Remote Access Issue in Plex with Deco M5 Router with Aussie Broadband FTTP

I have FTTP NBN connection from Aussie Broadband. My NBN Modem is connected to DECO M5. DECO M5 connected to NAS with ethernet cable. NAS has the plex server installed.

In Plex Settings->Remote Access page I am getting below message:
Not available outside your network
Your server is signed in to Plex, but is not reachable from outside your network.
Private : 32400

Public IP showing different IPaddress & port (suppose 1234) than private one.

In Deco M5-
* I enable UPNP
* I disabled AntiVirus_>Intrusion Prevention System
* In Advanced->Port forwarding: Added NAS private IP & Internal port (32400). As external port I set what was showing in Plex Settings->Remote Access page (1234)
* In Adress Reservation I added NAS device

I tried toggling UPNP & then again clicking enable remote access button from Plex Settings->Remote Access page. Then for 5 sec it shows green font Available outside your network.
After 5 second below shows in red font again:

Not available outside your network
Your server is signed in to Plex, but is not reachable from outside your network. Learn more
Tip: It looks like your server may be connected to the internet through multiple routers or other network devices. Try connecting it directly to your primary device, or visit our support site for more information about troubleshooting this "Double-NAT" scenario.

FYI - I have only one router DECO M5.

I have tried whatever solution I found in internet. Am I doing anything wrong? Can anyone suggest any solution ?

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    Carrier Grade NAT blocks remote access to a Plex server.

    If you have a valid reason and need to opt-out of CGNAT you can call our technical support staff on 1300 880 905 and we can opt-out your service. Opting out of CGNAT will result in your unique public IP address changing unless you have a static IP applied to your service. If you have a static IP address you do not need to opt-out and will not be part of CGNAT.

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      This solved my issue.
      You can also use Web chat if you don't want to call them

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    By any chance, can you access main FTTP modem WebUI? If so, try to look at that part if it does support the port forwarding.

    • Nah port forwarding is done on the Deco router.

  • Check here: if port is open. Or try to open main modem WebUI and check if it has port forwarding option as it is the main connection point. But open 2 or 3 ports on Deco and check with the port checker link first if it does work for some other ports.

    • Ports are closed when Carrier Grade NAT is being used by an ISP. When Carrier Grade NAT is off most ports can be used. There is no port forwarding option and nothing for you to change on the NBN NTD.

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