrtol and stevia instead of the sugar they add..
    It would be much less awful.

    They really are just sugar, but, if you're looking for that these work.

    • +2

      If you ate 80g fibre per day you'd be in some strife…

    • +2

      To be honest, they could probably cut 40% of the sugar, not replace it with any form of sweetener and have a nicer tasting product.

      Despite having less sugar than chocolate, these things somehow taste sweeter than chocolate. It's an unpleasant, overly sweet taste.

    • If I wanted fibre I'd eat rope..

  • +2

    these are delicious popped into the air fryer for a few minutes and then served with vanilla ice-cream

  • +3

    For those who haven't tried, these are extremely sweet, to the point where it doesn't actually taste good (coming from someone who usually likes sweets)

  • +1

    Same price at Coles this week

  • For people who think these are too sweet, try the Belvita Soft Bakes, so much better texture wise as well

  • Since when Amazon Prime delivery is 2 - 4 weeks?

    • Deal is too popular. Its now backordered.

  • Just found out these are made in Malaysia…Feels like i bought too many boxes.

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