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Maggi 2 Minute Noodles 5 Pack (Minimum Quantity 1) $1.97 ($1.77 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


not ozbargain's fav noodles but at least its cheap at 1.97 for 5 packs

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    this is also on sale at 1.97
    MAGGI Fusian Noodles Mi Goreng Soy And Mild Spice, 5 Pack 360 Grams



    What’s ozbargain’s favourite noodles then?


    Find Maggi's sizing is smaller.
    Indomie is 85g, Fantastic Bowl is 85g, Maggi can be as little as 58g (cup).


    I love the Maggi wholegrain 2 minute noodles. They keep a certain bounce and springyness while the others go soft and mushy.

    I think the Maggi ones are about the healthiest of them as well.


      Maybe the wholegrain ones but I definitely would not think the standard noodles would be the healthiest

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    Minimum Quantity 1

    (profanity), I wanted to buy two thirds of one.

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    Two minute noodles are highly processed and bad for your health. These bad boys contain more salt (sodium) than two Big Macs! Look after yourselves! 🙂


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      Now I could be wrong, but last time I went to the shops I didn't see anyone looking for instant noodles in the health food aisle.


      It’s mostly in the “flavour sachet” along with the MSG/etc - the actual noodles are okay.

      Use less of the “flavour”, eat less sodium…


      offft…same as eight packets of salted potato chips! I would assume you have to drink all the soup as well to get level too that level of salt haha
      anyhow, bought some. Thanks!


    Got the chicken noodles and they don't even include dehydrated vegetables sachet anymore? Wont be buying again


      I wasn't aware that they even included them in the first place; thought it was just a single flavour satchet


        It has been a long time since I had them, I could be wrong or confusing them with another brand