Need Help with Business Name

Hello all I’m after some help with some business names

Basically it would be to smooth frizzy hair back in place , any suggestions will be appreciated would love for it to be no more then 2 or 3 words


    • Oh good one :)

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        ill take %5 thanks

  • Cheap Frizz Jobs

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    Quickly trademarking the popular names…

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    Frizz no more
    No frizzle in this bizzle
    Frizz b gon
    F U Frizz

    • F U Frizz

      I think its brilliant HeHe :)

  • AAA Smooth Frizzy Hair
    Smooth Operator
    Frizz Off
    Frizzed Off

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    Lol some of these names are 😂😂

    Okay listen I’m not going to lie but my top winner is soul glo

    Only because its not the actual product I want it named after , but I want it along the lines of soul glow or something another (if you get me)
    I liked soulglo because once my packaging is made I can add the frizz be gone and f u frizzz and all of that under the Business name on the product

    But it’s still opened for discussion :)

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      You know this is a Coming to America reference yeah?
      Likely it would have some sort of copyright on it.

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        Hahaha I laughed out so loud I did not know this… I definitely don’t want to be finned millions of dollars for this name.
        Thanks for making my morning fun 🤩

    • Slo Gollum

  • Without Twisties

  • Smoothed Pube Parlour

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    Great Head ?

  • Enriched by Layla

  • Head Pubes Begone

  • La Frizzy La

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    Asian Pubes

  • Hair Helmet in a Can

  • Oh Yeah it's Lego Hair!

  • Frizz Union.
    The Curlshop.

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    Malaika Hair… translated to "Angel Hair" (arabic/hebrew/swahili)
    (sounds like "I like your hair")

  • Frizz is mah bizz

  • Hairy Potter

    Style Therapy

    Leash the beast

    Hair Aware

    Hair Calm

  • Fizztanicals or Fizz to Tame

  • From Frizz to Fab.

  • Brylcream

  • Only Vietnamese people use puns for their business name because they think it’s clever

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      Every single thai restaurant is offended by this generalisation

  • What the Frizz?!

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    Gettin' Frizzy With It

  • Fizz is my biz

  • Driz on my Fizz

  • Thanks everyone for the love and suggestions xx

    though half these names are a big NO (it’s okay to have a laugh on my expense I don’t mind I actually laughed too at some of them lol) and the ones I liked I’ve written them down. :)

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    Damn Straight

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