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[NSW, VIC] Buy One 6 Pack of Beer or Cider and Get One 6 Pack Free @ DoorDash


Just saw this offer on Facebook. The code is SIXPACKS - ( my local store says the code is SNACKS, that is wrong.)

"Buy one 6 pack of beers or ciders from select liquor stores and get another for free. Valid from 13/7/2021 to 14/7/2021 11:59pm AEST or until fully redeemed. Valid only in VIC and NSW. Use code SIXPACKS at checkout."

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Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • On my app, the code SNACKS gives 20% off snacks, sweets and drinks at IGA, Reject Shop and Quickstop.

    • Yeh, the snacks may not be correct but thats what comes up in the banner for my store. https://www.doordash.com/store/australian-hotel-mcgraths-hil...

      • That banner also says "Valid only in VIC and NSW. Valid only on 14/7/2021 or until fully redeemed"

      • I get “sorry this promotion is not valid at your location” for the two liquor stores on my app. I’m in NSW.

        • Yep I get that on 2 of the 3 stores in my area. BTW the code is SIXPACKS the banner on my local store is wrong. Code is working today, you have to add two 6 packs.

  • "1 of 6 pack"?

  • not really free beer….. almost

  • Can get Balter
    XPA Can x36 for $77 delivered

    • How and where?

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      stack with 13% CB with doordash gift cards.

  • +1

    Works on 16 packs aswell

  • +1

    Ordering from IGA Liquor, it's allowing me to get 2x Balter XPA 16 packs - so 32 beers total - for $71 (+ delivery)

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      Non of the inner west IGA Liquor are available in Doordash

      • Available for me but I live in south-east VIC

      • Inner West Sydney IGA. Nothing works.

        • ordered inner west melbs. let you know soon if i recieve.

          received 2 x 16 for $79 delivered.

  • not working for me

  • hope my two cases of Balter come through.

    did it work for anyone last time?

    • +2

      update: got my two cases of Balter XPA for $78 delivered. Pretty happy

  • Not working by punching the code manually. Selecting available promo in the list works.

  • It’s in the app also, just saw the ad

  • Thanks OP!

    2x 16 packs of Balter delivered for $79 from Duncans in Melb inner north

    Really hope this is coming out of DoorDash's pocket and not theirs

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    Hell yeah Boi it worked!


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    Veras 1866 french lager was only $15 for a 6pk + $1 delivery and 2% fee = $16.60 for 12 beers delivered

    No idea how they taste but 4% is decent, thanks OP!

    Had to use an official IGA Liquor not an IGA Supermarket that sells alcohol (only gave me 20% off)

  • +1

    I ordered a 16 pack of Balter XPA ($70.99) and two 6 Packs of the Colonial Brewing Co. Pale Ale ($25.99 each), and for some reason it discounted $70.99 off the total.

  • Actually work on 24+24 pack too
    48 bottles for 68$

  • Balter now removed from code (and 4 packs it seems) so now it only applies to 6 pack variants.