Revenue Officer- Should I Mention My CPA?

Hi All! I'm applying for Revenue/Collections Officer in a state gov't agency.
I currently have a CPA but this isn't required for the job.
I fear I might be overqualified though I badly want to get into the door of state gov by starting out small.
Can I not declare this qualification in my resume?


  • Tell them you're a regular on OzB if you really want to impress.

    Sure leave it out, it's not like you're hiding a criminal record (or are you?)

  • You think they’ll mic drop if they see it?

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    They may think you will become bored and won't stay (long) if you mention it.

    Or they could be mature about it and see that it provides you with insight other candidates don't have.

    If you don't declare it (and others have a CPA or similar) they may pick them over you.
    (or they may pass over them and pick you).

    I'd mention it (in passing) otherwise there will be a gap on your CV and downplay it.

    Say it provided you with skills like listening, working in teams or whatever you can extract that is relevant to the vacancy they have for you.

    • Yep, could show CPA and say, wanting a “sea change”.

      Although, I can’t see the new role being more exciting than a CPA tho.

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        OP is a CPA applying for a revenue officer role… I don't think "exciting" has really come into career path choices - that ship has sailed!

        • I'd love to go to public practice for smth "exciting" but yeah, they pay less for more work hours and to top it all, they want a year of experience even for entry-level! That's why I'm applying to gain experience, lol. I wish I could ride a time machine for these guys.

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    Isn't CPA one of those stupid things you have to pay yearly for?

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      Council rates, water rates and land tax. Simply because of your location you're captive to whatever it is decided to run the network with services you might not use.

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        I'm not sure how to respond to you other than saying you don't know what a CPA is.

        • Nah of course I don't. Why do you want to be a Certified Practising Accountant when you could be a lollipop lady and make $3k a week here

          Imagine what you would be making if you were a lollipop man. Not because I am sexist but because gender pay gap exists.

          Oh yeah for CPA fees are a tax deduction if you actually work as an accountant so OP might just leave it off considering if you are not working in the industry then it isn't a tax deduction, so you can't really be a CPA and a collections person. Waste of money paying annual fee plus having to do CPD.

  • If they take you they take you
    I don't see any harm in including it.

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    I'd rather hire someone that is overqualified than underqualified on the same pay, list your CPA.

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      Government people don't like hiring people smarter than they are unless they just like torturing them. That is why from top down the get progressively less smart. Problem is when those who get to the top are not that smart and then you realise what is dragging around at the bottom.

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        Government people don't like hiring people smarter than they are

        Then why are so many employed by the government?? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

        • Because you need two people to do one person's job. Worse it might be multiple people.

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            @netjock: The problem with government is there are multiple people doing what should be no one's job … and just tying up the private sector with endless restrictions, all while charging them through the nose for the privilege.

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    Why did you do your CPA just to be a collections officer?

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      Explains why OP is going for a government job and explains why we don't have efficient governments. Getting a CPA to do a collections job is just overhead but then the power to raise revenue (taxes) keeps them in a job.

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      While working as accounts officer in real estate, I did CPA to boost my chances of getting a better job. I’ve tried applying in the NSW Audit Ofc coz I used to be a govt auditor overseas but they said they want local audit experience. It would cut my pay (currently $63k + super) if I go that path hence I opted to apply for any govt job for stability. Currently I’m in a talent pool for assistant mgt accountant.

      • I think CPA is a great qualification whatever path you choose in future. I'd suggest mentioning it - you earned it.

      • Out of curiosity could I ask how old you are?

        • This is OzBargain, not a dating service…

        • 32 years young, mate :-)

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    I would leave the CPA in there. Believe it or not there are lot of over qualified applicants for the government jobs. Don’t be surprised if you have more CPAs and lawyers in your team.
    Government departments hire the best possible candidates. Concept of over qualified for a role is a misnomer. Yesterday I saw an ex senior director from the ATO being hired in a role which is the starting level. I bet they are over qualified, but if they apply knocking out on over qualification would be unfair to them. Having said that, people applying for entry level jobs are looking for a foot in the door to get better roles, and there is no harm in it. They learn in lower roles and then make a strong case for higher positions.

    • Government departments hire the best possible candidates.

      FMD, the candidate pool must be shallow.

    • Thank you for boosting my confidence. :-) Exactly why I'm applying- get my foot in the door.
      Back overseas, the 'overqualified' tag burnt me hence I thought it might again be the case.

      I used to be afraid of tossing my permanent job in favor of a temp one but I've been told how tough it is to jump into a perm one even with the least pay scale.
      I guess temping is the key. I'll just have to bite the bullet then. :-)

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    Can work both ways and I have I seen it happen.

    Hiring someone overqualified can lead to the perception that you will be bored and become an annoyance challenging the status quo and asking for more challenging work / promotions all the time

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