ALDI Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets Not Dissolving

Have been using Aldi Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets in Bosch Serie 6 dishwasher since last few months but recently noticed the tablet is not dissolving fully. I made sure the tablet compartment is nice and dry before putting the tablet in.

Please see this picture for my problem:

Any ideas what's wrong here?
Is it recent few batch/box of the tablets causing issue or something wrong with machine?

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    I don't think that's where the tablet should go…. belongs in the door flap.
    It should fall to the bottom during a cycle and be completely submerged in water.

    • Lol

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        Mate, tablet is placed at right compartment (despenser) but as seen in picture that's where it falls and remains at end.

        • yeah i have the same model, that's exactly right. hence the shape for the tablet to fit.

  • The photo is of the tablet collecting tray. The tablet is placed in the detergent dispenser on the door, but appears to fall into the tray. Check that the tray is clear of all items. See page 12 of the manual:

    Utensils must not be placed above the tablet collecting tray. These may block the lid of the detergent dispenser and prevent it from opening fully.

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    Any ideas what's wrong here?

    Besides it’s in the wrong location - lol. I think you took it out from the capsule holder, for the photo I hope?

    From Bosch

    Low water pressure
    If your appliance is not sufficiently filling with water or the water pressure is too low, the dishwasher tablet will fail to dissolve fully, or at all. Ensure that the connection is not kinked, crushed or twisted

    • Thanks, tablet is properly added in dispenser compartment but at end it remains in the side undissolved as shown in picture. Need to chk water pressure.

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    Throw the tablet into the body of the machine. Don't use the drawer / flap thing. Trust me. It works just as well and always dissolves.

    • It might dissolve too early though.

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        Just try it. Our Bosch did exactly what the OP is experiencing. I read on the interweb about just throwing the tablet in the machine and haven't had a bad wash since…..

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      This for sure.
      I always just chuck it in the bottom and it works a treat.

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      The tablet is usually intended for the second wash cycle. You'd run the risk of it being used up in the prewash.
      Interesting relevant video if you have the time.

  • Just use powder

    • Usually cheaper with powder (unless use a 'little extra')

  • Yep, experiencing the same with these aldi (both the 10in1 & 18in1) tablets. I event tried taking off the dissolvable wrap before running a cycle.

    Must be a change in ingredients or something as they never used to do this.

    Bought some of those generic brand woolies ones, and they work heaps better.

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      That's what I am thinking, if it's something related to the new batch of tablets.

      • So put it in the body of the machine as see how you go….

  • Try another brand and see if it does the same. Might be a bad batch - or worse a dishwasher problem (if it does the same with a premium tablet).

    • (if it does the same with a premium tablet)

      Is premium better than platinum?

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    My LG dishwasher says if it's a tablet, just chuck it in the bottom of the dishwasher. Ie don't use the little compartment dispenser thing.

  • Haven't changed the wash program by chance?

  • It's those also tablets. I tried them, did the same thing. Use fairy, works every time.

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    It's been said earlier, but worth repeating…don't use the tablet dispenser. Just chuck the tablet in the bottom of the machine. I've been doing that for donkeys years on various d/w and always get a decent clean.

    In fact, seeing as this is OzB after all, I snip off the plastic wrapper & snap the tablets in half. I just chuck in half a tab. Been doing that for several years too, no issues.

  • I have had the same problems, the partially dissolved tablet would end up in the upper dish tray. I just cranked the temperature up. Probably just a bad batch.

  • Tablets fail to dissolve in my dishwasher when I place an item in the front section of the top tray, in front of the dispenser. It looks like the water jet from the spray arm can be blocked. Aldi's tablets were more prone to this problem so perhaps they're a bit tougher than other brands.