Budget 55" TV Options

I'm looking at getting a TV with a $700 budget and I've narrowed it down to TCL vs Hisense, but also wanted to hear about people's experiences with Kogan.

As someone who hasn't bought a TV in probably 10 years, I really have no idea what I'm looking for. From what I can tell on the specs pages, these are all 55" (except for the hisense), 4K, and have some form of smart TV capability - which I'm not that pressed about as I have the Google TV + remote anyway.

The Kogan ones seem like better value, but I'm skeptical about buying from an online-only store as I can imagine customer service and warranty related stuff might be a huge headache.




My use case would be purely for streaming YouTube and Netflix etc. I don't own any consoles for gaming.


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    Get one from a store so if you have issues you can sort it out. I got one from TGG and it had issues, taking it back to swap was relatively easy compared to dealing with kogan.

    TCL or hisense are fine for normal viewing no gaming imo.


    I'll just get the best deal ending today, Hitachi 58" or BP 65" mentioned in the comment.. Both are on QLED panel.


      Oh wow that's actually a crazy deal. If it ends today though I'll probably miss it, I can't bring myself to buy something at this price range without sitting on it for a few days


    I've had a few Hisense units and they seem to be just fine. Picked up from JB Hifi, just neg the price each time.
    My first unit did have problems a few months in 65". They sent a tech around on site within a day or so each time. After the tech called them the 2nd time and said the issue still remained, I was provided with a RA code which JB ID'ed as a credit of sorts and I upgraded to a newer 75" at no cost.

    The support was good when they were based in AU. There was a period when it went OS, but I believe it's now back in AU and pretty easy to deal with the team.

    Few friends have Kogan units and the quality is sub-par IMO so would steer away from those. Their customer service is a bit of a PITA at times too.

    TLC - is ok I believe.

    If it's 'just a spare' of the likes, I'd get whatever is the cheapest at the size and specs you want…

    If you can stretch to spend a little more on a 65" or greater and it will fit into the room your using it, then I think it's a better idea. 65"+ come with in-home (onsite) warranty repairs if I'm not mistaken.



    If you can find that in stock, it's slight better than the S5. I purchased it on Wednesday, and it's perfectly fine.


    Cheap TVs?
    Have you considered soniq?
    Each of our 3 children have 32" Kogans (different models purchased over a two year period). They have been fine but this site is littered with tales of Kogan after sales woe, so cannot recommend them (we never had problems with the TVs).
    The tv that gets the most use in our house is a 43" soniq in the kitchen/family. Had it for 5 or so years, no issues


    I ended up buying a Linsar 55" (non-smart, as I didn't want a smart TV) on a sale at TGG for $288 last January. Some people dismissed the TV then, but it's been the nicest TV in a long while. Super black blacks & white whites. We use it for TV watching + Switch and it's been amazing. Right now, TGG has the Linsar 65" Smart TV, with good reviews, for $699.