[VIC] Solar Panel Recommendations (6.6kw System)

Hi All,

A bit of a solar noob here…

Moved into a new home and looking to get solar, i've done some browsing on solar quotes and checked deals on here, however so many are mixed and there's always complaints in the comments from a customer etc.

Are you able to provide feedback on the best bang for buck system that's well received in the OZB community :)

Looking forward to some feedback!



  • Don't see how can any member state which system offers the best bang for their buck when all they can comment on is the performance of their own system.
    Like any product, there will always be complaints from customers but for our part I am quite happy with our system

  • Check Whirlpool forums.

  • I got my solar installed last year from a local solar company, they have been in the industry for years and did very good job with my solar system. PM me mate

  • I recently got it installed from https://jimsenergy.com.au/. I opted for Longi panels and 6.6 kw Growatt inverter. I say I'm pretty impressed with the good work by Jim.