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20% off Ziwi Peak Provenance Range (E.g. Ziwi Peak Provenance 1.8kg ~$92.91) @ Budget Pet Products


Looking for new food for my doggo.

For 1.8kg Ziwi Peak Provence range
Set to auto delivery: ~$116.14
With code: ~$92.91
With cashback: ~$91-51

Other stores
Pet Circle: ~$108
Pet Barn: ~$125
My Pet Warehouse: ~$130

Edit: Price will vary depending on flavour - East Cape, Otago Valley, Hauraki Plains.
The discount code only applies to the dog food range (thanks @nfr)

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    I feed my cats ziwi tins. I won't be looking back, since changing their food from Wellness they poo half as much and you can barely smell it. It speaks for the quality of the food because it has reduced fillers.

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      Yeah Ziwi and Feline Natural are my cat's primary diets, poo still smells like poo though, but he's pretty silly, he just kicks litter around but leaves product exposed.

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        I've got one cat who scratches everywhere but the litter to "bury" his poop, ultimately leaving it uncovered, then another cat who comes over, thinking "I don't like this", then covers it for him.

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          Hahaha cats crack me up

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    Thanks OP. Having all sorts of hassle with a very fussy little cavoodle, recently got Ziwi sample pack of their air dried stuff and he seems to like it (so far, seen that before too!). Expensive stuff but good to have on hand given its great quality to supplement other food.

    • That's great. I know how it feels to have a fussy eater. I recently switched my husky to Petzyo Kangaroo kibble (from MFM Kangaroo) and he loves it. I mix it with the MFM and sometimes I find him filtering for Petzyo. I'm hoping he'll enjoy Ziwi the same.

      I'm looking to add Ziwi Peak for different protein varieties, in addition to his kibble & raw meat

  • Do you feed dogs less of this one as guessing it has higher protein less filler?
    Otherwise 1.8kg isn't a lot of dry food.

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      I was confused too. Based on my reading, you are correct. Using Ziwi Pets calculator, I'd feed my 24kg husky 197g. It is expensive so I plan to use it as a topper,

      • +2

        It's good as a topper and I figure it's probably a healthier Smacko replacement

        • +1

          Yep, we do the same for our Golden… hard to believe, but we have a bloody fussy Golden and if there's no Ziwi with his kibble, he won't eat!

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    Thanks! Ordered

  • Code seems to only work for dog foods.

    • +1

      Yes, that is correct. Only for the Ziwi Peak Provenance (ZPP) range.

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        Ziwi Peak Provenance has cat foods too.

        • Ah. Sorry - I missed that. I'll correct the post. Thanks for pointing it out.